Nitro Game Injection #124: Swordfish Ride


Hiatus? What hiatus? Kyle & Larry are back to give you a dose of great game music. On this episode, the duo talk weather, surf rock, Captain Lou Albano, and of course, games and game music. Album reviews return to NGI, and the guys take an in-depth look at Metroid Metal’s newest release, Varia Suite.


[6:06] Host Segment 1
-Larry has brought his blackness back to the show, talks about the experience of a basement flood
-Kyle and Larry compare weather and natural disasters, East vs. West style

[16:02] Host Segment 2
-Kyle slaughters Japanese composer names again
-Metal Wolf Chaos discussion. TAKE! AMERICA! BACK! You must check this game out, because it’s hilarious
-OCR’s song length limit in regards to Sole Signal’s Brawl track
-Larry admits he’s made a few mistakes in voting
-ViViX vs. Godspeed: Kyle has no idea what he’s talking about

[34:22] Host Segment 3
-Kyle claims Larry hates songs that he votes NO on
-Game remixing needs moar surf rock
-K.K. Setlist discussion ( )
-Donkey Kong Country
-Overremixed song discussion
-New OCR YouTube preview videos, with huge props to José the Bronx Rican
-Captain Lou Albano’s passing

[62:07] Host Segment 4
-Classic arcade games. Nevar forget!
-Ladies and gentlemen, WE HAVE OUR EPISODE TITLE!
-ALBUM REVIEW: Metroid Metal – Varia Suite
-Kyle’s Score: 5/5
-Larry’s Score: 4.5/5

[85:20] Host Segment 5
-Reset Generation contest winners:

[95:52] Host Segment 6
-Kunio-Kun, and the new doujin album ‘MUSCLE SPARK’
-Wild ARMs rocks your face!
-Larry educates Kyle on Street Fighter III variations

[114:23] Host Segment 7
-“Howl of the Decisive One-Winged Departed Angel”
-Kyle zings the One-Winged Angel lovers
-NGI brings down the noise for a bit

[123:52] Host Segment 8
-Abadoss will be an interview subject on NGI very soon!
-Larry bought something from Starbucks, losing his street cred
– WizWars’ new album:
-Kyle compares Beatdrop’s Revolution album to the F-Zero GX soundtrack
-The guys invoke their inner Ahnold: “I hope you saved enough room for my fist ’cause I’m going to ram it into your stomach, and BREAK YOUR GODDAMN

-Don’t miss NGI #125: Special guests include Koji Kondo, Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda, Ludwig Von Beethoven, Frank Zappa, and Megadeth


1. [0:08] T-Square – Knight’s Song (Generation 3 ) (from “Passion Flower” :: )

2. [10:59] Sole Signal – Time to Brawl! (arrangement of ‘Main Theme’ from Super Smash Bros. Brawl :: ) [EDITOR NOTE: Audix

has changed his name due to copyright issues]
3. [12:59] Kota Hoshino, Shohei Tsuchiya – Metal Fighter (from The President Spirit: Metal Wolf Chaos Soundtrack Selections :: )

4. [27:35] ViViX – DM-Kuja (arrangement of ‘Dark Messenger’ from Final Fantasy IX :: )
5. [30:59] Sixto Sounds – Acetone (arrangement of ‘Surfin’ K.K.’ from Animal Crossing :: )

6. [52:28] Monkey Kong – Dolphin Ride (arrangement of ‘Aquatic Ambience’ from Donkey Kong Country :: )
7. [58:12] BrainCells – Smoke in Your Face (arrangement from New Rally X :: )

8. [78:18] Metroid Metal – Lower Norfair (arrangement from Super Metroid :: )
9. [82:32] Metroid Metal – Theme (arrangement from Metroid :: )

10. [88:13] Tepid – TRIX (arrangement of ‘Tricky Game’ from Reset Generation :: )
11. [91:38] Kyoya Hashimoto – Meteor Strikes (arrangement of ‘Versus Theme’ from Super Dodge Ball :: )

12. [105:31] Nittoku Inoue – Gun Blaze (arrangement from Wild Arms IV :: )
13. [109:30] Nobuo Uematsu – Howl of the Departed (from Lost Odyssey :: )

14. [116:59] C64 Orchestra – Supremacy (arrangement of ‘Main Theme’ from Supremacy :: )
15. [121:23] Abadoss – Epona’s Pastorale (arrangement of ‘Lon Lon Ranch’ from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time :: )

16. [135:51] Active Knowledge – Sunglasses at Night (from Pyramid Neon :: )
17. [139:28] Beatdrop, Ransom Rath – Praxis (from Revolution :: )

Dwelling of Duels:
OverClocked ReMix:
Bound Together Earthbound ReMix Album:

Team Fat & The Fat Man:
José the Bronx Rican:
The Megas:
The Minibosses:

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