Nitro Game Injection #87: The Next Generation


Machinae Supremacy – Player One [Original from “Deus Ex Machinae”:]

Host Segment – Introduction to show #87; live calls announcement

A.S.H. – Versus [Guilty Gear XX OST]
A.S.H. – Beatin’ My Soul [Guilty Gear XX OST]
prozax – Mario Kart 64 Dream Racing [Removed OC ReMix]
Hiro, Fumio Itoh, Keisuke Tsukahara – Splash Wave [Outrun 2 OST]
Halo Grunt – “Kiss My Ass!” Bumper
Shawn Phase & Temp Sound Solutions – Gyromite – Medley [Now You’re Playing With Powar 4 AST:]
Master Hatchet – Street Fighter II Harboring Hostility [Dwelling of Duels March 2005 Entry – 8th Place]

Host Segment – *morningstar and Razor-Man from the OverClocked ReMix forums call in and bring the show to a whole new level of perverseness; furries, appliancies, and various sexual appendages are among the topics “discussed”; insanity ensues (*morningstar:; razor-man: )

Sadao Watanabe – Morning of Yoshi’s Island [Super Mario World AST]
Spamtron – Chrono Trigger – Battle
Crazy Crackaz – Funk Out []
Jennie Mae – “This is Nitro Game Injection” Bumper
Sefiros – Final Fantasy VIII – Everything = Nothing [VGMix #3193]
Mutsuhiko Izumi – Chicago Blue (Long Version ) [Guitar Freaks OST]
mv – Chrono Trigger – Time Chill [OC ReMix #1132]

Host Segment – Kyle’s scared of calls, but invites more anyway; song identifications

Masaya Matsuura – Chop Chop Forever!! [Um Jammer Lammy OST]
analoq – Moon Patrol [#mae Chatroom Compo – First Place]
The Black Mages – Final Fantasy IX – Vamo’Alla Flamenco [The Skies Above AST]
Yumiko Kanki, Naoto Ishada – Fire Field [F-Zero Jazz AST]
Rexy – “Review Maniac” Bumper
Rexy – The Legend of Zelda: Link To The Past – Sixty Feet Under [VGMix #3393]
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Daytona USA – Let’s Go Away (Arranged ) [Daytona USA B-Univ AST]
Jun Senoue – Dancin’ Dancin’ [Victory Goal ’96 OST]

Host Segment – The Tron Block: A block of requests by Tron16

The Neskimos – Mega Man 2 – Crash Man [NESkimo Battle:]
Grospixels – Rush ‘N Attack []
Shawn Phase & Temp Sound Solutions – Jackal [Now You’re Playing With Powar 4 AST:]
Gwarth – Friday the 13th []
Virt – Metroid – Space Pirates [Dwelling of Duels – January 2005: Joke Entry]
Kirk – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Casino Nights [Dwelling of Duels – March 2005: 14th Place]

Host Segment – Rexy from VGMix calls in, and discusses her upcoming projects; chatroom attempts to embarass Kyle, and does so rather effectively (SHUT UP KIRK ). )

zyko – Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening – Perchance to Dream With Waking Eyes [VGMix #]
Tom Wedge – The Graveyard [Monster Truck Madness 2 Game Rip]
Stemage – Ground Pink [Original:]
Cinnamon from Mega Man X CM – “Sorry!” Bumper
CarboHydroM – Space Harrier – Limitless Skies [OC ReMix #1323]
Mario Freaks Orchestra – Mario Adventures II [Super Mario Land AST]
Eric’s Little Shack – Super Castlevania IV – Simon’s Theme []

Host Segment – Weekly Dose of Duels: September 2004 (Free Month )

Ryan8bit – Marble Madness – Sweep Up the Broken Pieces [DoD Sept. 2004: 5th Place]
Kirk – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Chemical Plant [DoD Sept. 2004: 4th Place]
BornInCrimson – “Supreme Ruler of DoD” Bumper
Zoast, Spookmeister C – Final Fantasy VI – Uematstrophe/Experimental Continent/The Flood of Counterfeits Released [DoD Sept. 2004: 3rd Place]
House The Grate – Waltz of the Dolls  [DoD Sept. 2004: 2nd Place]
Ashane – Chrono Trigger – Zealous Entropy  [DoD Sept. 2004: 1st Place]

Host Segment – Song identifications

Chromelodeon – Mega Man 3 – Wily’s Castle []
Inti Creates Japan – Submerged Memory [Mega Man Zero 3 Remastered Tracks: Telos AST]
Disturbed – Tyrian – Composition in Q [OC ReMix #972]
AkumuHau – “Hulkamaniac” Bumper
The Black Mages – Flame Demon Monster Giltoni [Dark Chronicle Premium Arrange AST]

Host Segment – Show abruptly cut due to computer problems; be back next week, hopefully

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