Molehill Mountain Episode 175 – Over the (mole)Hill

It’s my birthday. I’m 40.

But let’s not dwell on that.

  • 1:46 – I unbox a birthday gift from my sister
  • 11:38 – Sonic’s new look is fine but the effects are really bad
  • 15:35 – Ethan is rumored to return in Resident Evil 8 and I can’t help but wonder… why?
  • 21.27 – I have opinions on the term “metroidvania”

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Nitro Game Injection #393: Bolt of Thunder (Patreon’s Choice Special: Life Force/Salamander)


It’s time for the January 2020 Patreon’s Choice Special, and the patrons have chosen LIFE! Life Force, that is. Or Salamander, whichever. I don’t judge. Konami’s classic arcade scrolling shooter gets all the love this week on Nitro Game Injection!

This playlist theme was voted on by KNGI patrons over at Patreon!

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BumbleKast #110: Formative Media Influences


On this episode of the BumbleKast, Ian & Kyle tackle a patron-submitted topic: what media influenced you to make you the creators you are today?

Patreon Perk – Jump to the Q&A: 1:17:00

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Nitro Game Injection #392: Lost Dimensions


Jim Power returns with an ambitious Kickstarter that you should check out, Tee Lopes and Jun Senoue team up one last time, the Source Tune Spectrum gets all up in your Marble Zone, and Dwelling of Duels travels back to 1994. All that and more this week on Nitro Game Injection!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 174 – The All DLC Podcast!

Pokemon, Smash Bros. and… I’m sure I’ll think of something…

  • 2:50 – Pokemon’s “sell two slightly different versions of the same game for full price” scheme has always been crap but at least the DLC isn’t as bad as it could have been, right?
  • 25:57 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announces it’s final DLC fighter of the first wave: another dude with a sword from Fire Emblem
  • 58:54 – Resident Evil 7 gets my vote for best DLC (albeit, overpriced)

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Nitro Game Injection #391: Pizza & Chill


Nitro Game Injection dives back into the wide world of game music this week featuring new album releases from ThePlasmas and Do a Barrel Roll, singles from ToxicxEternity, Sir_Nuts, Savaged Regime, and brand new leaked music from Mick Gordon’s DOOM Eternal soundtrack!

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