KNGI is the online destination for video game music-related radio shows and web content.


  1. Why shows about video games and game music?
    We have an undying love and appreciation for video game music, and the various arrangement/remix scenes surrounding it. We want to share this music with the world, and to give exposure to this great art form. We want to let you know about great musicians and arrangers that you may have never heard of to encourage you to check out more works from them.
  2. How do I listen to the live shows, and when are they?
    You can listen to live shows via our 24/7 livestream here, and the schedule of episodes here. All episodes are also archived in downloadable MP3 format.
  3. What is a podcast?
    Wikipedia defines a podcast as “a series of digital computer files, usually either digital audio or video, that is released periodically and made available for download by means of web syndication.” The shows hosted by KNGI are radio-style shows distributed in this manner.
  4. Do I need an iPod to listen?
    Not at all. Despite what the terminology may imply, it’s not necessary to have an iPod (or even a portable music player ) to listen to a podcast. Podcasts are generally made available as standard audio or video files. All KNGI shows are made available in the MP3 format, and as such, any software or hardware capable of playing MP3 files will be able to play any episode. We personally recommend Winamp or foobar2000, both free and fully-featured multimedia programs that are light on system resources and work with many formats.




GameFuel is a music-centric show featuring a weekly dose of hard-hitting video game-inspired music, as well as original soundtracks, chiptunes, and other original works. Hosted by KyleJCrb.

Open Circuit is a weekly helping of (mostly) indie rock and electronic music, with the occasional spotlight on various artists from the chiptune and VGM scenes. Hosted by jmr.

Touhou Tuesday is a show for all things Touhou! Expect to hear all your favorite musical arrangements from the series of games, keep up on the news, and we’ll check in with co-host TrueStar to hear about her latest, no doubt adorable and frog-related finds as she delves deeper into the abyss of Touhou culture. Remember, take it easy! Hosted by OverCoat.

Noise Channel explores the chiptune culture, showcasing the latest and most cutting-edge chip artists, with classics and arrangements thrown in for variety. Hosted by TrueStar.

Super Podcast Action Committee is a live weekly show that serves as the unofficial podcast of Hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight tackle a variety of topics that impact gamers such as net neutrality, crowd-funding, (good and bad) game development, DRM, copyright, piracy, free speech, and laws that have a positive or negative impact on consumers.

The Gamewave Podcast has been playing “the best in original video game-style music” since 2006 and strives to promote all aspects of the chiptune scene. It’s presented by Joe Allen and various other co-hosts, and was also broadcast live on Forge Radio for a period between 2011 and 2012.

Gaming Age Radio is a videogame variety show with music, discussions, banter, co-hosts, reviews, and even contests. Hosted by Eric “Eric Dude” Kennedy.

Digitally Refined is a video game music show hosted by D’Sparil Antediluvian.