Radio OverCoat 2013-10-23: The Doujin Groupie


Today I featured soundtracks from the 2nd Doujin Game Bundle on Groupees. Check it out!  I also featured two tracks off of Decktonic’s new Youth Worship album! Read on for the full playlist:

Machinae Supremacy – Theme from Jets’N’Guns

Slime Girls – Heart On Wave

50 Cent – If I Can’t (DVDA’s Jungle Bookleg)

Tennen-sozai – Stage1

Tennen-sozai – Space janitor

Lix – Under the Moon (Earthlight Mix)

Decktonic – Audio Engineering (with radionarcotix)

A_Rival – Phoenix

virt – buster bob

dusthillguy – overcoat.mid

Tennen-sozai – Flugel

Tennen-sozai – Shock!!

bryface – rich bastard groove

Space Boyfriend – Bug Spray (Space-Time Cinderella Ver.)

S.S.H. – Wild Wings – Remix

S.S.H. – Fierce Fight – Remix

Machinae Supremacy – Machinaeguns

Jake Kaufman – Rainbow Love Zone


Ashane – F-Zero – Mute City

A-dash – Brilliant Horizon [F-ZERO・Big Blue]

yasumiyasumi – Shinjuku Morning

SITER SKAIN – The End of the World – Chapter I

SITER SKAIN – The End of the World – Chapter II

bryface – the tuvan ascendancy

Huun-Huur-Tu – Samagaltai

Augustus – Vs.

Decktonic – Future Music (radionarcotix remix)

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