Nitro Game Injection #525: Ridin’ the Lightning (Patron’s Choice Special: Electricity)


The patrons have spoken once again, and this time they chose the most shocking of elements: electricity!

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BumbleKast Mini! for September 30th, 2022 – Q&A Podcast with Ian Flynn


A feature for patrons at the $25 tier and above, BumbleKast Minis are quick-fire episodes where we run through a bunch of questions from one person, every month. Today’s episode is sponsored by OftheStars!

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NEW SHOW! Movie Mandates celebrates both cinema and sibling rivalry!

Presenting a brand new show coming to the KNGI Network: Movie Mandates! Andrew Eisen of Molehill Mountain teams up with his sister Keleigh as they force each other to watch and review films, releasing twice a month on Wednesdays. Follow along with them and the movies they’ll be watching in this book club-esque podcast, starting in October!

From the official show description:

Sibling cinephiles Andrew and Keleigh force each other to watch movies according to a monthly theme. New episodes drop on the first and third Wednesday of every month. Check out the show description to see what they’re watching next and where it’s available to stream or rent!

Nitro Game Injection #524: Tiles and Smears


Hooray spoonerisms!
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Molehill Mountain Episode 305 – They’re Learning


Nintendo’s knack at digital games presentations is finally rubbing off on its contemporaries!

  • 0:11 – YouTube is embarrassingly bad at tech support
  • 10:40 – I get uncomfortably personal about things that anger me
  • 30:30 – I’ve given up on Persona 5. It has beaten me
  • 44:11 – Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is on sale! For Everything But Wii U…
  • 50:42 – Last week’s digital games presentations were broadly pretty good!

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