Nitro Game Injection #89: At Doom’s Gate


Machinae Supremacy – Earthbound [Original from]
Jun Senoue – SEGA Rally Championship – Conditioned Reflex ~ Getting Muddy (J.S. Kickstart ReMix ’99 ) [SEGA Racing Best CST]

Host Segment – Show introduction, Kyle haunting the internet, undecided hatred or love, hairball, Doom songs (Background Music: Koichi Sugiyama – Evil One [Dragon Warrior IV on Electone AST] )

analoq – Doom – Demonik Electronik [OC ReMix #1098]
Konami Kukeiha Club – Last Exit [Salamander 2 OST]
Master Hatchet – Street Fighter II – Harboring Hostility [Dwelling of Duels – March 2005 – 8th Place]
Howard Drossin, Bon Harris, Jeehun Hwang – Boogie [Vigilante 8 Game Rip]
The Minibosses – Castlevania [From Split CD with Penny Winblood –]
Kumi Tanioka – Sleeping Treasure in the Sand [Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles OST]
Red Tailed Fox – Sonic The Hedgehog 3 – Aquatic Pressure (Feel the music!!! ) [VGMix #3802]

Host Segment – The Tron Block: Block of requests from Tron16 from The Shizz (Background Music: A Tron – Down The Tubes (Invertebrate Mix ) [VGMix #] )

Shawn Phase of Temp Sound Solutions – Athena [Now You’re Playing with Powar album]
The Advantage – Bubble Bobble []
Chromelodeon – The Parasprinter [Dark Sword of Chaos:]
Setsuo, V. Tomozoh, Sato, Yuko Kadota, Kirry – Armored Armadillo [Mega Man X OST]
Colin, Steph, Sherv, Dave Z, Matsunami, Mig50 – Rambo – I Feel Better in Prison [Dwelling of Duels November/December Free Month – 8th Place]

Host Segment – The discovery of Press Play on Tape (Background Music: Koichi Sugiyama – Wagon Wheels March [Dragon Warrior IV on Electone AST] )

Press Play on Tape – Monty on the Run [PPoT’s Loading Ready Run AST:]
SNK Playmore Sound Team – Wandering at Midnight [Metal Slug 3 OST]
Forfallen – Chrono Trigger – Silver Points and Metal Joints
Palpable – Marble Madness – Marble Dancefloor [OC ReMix #1102]
Dakota Star – Break Down [Gran Turismo 4 Prologue Game Rip]
Satoshi Ise – Stage of SNK – B.B. [Capcom Vs. SNK ~Millenium Fight 2000~ OST]
Russell Lieblich, Atom Ellis – Credits [Duke Nukem – A Time To Kill OST]

Host Segment – Kyle’s unable to contain his laughter due to the previous song, and reminds himself that he should listen to things in their entirety before adding them to the playlist; Chrono Trigger anime (Background Music: Koichi Sugiyama – Balloon’s Fight [Dragon Warrior IV on Electone AST] )

Machinae Supremacy – Chuck Rock []
Atlus, Inc. – Linda’s Castle [Snowboard Kids 2 N64 Game Rip]
Shael Riley – Alvin & The Chipmunks – Diamond Dolls []
Robert Prince – Cute Little Dead Bunny [Doom OST]
Motoi Sakuraba, Shinji Tamura – Tales of Symphonia Last Battle ~decision~ [Tales of Symphonia OST]
pingosimon – Legend of Zelda Live []
Hiroshi Okubo – Ripping Air [Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War OST]
The Pancake Chef – Chrono Cross – Just Chill [OC ReMix #676]

Host Segment – NGI VG Music Artist of the Week: XMark [] (Background Music: Koichi Sugiyama – Colliseum [Dragon Warrior IV on Electone AST] )

XMark – Final Fantasy VI – Cyanide [VGMix #3795; Dwelling of Duels – March 2005]
XMark – Bokk’s Theme [Original From the Ark Legacy]
XMark – Dragon Spirit – Arisha [VGMix #3563; Dwelling of Duels – February 2005]
XMark – Diver Down Theme []
XMark – Final Fantasy – Imp Slaughter [VGMix #3056; Dwelling of Duels – November/December 2004]
XMark – Metroid – Sweet Troid O’ Mine [VGMix #3308; Dwelling of Duels – January 2005]

Host Segment – Kyle screws up; comments on the distinct lack of callers (Background Music: Koichi Sugiyama – Battle [Dragon Warrior IV on Electone AST] )

Master Hatchet – Power Blade – Spinning Destruction: Nova [VGMix #3846]
Dragonlord – Mega Man Zero 2 – Cool Mind [OC ReMix #1338]
Godspeed, ViViX – Final Fantasy VI – R.I.P. (Tribute to Dimebag Darrell )
Ashley Carr (Dj Redlight ) – Doom – At Doom’s Gate [Doom Remix AST]
Mizuki Ichiro – ComBattler V no Teema (Combattler’s Theme ) [Super Robot Wars Vocal Collection AST]
prozax – Gradius 3 – Power Up! [VGMix #3557]
SNK Sound Team – Mayoi Kiri (Nicotine ) [Samurai Shodown II OST]

Host Segment – Rexy calls in, discusses food, cooking shows, Parappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy, racing games Vs. RPGs, Daytona remixes, radio parties, NGI traditions, and a whole load of other stuff [] (Background Music: Koichi Sugiyama – Dragon Warrior IV on Electone AST )

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Let’s Go Away [Daytona USA B-Univ Arrange OST]
Eric Dude, MegaMatt – Daytona USA – We Hate Gaytona And We Want To Die [Dwelling of Duels March 2005 – Joke Entry]
Masaya Matsuura – Hair Scare (Level 5 ) [Parappa The Rapper 2 OST]
Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal [Michael Jacksons Moonwalker Genesis Game Rip]
Liontamer – “Sonic Vocal Tracks” Bumper
Liontamer – Gran Turismo – Toyota Disco
The Crazy Crackaz – River City Ransom – River City Rap [VGMix #1082]
Vigilante ft. Liontamer – Donkey Kong Country – Funky Monkey Love (Valentine Edit ) [OC ReMix #]
Jellyfish – Ignorance is Bliss [Nintendo’s White Knuckle Scorin’]
Rexy – Final Fantasy VII – Chinatown’s Future (VGMix #996]

Host Segment – Song identifications (Background Music: Koichi Sugiyama – The End [Dragon Warrior IV on Electone AST] )

The Black Mages – Flame Demon Monster Giltoni [Dark Chronicle Premium Arrange AST]
Naofumi Hataya – Quartz Quadrant Present [Sonic Mega CD Game Rip]
Kazumi Totaka – Super Mario Bros. 3 – Fortress Boss (Arrange ) [Koopa Loud Music Nintendo Sound Selection Vol. 2 Compilation OST]
Shnabubula – Final Fantasy 9 – Hunter’s Community Chest [OC ReMix #1267]
Hale-Bopp – Super Metroid – Salutations (Upper Norfair/Toology/Morricone Remix ) [Dwelling of Duels – January 2005: 8th Place )
Kozue Ishikawa, Yumiko Kanki – Titania [Star Fox 2 SNES Game Rip]

Host Segment – Weekly Dose of Duels [April 2004 – Ninja Gaiden] (Background Music: Eric’s Little Shack – Castlevania IV ) []

Ryan8bit, pingosimon – Ninja Gaiden 2 – Sinister Augury [Dwelling of Duels April 2004 – 1st Place; VGMix #1384]
The Advantage – Ninja Gaiden – Mine Shaft []
Leif – Ninja Gaiden – Guitar Journey [VGMix #260]
The Mario Systems – Ninja Gaiden – Masked Devil
The Minibosses – Ninja Gaiden []
BrainCells – Ninja Gaiden 2 – Let The Wind Flow [VGMix #]
Ashane – Ninja Gaiden 2 – Ninjascape [OC ReMix #1345]

Host Segment – Song identifications; attempts to get XMark on the air fail; show closing (Background Music: Koichi Sugiyama – Elegy [Dragon Warrior IV on Electone AST] )

Ryan8bit – The Grief of Aktemto [VGMix #]
Darangen – Chrono Trigger – The Depths of Isolation [VGMix #]
goat – Final Fantasy IV – The Sky Was Never A Limit [VGMix #]
Yasunori Mitsuda – Small Two of Pieces ~Restored Pieces~ [Xenogears OST]
Machinae Supremacy – Soundtrack to the Rebellion [Original:]

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