Nitro Game Injection #351: Go Another Round


The post-350 era of Nitro Game Injection (which it turns out is no different from the pre-350 era) begins with rockin’ tracks from the likes of RichaadEB, Little V, and PirateCrab, gets a little jazzy and funky with Cyril the Wolf, Super Soul Bros., and Tee Lopes, debuts a new segment dedicated to, a new featured album from GaMetal, and more!

01.WillRock – Nitroglycerin Injection (Theme of KNGI :: Amazon)
02.RichaadEB, Cristina Vee – K/DA ~ POP/STARS (League of Legends [PC] :: Amazon)

03.Little V – This Is True Love Makin’ (Capcom vs SNK 2 [ARC] :: Amazon)
04.Cyril the Wolf, Brandon Snell, subversiveasset – Queen Zeal’s Bed Chambers (Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: YouTube)
05.HoboKa, Smooth4Lyfe, BrothaDom – I’m the Soul Blazer (Soul Blazer [SNES] :: OverClocked ReMix)

06.DSC – Overworld 2 (Super Mario Bros. 3 [NES] :: YouTube)
07.Eight.Bit Commando – Defend the Vulture [Stage​.​1] (Battletoads [ARC] :: Bandcamp)
08.MYRONE – SHRED THE PLANET (Original work :: Amazon)

09.Gerd Bahl – Game Over [Memorial (Apydia [AMI] :: AmigaRemix)
10.Firefox – Firefox Dirty Drummer Remake vs. Romeo Knight (Cream of the Earth [AMI DEMO] :: AmigaRemix)
11.Dr.Future – The Final Challenge (Turrican 2 [AMI] :: AmigaRemix)

12.Extra Lives – Area 1 (Section Z [NES] :: YouTube)
13.Super Soul Bros. – One Night in Neo Kobe City [Live at PAX Prime 2017] (Snatcher [SCD] :: YouTube)
14.Tee Lopes – Stickerbush Symphony Re-Imagined (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest [SNES] :: YouTube)

FEATURED ALBUM: GaMetal – Side-Quests Vol. 2 (Bandcamp)
15.GaMetal – Silence (F-Zero [SNES])
16.GaMetal – Wicked Child (Castlevania [NES])
17.GaMetal – Prince of Darkness (Lagoon [SNES])
18.GaMetal – Noeru (Darius Twin [SNES])
19.GaMetal – Eternal Wind (Final Fantasy III [NES])

20.ToxicxEternity – Valenstein Castle (Ys: The Oath in Felghana [PC] :: Amazon)
21.Nestalgica – Ice Cap Zone Act 1 (Sonic the Hedgehog 3 [GEN] :: YouTube)
22.PirateCrab – Moon Theme (DuckTales [NES] :: Bandcamp)

23.Super Guitar Bros. – Dungeon Medley (Legend of Zelda [NES] :: YouTube)
24.Steven Strums – Title Theme (Mega Man 11 [PC/XBONE/PS4/SWI] :: YouTube)
25.FamilyJules, insaneintherainmusic – Wii Shop Ending Theme (Nintendo Wii [WII] :: YouTube)
26.GaMetal – Stage Theme (1942 [NES] :: YouTube)

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