Nitro Game Injection #88: Originality is Key (Original Works Special )


The Black Mages – Blue Blast – Winning The Rainbow [Original track from The Skies Above AST]

Host Segment – Kyle introduces the show; short discussion of originals, the VG remix community, stuff, Black Mages, the distinct lack of video game music on this show, and remixer inspiration [Background Music: Masahiro Andoh, Isamu Ohira – Toward the GT (Gran Turismo OST )]

Virt – Canyon [Cover of Canyon.mid:]
Totally Radd!! – She’s My Machine [Original chiptune:]
Machinae Supremacy – Legion of Stoopid [Original from site:]
Ailsean, JoeCam – The One That You Love [Cover of an Air Supply song:
Aktulua70 – Dark The Halls [Cover of “Deck The Halls”;
Stemage – Ligaments [Original:]

Host Segment – Song identifications, Skype pimpage, short “Auld Lang Syne” discussion [Background Music: Isamu Ohira – Be At Home (Gran Turismo 4 OST )]

Captain Tortilla – Stay Frosty [From “Cold”, album by Dennis Mott]
Cyborg Jeff vs Virgill & Dirk – I Am Free (CJ’s Patheon Remix ) [From “Popbuster”, album by Cyborg Jeff]
Shael Riley – True Faith [Cover of a New Order song:
Mint Jam – Slapstick []
Shawn Phase – “This is Nitro Game Injection” Bumper
Shawn Phase & Temp Sound Solutions – Rock Some Sugar On Me [Cover of a Def Leppard song:]
Live House S.S.H. – Rage Metal [Original:]

Host Segment – Song identifications, staying frosty, the surrealism of not playing any video game music during NGI [Background Music: Isamu Ohira – Manufacturer (Gran Turismo Game Rip )]

Gwarth & Norrin Radd – Intergalactic Groove [Original chiptune: ,]
Rosencrantz&guildensterN – Injection [Original:
Hemophiliac – “Get Out Of the Street!” Bumper
Hemophiliac – March of Madness []
Stemage – Big Blue [Original from “Organized Uproar” album:]
Chromelodeon – Mysteriousness: Outer Space [Original from site:]
Mazedude – Mazedude’s Kitchen []

Host Segment – Song identifactions, bad House [Background Music: Isamua Ohira – Take A Break (Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec OGS )]

zyko – Like A Stone [Cover of an Audioslave song:
Compyfox – Devils Rising [Original from site:]
Live House S.S.H. – Enter Sandman [Cover of a Metallica song:]
analoq – “analoq” Bumper
analoq – Gone in Four Minutes (Radio Edit ) [Original:]
Norrin Radd & Friends – Kevins Bumday Dink []
A.M.P. – Violence Solves Everything [Original from “OverClocked ReMix Adventures”:

Host Segment – A video game song?! Some history on OCR Adventures; song identifications [Background Music: Isamu Ohira – Light Velocity Ver.II (Gran Turismo 4 OST )]

Shawn Phase, Proswell, and Ilkae – PONOCA [Original:]
Shawn Phase, Proswell, and Ilkae – PONOCB [Original:]
Shawn Phase, Proswell, and Ilkae – PONOCC [Original:]
Ivan Draggo (AkumuHau ) – “Rocky IV” Bumper
Gwilym – The Meinpenis Song [From “The Meinpenis Zeitgeist”:]
Sefiros – Virility [From “Not There”:]
zyko – The Unattainable Zyko Monkey [From “Zombo”:

Host Segment – Kyle attempts to spell Sefiros and pronounce Gwilym; the insulting segment; a KS moment [Background Music: Isamu Ohira – The Drift Of Air Ver.2 (Gran Turismo 2 OST )]

Shane Barnes – Chasing Eternity [Original from site:]
Live House S.S.H. – About Saitama’s Heart! [Original:]
Eric’s Little Shack – Part of Your World [Cover from “Little Mermaid”:]
Halo Grunt – “Kiss My Ass!” Bumper
Beatdrop, Joe Cam – Joe Cam, Bitch! [From “Joe Cam’s Hits & Misses”:
Crow’s Claw – Midnight [Original:]
Ailsean – A Little More [Original:
Crazy Crakaz – Believe in Jesus []

Host Segment – Multiple attempts to contact housethegrate fail, show proceeds to fall apart [Background Music: The Manic Street Preachers – Everything Must Go (Gran Turismo Game Rip )]

The Minibosses – Song C [From “The Minibosses”:]
XMark – Bokk’s Theme [Original song from “The Ark Legacy”:]
analoq – Welcome to the Tavern [Original:]
Rexy – “Review Maniac” Bumper
Rexy – The Dark Olive [Original from the upcoming “Ecaros Sound Collections”:
CarboHydroM – Strange Hero [Original from “VG Rocks!”:]
The Orichalon – Third Hour Blues [Original Remix Contest #17:]
Spekkosaurus – Star Wars Vs. House of the Rising Sun []

Host Segment – More attempts to contact House, ending in failure [Background Music: Cubanate – Skeletal (Gran Turismo OST )]

Trocadero – Blood Gulch Blues []
Saint420 – The Moment After [Original:]
trickwaters – Four in One [Original:]
House The Grate – “Tricked!” Bumper
House The Grate – LJC [Exclusive NGI Original:
BrainCells, No Remorse – Sign of Liberty [Original:
raubhimself – Breaking The Law [Cover of a Judas Priest song:

Host Segment – More House Call-in attempts [Background Music: Daiki Kasho – Turbo (Gran Turismo 4 Prologue Game Rip )]

Jared Hudson and Abram McCalment – Funky Basement Blues [Original:]
Dale North – Beautiful Fall Afternoon [Original:]
Cinammon from Mega Man X CM – “Sorry!” Bumper
Haroon Piracha – Harmonic Sky [Original:]
Estradasphere – Meteorite Showers (Single Edit ) [Original:]
EgM – Battle of the Braves [Original:]

Host Segment – Song identifications; chat room explosion [Background Music: Masahiro Andoh, Isamu Ohira – Go Race (Gran Turismo Game Rip )]

goat – Spasm [Original:]
Chad Seiter – Jamie’s Theme [from “Death of a Hero Man” –]
Itopia (AmIEvil’s band ) – Set Your Mind [Original:]
Ashane – Ninja Gaiden 9 [Original chiptune:
Jennifer Mae – “Shaddap!” Bumper
Darangen – The Falling [Original:]
Dissolution (Dennis Mott’s band ) – Distorted Vision [Original:]
DarkeSword – Cheer Up! [Original:]

Host Segment – Stuff! Things! Microphone eating; song identifications [Background Music: Masahiro Andoh, Isamu Ohira – Car Shop – Dodge (Gran Turismo Game Rip )]

House The Grate – Slangin’ It Black [Original:
Machinae Supremacy – Masquerade [Original from site:]
Gux – Fight! [Original:]
Virt – “VGMix’s Very Own” Bumper
virt – Beej [Original:]
Ailsean – Guitar Heroics [Original:

Host Segment – Show closing; thanks and apologies [Background Music: Masahiro Andoh, Isamu Ohira – The Drift of Air (Gran Turismo OST )]

Ashane – Hallowed Be Thy Name [Cover of an Iron Maiden song:
Star Salzman – Backspacing the Future [Original (20 minutes long! ):]

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