BumbleKast #89: Shazam, The Other Captain Marvel


On this episode, Ian & Kyle geek out about the new black hole findings, then they talk about the newest DC movie, Shazam.

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Original music in this episode composed by Ken “coda” Snyder, used with permission – Check out his music on Bandcamp
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Hey fellas, how’s it going? The latest Bumblekast episode got me hyped for Bumblekwest, and so I went back to season three of the Bumblekast to listen to when you talked about some of the other roleplaying games you’d played and the characters you’d had I was wondering what some of your most memorable (and hilarious) moments were from those games? Did you ever come up with an utterly ridiculous plan that had no chance of working, and yet it worked because you rolled really high? Did you ever roll a natural one and fail in a most amusing fashion?

How big is Tangle the Lemur?

[As a follow-up regarding Shadow not working for GUN:] Okay I’m sorry. Does that mean they’re essentially contractors? Or are they just like the Freedom Fighters where they just sort of butt into everything and G.U.N just sort of shrugs and goes, “OH WELL, GET THEM BRIEFED I GUESS!?”

Brodie M
Would you like to have a crossover between Sonic and the Marvel Universe(such as the Avengers, Spider-Man, the X-Men and Fantastic Four)?

Hi, I’m currently trying to make a hero team, with inspiration being from the Sonic series. Do you have any advice?

William C
If I remember right, you once said you had ideas or aspirations for a Donkey Kong comic, yeah? I was wondering, purely hypothetically, would such a comic require Donkey Kong (and Diddy and Dixie and whoever) to talk? Or could they stay silent?

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