The Bonus Stages: Episode 4 – Brain Funk


Welcome back for another episode of The Bonus Stages for your monthly dose of dance (and also sometimes, not dance). Lets dive into two hours of videogame n’ dance hosted by the somewhat discombobulated and forever disjointed, DJ LvL.

1. Mario & Zelda Big Band Live – Super Mario 64 Opening Theme ~ Overworld Theme   [Internet Archive]
2. Flexstyle & RoBKTA – File Select   [Bandcamp]
3. Jan Cyrka & Toby Bircheno – Boom   [AmazonMp3]
4. The Crystal Method – Keep Hope Alive   [AmazonMP3]
5. Krafty Kuts – Powerlord   [Beatport]
6. RoboRob – Cosmo Canyon   [Bandcamp]
7. The Niceguys, Leo Napier – Dance   [Bandcamp]
8. The Virgins – Rich Girls (Le Castle Vania Remix)   [Soundcloud (Original link defunct)]
9. Funk Fiction – Night Island   [Bandcamp]
10. Netsky – Puppy   [Bandcamp]
11. Alec Falconer – Short Fuse   [Bandcamp]
12. Wasei “JJ” Chikada – Memory is Just a Record   [Bandcamp]
13. Jayech – Ozone   [Beatport]
14. Theology – Jolly Roger Bay (Theology Intro Bay)   [Bandcamp]
15. Ørjan Nilsen – So Long Radio   [Beatport]
16. Kid Panel – Bring the Funk Back   [Bandcamp]
17. bLiNd – Club King Bowser (Super Mario RPG)   [Bandcamp]
18. Deenk feat. Kyla – Pump   [Artist page on Beatport, original link defunct]
19. Vector U – Gerudo Vally   [Soundcloud]
20. The Banger Brothers – Bang Da Bang (Freakhouze Remix)   [Beatport]
21. Heatbeat – Roses Never Cry   [Beatport]
22. Ferry Corsten – Down on Love   [Bandcamp]
23. Alec Falconer – Buck Bumble Title Track   [Bandcamp]
24. Holder – Megalovania   [Bandcamp]

DJ LvL’s Video Game Music Inspired Music Discovery:
25. Powerglove feat. Tony Kakko – Gotta Catch ’em All   [AmazonMP3]
26. Sonata Arctica – San Sebastian (Revisited)   [AmazonMP3]


Clarification: Le Castle Vania contributed music for the John Wick films (specifically John Wick 1, 2 and 4.) Tyler Bates and Joel J. Richard are primarily credited with writing and arranging the score for the movies.

Note 1: The Mario & Zelda Big Band Live CD can be found on many online distributors but the CD itself appears to be out of print, it does not appear to be possible to purchase the mp3s online at this time.

Note 2: Bandcamp links always provided when able. Beatport tracks can usually also be found on amazon mp3 at a lower price and the advantage of cloud backup without extra cost, but at a fixed fidelity.