The Bonus Stages: Episode 03 – New Frontiers


Once more with feeling, its another episode of ‘The Bonus Stages’ hosted by DJ LvL, bringing a high energy mix of videogame and dance music.

Plus, in the spirit of experimentation we’re trying out a new guest segment at The Bonus Stages, the inaugural segment features none other than fellow KNGI Network host, Charles Kilbourne!

Adam Freeland – Mind Killer   [Beatport]
Aurium – Ice Cap   [Soundcloud (Original Link Lost)]
bLiNd – Pipe Dream Mystics (Chrono Trigger)   [Bandcamp]
Finaly Fantasy VI – Awakening (Theology Remix)   [Bandcamp]
Carlos Almeida – Fat Yet Horny   [Beatport]
Funk Fiction – Metro Madness Boss   [Bandcamp]
W&W, Giin, AXMO – Skydance   [Beatport]
kohaxy – GOODWORLD (kohaxy Hi-Tech Remix)   [Bandcamp]
RoBKTA – Oil Ocean (from -Sonic the Hedgehog 2-)   [Bandcamp]
Jun Chikuma – redial   [Vinyl]
Andrew One – Character Select   [Bandcamp]

Guest Segment – Charles Kilborne [Game Jams]
Yuzo Koshiro – S.O.R. Super Mix   [Bandcamp]
Soul II Soul – Keep on Movin’   [AmazonMP3]
Yuzo Koshira – Jungle Base   [Bandcamp]
Kraftwerk – Home Computer   [AmazonMP3]

Jun Chikuma – foehn   [Vinyl]
Flexstyle – Trouble Brewin’ (Dynamite Headdy)   [Bandcamp]
Gareth Emery, Krewella – Lights & Thunder (Darren Styles Remix)   [Beatport]
Vector U – Corneria   [Soundcloud]
kors k – 10-4   [Bandcamp]
Noteblock – M.I.L.F (Friday Night Funkin Remix)   [Bandcamp]
SEGA SOUND TEAM, Tomoya Ohtani – Cyber Space 1-7 Time Flyer   [AmazonMP3]
Blaine Stranger, Venjent, Solomon France – Rewind   [Beatport]
Camo & Krooked – Breezeblock   [Bandcamp]
Vector U – Tal Tal Heights   [Soundcloud]
Sub Focus – Rock It (Wilkinson Remix)   [Beatport]
SEGA SOUND TEAM, Tomoya Ohtani – Cyber Space 4-7 Rewind to go Ahead   [AmazonMP3]
Fred V & Grafix – Hurricanes (Wild Love)   [Beatport]
Pete Frogs – Super Blinding Lights World   [Bandcamp]

Stay funky






Note: Bandcamp links always provided when able. Beatport tracks can usually also be found on amazon mp3 at a lower price and the advantage of cloud backup, but at a fixed fidelity.