Nitro Game Injection #320: Burning Sharks


What’s more rad than a shark that’s on fire? Not much, but this episode of NGI comes close! Especially with a Source Tune Spectrum featuring Toaplan arcade shooter Fire Shark, the Soundtrack Spotlight hitting Splatoon 2, MYRONE returning for yet another Featured Album, and plenty more!

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Radio OverCoat #256 (2018-04-22): DOOM95.MID


Boy howdy, this was a fun show! I played all sorts of different genres: metal, eurobeat, old terrible VGMixes, chiptunes and MIDIs, it’s kind of all over the place but that’s why I enjoy doing the show! Don’t forget to also check out Lunar’s old MIDI files that he put up on Bandcamp, Supernova (Bandcamp, Name Your Price). Read on for the partial playlist (I dunno what happened to it but I played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 music after Blitz Lunar):

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Molehill Mountain Episode 109 – Sexier Than Senran Kagura


Activision, EA, Steam and a Senran Kagura pinball game.

  • 9:58 – Peach Ball is gross
  • 31:06 – The physical release of the Spyro trilogy only includes the first game
  • 47:07 – EA DMCAs an opensource city building sim that uses SimCity 2000 assets
  • 55:30 – Steam game caught installing crypto currency miners on users’ PCs

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BumbleKast #74: Talkin’ Turtles Again!


On this episode, Ian and Kyle talk about the latest animated Ninja Turtles series and how it stacks up to the others! Patreon Perk – Jump to the Q&A: 24:46

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Nitro Game Injection #319: Mammoth Blaster


The Soundtrack Spotlight shines on Sonic Mania Plus this week, along with a metric ton of new stuff from the YouTube VGM remixing community, a toasty Source Tune Spectrum segment, and more!

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Molehill Mountain Episode 107 – Comic Pros and Comic Cons


Maybe DC will start making good superhero movies!

No timestamps this week. EZK and I just spend the entire show geeking out about all the nifty news out of Comic-Con!

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Nitro Game Injection #318: Dueling Doses


It’s the rematch of the century this week as SEGA’s upstart SG-1000 takes on the mighty Nintendo Famicom for the first time since 1983 in a new NGI segment we’re calling DUELING CONSOLES! You’ll also get your Dose of Duels for July 2018 as well as a celebration of this month’s gaming anniversaries in a Birthday Blowout! Don’t forget that this episode is also loaded up with plenty of great new game remixes too, so check it out!

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BumbleKast #73: Mega ManiaX


On this episode of the BumbleKast, Ian and Kyle reflect fondly on Mega Man X of the past and ponder its future.

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Molehill Mountain Episode 106 – Parents Gonna Parent


Video games are having a negative affect on my children!

What? No, I don’t pay attention to what they’re playing, why do you ask?

  • 32:13 – Wacky survey shows parents don’t pay attention to kids’ gaming, notice bad behavior, don’t think it has anything to do with games, took games away anyway, gave them back because kids threw a fit, and fear their kids may be gaming addicts!
  • 57:09 – Nintendo wants 20 – 30 new indie games on Switch every week!
  • 1:03:11 – We laugh at the poorly written character descriptions from the purported new Mortal Kombat movie

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