NGI Segments & Specials

What special segments and episode themes show up on Nitro Game Injection and what do they mean? Let’s find out!



AMIGA POWERPLAY – Selections of remixed Commodore Amiga music from

ARTIST ALLEY – Selections from a single composer or arrangement artist

BIRTHDAY BLOWOUT – Remixes from games celebrating milestone anniversaries (5, 10, 15, 20, etc. years)

DOSE OF DUELS – Selections of entries from the Dwelling of Duels live instrument competition

FEATURED ALBUM – Selections from a selected album. Could be an original soundtrack, remix album, or other original work

KWED CORNER – Selections of remixed Commodore 64 music from

OVERCLOCKED BLOCK – Selections of remixed music from OverClocked ReMix

REMIXED SOUNDTRACK SPOTLIGHT – Selections of remixes from a given game soundtrack

SOUNDTRACK SPOTLIGHT – Selections from a given game soundtrack

SOURCE TUNE SPECTRUM – Remixes of a single source tune, showcasing the spectrum of styles



ENDURANCE/SOURCE TUNE SPECTRUM SPECIAL – Like the regular Source Tune Spectrum segments, but for an entire episode. Examples include “Wily Stage 1” from Mega Man 2, “Ice Cap Zone” from Sonic 3, “Title” from Cave Story, “Megalovania” from Undertale, and “Guile Stage” from Street Fighter II.

CRASH COURSE SPECIAL – Completely random playlists that surprise both the listener AND the host!