Nitro Game Injection #122: Time Warp


Kyle and Larry take you back to a time before the Reset Generation contest winners and the Metroid Metal Varia Suite were announced, before Arm Cannon’s new followup album was released, when Summoning of Spirits was in Nintendo Power, and when Dwelling of Duels had 3 entries. They also discuss the Otakon convention, Baconaisse, Game Unicon, and much more.

NOTE: This episode was originally recorded back in mid-July.


[5:18] Host Segment 1
-Both Kyle and Larry are tired as hell for this episode; Kyle can’t stop saying “It’s all good” throughout the entire episode
-Discussion about SAIJI S.J.P (the hosts have no idea who it is )
-Summoning of Spirits Nintendo Power article pimpage (August 2009 issue, page 95 )
-EGM revival

[19:38] Host Segment 2
-Stage 3-1 discussion
-Baconaisse. Kyle meant to say “hot dogs wrapped in blueberry pancakes.” Oops.
-The poor turnout of Dwelling of Duels June 2009 NES Triple Threat month
-Urging for more Battletoads (NES ) remixes

[33:31] Host Segment 3
-Larry HATES hard on Sonic vocal tracks
-Larry makes a Spinal Tap reference Kyle doesn’t get because Kyle is a horrible person who has never seen This Is Spinal Tap
-Derailed into a discussion of “Rhymes With Elixir” from the FF4 ReMix project
-Someone is raining cash on Larry
-Otakon discussion
-More Sonic vocal track hate
-More on Zelda Heineken
-OCR/8 Bit Weapon/Nokia Reset Generation contest (Winners have been announced: )

[59:57] Host Segment 4
-Marsland Brotherhood
-Metroid Metal
-Arranger websites with viruses

[72:53] Host Segment 5
-Homestar Runner and Brothers Chaps discussion
-VikingGuitar discussion
-Low-Tech Son is a robot designed to make music
-Rainbow Road sacrilege

[88:01] Host Segment 6
-Larry’s snare hate
-Pushing for surf rock remixes
-Jet Moto highlights (Kyle said “bluegrass”, but he meant southern rock )
-Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island discussion
-Palpable props

[112:51] Host Segment 7
-Maximum Carnage soundtrack props
-8 Bit Instrumental and Brazillian remixers
-Larry makes up new words
-BlazBlue’s popularity explosion

[127:12] Host Segment 8
-Completely nonsensical song titles
-Check out Arm Cannon 2: Return of the Attack of the Legend of Pizzor, on sale now
-Be sure to check out Game Unicon, the pro gaming and game concert convention in Marlborough, MA. Larry will be there!
-Show closing

[153:03] {stinger}


1. [0:11] SAIJI S.J.P – Knight’s Song (Arrangement of “Moon Over The Castle” from the Gran Turismo series :: )

2. [11:51] Monobrow, Protricity, AeroZ, injury – Altar Perception (arrangement of “Search a Seal” from Tales of Symphonia (GC ) :: )
3. [16:50] Stage 3-1 – Journey to Silius Theme (arrangement from the “Level Up!” album :: )

4. [25:53] Ryan8Bit – Farewell, Dear Maiden (arrangement from Wizards & Warriors :: )
5. [29:40] Crush 40, Emma Gelotte, Tinna Karlsdotter, Marty Friedman – With Me (from Sonic And The Black Knight Vocal Trax: Face To Faith

Original Soundtrack :: )

6. [52:43] 8 Bit Weapon – Reset Generation Anthem: Dexter Mix (from the Reset Generation Soundtrack :: )
7. [56:28] Marsland Brotherhood – Speedy Guitar (arrangement from Speedball (C64 ) :: )

8. [65:07] Stemage, Goat and Chunkstyle – The Tunnel (arrangement from Metroid 2 (GB ) :: )
9. [69:20] VikingGuitar – Power Crunch (arrangement of “Level 1″ from Stinkoman 20X6 :: )

10. [81:22] Low-Tech Son – Rainbow Road (arrangement from Super Mario Kart (SNES ) :: )
11. [85:10] Chuck E. Myers, Lance Lenhart, Tom Hopkins – Cypress Run (from Jet Moto (PS1 ) :: )

12. [99:19] Palpable – In Pieces (arrangement of “Castle & Fortress” from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (SNES ) :: )
13. [103:50] Bit Instrumental – Maximum Carnage (arrangement from the Altered Bit album :: )

14. [120:36] Daisuke Ishiwatari – Oriental Flower (Litchi Faye Ling’s theme from BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Original Soundtrack :: )
15. [124:12] Arm Cannon – Dutch Town [Elbow Computers] (arrangement from Tecmo Super Bowl :: )

16. [138:56] CROW’SCLAW with AD794, I-Chu, T-tsu, Godspeed, AISUTA, Mr. Kishida – R’N’R De Chocobo (Arrangement of “Chocobo” from the

Final Fantasy series :: )
17. [143:45] The Protomen – Father Of Death (from Father Of Death 7″ EP :: )

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Dwelling of Duels:
VGMdecibel Podcast:
Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption Final Fantasy IV ReMix Project:
Homestar Runner:
Game Unicon:



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