Molehill Mountain Episode 142 – Our Picks For the Remaining 30 Genesis Mini Games

We’ll talk about Star Wars next week.

  • 19:22 – What we thought of Shazam!
  • 31:11 – Our picks for the remaining 30 Genesis Mini games
  • 1:13:51 – Super Meat Boy Forever delayed for a very good reason
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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.
Chat Transcript:

6:45 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone

7:01 PMaddictedtochaoshi

7:01 PMpsychadelic snakeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

7:02 PMotritzuEvenin

7:03 PMpsychadelic snakeAndrew weed is Legal in cali, just smoke some weed and that’ll ge you through it

7:04 PMpsychadelic snakeactually, the worse it smells, the better it is

7:04 PMpsychadelic snakeman she’s a NOVICE

7:05 PMpsychadelic snakeyou legit just unwrap a tobacco joint, grind it up in a grinder. bam its done

7:06 PMpsychadelic snakeAndrew did you eat more than one

7:06 PMpsychadelic snakeOH

7:07 PMScottyJayManWait a minute who’s smoking weed?

7:07 PMpsychadelic snakehey andrew, tell your friend a online stranger named snake called her a WEED NOVICE

7:08 PMpsychadelic snakeI can’t really find any new games that tickle my fancy, and murdered sole suspect doesn’t seem that…fun

7:10 PMpsychadelic snakeive been looking for games that treat me like garbage. last game that did that to me was darkest dungeon. and I don’t have a ps4 so no sekiro for me

7:14 PMotritzuShiny Pokemon have a burst of sparkles that appear when they enter the fight.

7:14 PMpsychadelic snakeshiny Pokemon are like that rare drug, once you get one, your social life debilitates as you continue to search for them

7:19 PMpsychadelic snakewhen I first saw the screenshots i was not confident, but this might be a good movie

7:19 PMpsychadelic snakenow sonic the hedgehog, I cannot wait to see the shitshow that movie will cause

7:21 PMkenny lauderdaleWhats this stream about?

7:21 PMpsychadelic snakepop culture and current video game news

7:22 PMmatthew wilsonso seems you enjoyed the promise neverland, atleast epasode one, anywas

7:22 PMmatthew wilsonanyways

7:22 PMpsychadelic snakethe fact that Chris chan, the MAIN MAN…er woman? that’s the craziest about sonic doesnt like the sonic the hedgehog movie

7:22 PMkenny lauderdaleNot many are familiar with Andrew’s Elevated Tastes

7:23 PMD G.Andrew, are you redpilled on the JQ?

7:23 PMkenny lauderdaleI’m tired of Superhero movies.

7:24 PMkenny lauderdaleVERY Cool

7:24 PMpsychadelic snakeI feel like a broken record, but if DC was patient and didn’t RUSH the Batman movies, they could of built up to the Batman vs superman universe

7:24 PMpsychadelic snakepisses me off they fucked it up as bad as they did

7:24 PMD G.“The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development found that 50 percent of U.S. adults can’t read a book written at an eighth-grade level”

7:24 PMkenny lauderdaleHow many times does Shazam Floss in the movie?

7:25 PMpsychadelic snakeI had a college sophomore reading level in the 8th grade

7:25 PMpsychadelic snakebut I also set ramen on fire

7:25 PMD G.@psychadelic snake well, it sounds as though you were a genius, my level-headed friend

7:25 PMaddictedtochaospedro and eugene

7:25 PMpsychadelic snakeI don’t wanna be smart, I wanna be a bartender

7:26 PMaddictedtochaosthey aren’t from the original comics. they came into being with the new 52

7:26 PMD G.Being a bartender requires you to not be an idiot though. You have to memorize drink recipes, think & act quickly, etc.

7:27 PMpsychadelic snakeanyway, my only hope for DC now is that they build up to the injustice universe, because that would be just great

7:27 PMaddictedtochaosshould be Fawcett city

7:28 PMD G.well, since we are discussing manchild topics, here’s a question: was Red Skull the true hero and Captain America the villain? Discuss.

7:29 PMpsychadelic snakebeing 20, I would love to see another mad scientist trope movie, I love movies like that

7:30 PMaddictedtochaosthis movie pretty closely follows Shazam’s new 52 origin tale, the exception being no black adam

7:30 PMpsychadelic snakeimagine being summoned by a ancient entity only to be told you suck, that would fuck me right up famalam

7:31 PMD G.Red Skulls was based and redpilled fam

7:31 PMpsychadelic snakewas he boggpilled

7:31 PMD G.hmmm, nah. Those twins came decades after so he wasnt bogpilled

7:32 PMaddictedtochaosoriginally it was only billy, mary and Freddie. also mary and billy were actually siblings

7:32 PMD G.that wouldnt have been possible

7:32 PMaddictedtochaosit was isis

7:32 PMpsychadelic snakehow do we know they weren’t just secretly pulling the strings

7:33 PMD G.From the future?

7:33 PMD G.State your case.

7:33 PMpsychadelic snakewith all this talk about superheroes, when will DC have a good superhero game again?

7:33 PMD G.CC Beck’s Shazam comic is the GOAT. I bet Andrew hasn’t even witnessed its glory.

7:34 PMD G.Imagine having brand royalty. Bruh we got jobs and money now. All systems are at our disposal!

7:35 PMD G.CC Beck’s Shazam is the one worth reading. The art in it is amazing.

7:35 PMpsychadelic snakebecause i spend most of my free time on /v/ I’ve learned to not enjoy games anymore

7:38 PMaddictedtochaosas long as it has contra hard corps, im happy

7:38 PMpsychadelic snakeAndrew why

7:40 PMpsychadelic snakeI gotta head out, gimme the run down on Twitter. have a good night

7:40 PMAndrew EisenYou can see our lists here:…

7:41 PMD G.Dookie Blaster

7:42 PMaddictedtochaoscontra hard corps has never been reissued on anything before

7:43 PMD G.They want to put Ghostbusters on there as a dog whistle to the gamergate demographic.

7:44 PMD forced yourself to like it? Wow, the power of advertising for you. This is your brain on capitalism.

7:44 PMAndrew EisenThat was a joke. I like what I like and I don’t what I don’t.

7:45 PMD G.What I said was a joke too!

7:46 PMAndrew EisenWe are damn humorous peoples!

7:46 PMD G.Why are we shouting?!

7:47 PMAndrew EisenI’m not shouting! Okay, I am shouting. I’m shouting, I’m shouting, I’m shouting! *gets knocked out by a falling candlestick*

7:47 PMD

7:48 PMD G.If your kids don’t like Clue, thats okay. If my future kids dont like John Ford westerns, i’m taking a trip down to the orphanage.

7:49 PMD G.does Herzog Zwei have any relation to Werner Herzog?

7:49 PMaddictedtochaosstreets of rage 2 is a no brainer

7:54 PMD G.i think it’s worth mentioning that the sega mini’s emulation is being handled by M2 who have done first rate emulations for the 3DS and other consoles

7:59 PMaddictedtochaoshockey is the better game, the AI in football is extraordinarily cheap

8:01 PMaddictedtochaosvectorman will surely be there too

8:04 PMD G.I got a rash too. But it ain’t from the road.

8:05 PMaddictedtochaossonic 3 is very unlikely due to music licensing

8:05 PMD G.Is Phantasy Star 4 gonna be on there?

8:06 PMaddictedtochaosMichael Jackson did some of the music for sonic 3

8:08 PMaddictedtochaoswould love hyperstone heist, great game but licensing issues would likely prevent it. as konami doesn’t have the rights to TMNT anymore

8:11 PMaddictedtochaosI have virtua fighter 2 on genesis, runs awful

8:13 PMaddictedtochaosimpressive that they got virtua fighter 2 running on genesis but it is just a little more than the genesis could actually handle

8:21 PMotritzuHave a good night, Guys.

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