Touhou Tuesday 2013-10-22: ZUNami ~ 200 Girls 1 Scroll; Totaku & Yiheng Interviewed Regarding the AWA Scroll Project


Today I’m proud to bring you my interview of Totaku, the project leader behind the AWA Scroll Project, as well as Yiheng, one of the members of Chinanime, a Chinese doujin circle that also sells in the States, and helped Totaku out by printing the scroll in a nice format, that was given to ZUN himself when he was a guest at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2013. We also cover other various funny topics, like Chinese pronunciation of names and the resulting confusion, as well as the feasibility of more American Touhou Festivals. Since the interview was pre-recorded and 1 hour 30 minutes long, I filled the rest of the time with some requests. Next week I’ll have a spooky scary Halloween show for you all!

Poplica* – Aftplay

Masayoshi Minoshima – Necro Fantasia (ALR Rewind Remix)

3L – The Rise and Fall

此糸ウルヱ – RHODON

ビートまりお – ナイト・オブ・ナイツ

K2 SOUND – Cottingley Fairies (千年幻想郷~History of the Moon)

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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