Touhou Tuesday 2013-10-29: 2spooky2hu Halloween Special ~ It’s Really Just a Bunch of U.N. Owen Arrangements


Okay, so it’s not really all U.N. Owen, but there’s a lot of that in there. As the title says, this is the Halloween special. You’re going to hear a lot of scary/weird/angry music in this show. Happy Halloween! 😀 Read on for the full playlist.

verynezumi – 闇く暗る血い館

Meramipop – Bad Apple!!

GARYWAVE – ぶわるすたいる☆ぶれいくこぁ!

amo – Vlad III the Impaler

ziki_7 – Atom girl

Malicent vs CORRUPTEDお兄ちゃん – ++++

堕悪祭怪&昼 – Hard NEET

Sakuya Kurosaki [T.Piacere] – Rot in hell !!

spctrm – calling

蒼-aoi- – Cinnamon, Cinnamon!!

OverCoat – B-61 Unit

堕悪祭怪&昼 – SubStance

amo – Funeral Reverie for little Scarlet

Demetori – リジッドパラダイス ~ Dawn of the Dead

Yuyoyuppe – Red Madness And My Desire

埼玉最終兵器 & Aether – 孤独なウェアウルフ

堕悪祭怪&昼 – Packrie Mackrie

深水チエ – 竹取物語 補遺

ちよこ – Alice’s Mad Tea Party

fi-fy – フランドール・スカーレット

UNDEAD CORPORATION – Bloodthirsty Nightmare Lullaby

凛 – Chireiden set 12 〜 霊知の太陽信仰

spctrm – ラストジャッジメント

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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