Nitro Game Injection #120: Skyrocket Slam


Happy Alien Invasion Day! To help tide you over between the food, booze, and explosives, we have a brand new episode.

Kyle shows that he did not do the research on any discussion points, and unashamedly peddles for money via the NGI Amazon Store while Larry dreams of being famous and mounting 22-inch rims to his wall while swimming in dollar bills. They also discuss the many lyrical interpretations of Mega Man, hate on RPGs, pay tribute to the loss of game development’s whipping boy Duke Nukem Forever, and as always, much more! Special thanks to Mae for writing up the Show Notes this week!


[2:56] Host Segment 1
-Kyle and Larry talk about Gameboy style music
-New features on the KNGI site: Shoutbox, store
-Cheetah in the Dark

[19:04] Host Segment 2
-Kyle makes wild accusations against Larry
-Discussion of Swedish game developing company, Digital Illusions CE ( )
-Fun with pronouncing names
-Freshly Baked Remix Challenge ( )

[34:56] Host segment 3
-Larry and Kyle show love to underrepresented MegaMan tracks and lyrical MegaMan tracks
-Kyle hates on Zelda Heineken
-Larry shows love for DoD ( )

[52:04] Host Segment 4
-Neither Kyle nor Larry did their research, and unrightfully accuse XMark of poorly naming his track
-The guys pimp out Nevar Say Die! Compilation, Volume Two from Concatenation Records ( )
-RansomRath makes a request for one of his songs to be played ( )
-GDC ( )
-Speculation about Sonic 2 HD ( )

[65:52] Host Segment 5
-Wolf. Plainest. Title. Ever. ( )
-Mae points out to Kyle that you *can* overdose on cyanide (CN ), as it is a common ingredient in certain medicines, including use to lower blood pressure
-Larry jokes about the mythical marijuana overdose (though overdose is not proven to happen, effects of marijuana such as increased heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate could proove very dangerous, as well as the long term effects. ). Hey, try some cyanide with your marijuana ;p
-Zircon’s new drum sample set, Groove Bias, featuring many vintage sounds is now available. Donations made to OCReMixwith purchase. ( )
-Sixto Sounds = Love

[81:56] Host Segment 6
-MegaMan 9 vs MegaRan 9 ( )
-Kyle gives a “meh” to the MegaMan 9 Official Arrange Soundtrack ( )
-Props to Nick Crouse for a generous donation so Larry can buy some rims
-San Japan convention registration going on now ( )
-Larry dreams of being famous

[99:06] Host Segment 7
-Obligatory RPG hate
-Video game music and pro wrestling
-Kyle and Larry lament the vaporware status of Duke Nukem Forever
-Turbo on YouTube ( )

[125:38] {stinger}

1. OTOBEYA – Moon Over the Castle (Gran Turismo 4 GameBoy Version :: )

2. Demetori – Mega Man 3 Title Screen (arrangement from Megalomania – Dangerous Mezashi Cat Rockman Guitar Arrange CD :: )
3. Machinae Supremacy – Multiball (medley arrangement of songs from Pinball Dreams, Pinball Fantasies, Pinball Illusions :: )

4. analoq, Hemophiliac – FlowTropiks (arrangement from StarTropics :: )
5. The Megas – The Quick and the Blue (arrangement of ‘Quickman’ from Mega Man 2 :: )

6. Mattias Holmgren – Palace of Solomon (arrangement from Ys 2 :: )
7. XMark – Cyanide Overdose (arrangement of ‘Cyan’s Theme’ from Final Fantasy VI :: )

8. Ransom Rath – Metropolis Zone (Electrock Mix ) (Arrangement of ‘Metropolis Zone’ from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 :: )
9. TheoConfidor – Hunger of the Beast (arrangement from ‘Wolf’:: )

10. zircon, Sixto Sounds – Star Command (from the FITTEST Original Soundtrack :: )
11. Random, Samik – Splash Woman (arrangement of ‘Splash Woman’ from Mega Man 9 :: )

12. M-H – Androgynity Compromised (arrangement of ‘Blue Water, Blue Sky’ and ‘Till Next Time’ from Guilty Gear XX :: )
13. Motoi Sakuraba – Poacher (from Baten Kaitos II ~The First Wings and the Heirs of God~ Original Soundtrack :: )

14. Megadeth – Duke Nukem Theme (arrangement from Duke Nukem: Music To Score By :: )
15. Turbo – 100Hits (from ElectroRockv3 :: )



  1. what was the song at or near the end that sounded like mitsuyoshi singing?

    it didnt seem to be in the show notes.

  2. LOL, I like how you’re playing these OCR removed mixes in the background. I actually like a lot of them, personally.

    Anyway, good show, and great music! =}

  3. Great, now if anyone thinks that this week’s show notes suck, they’ll blame me instead of Kyle. Lucky day!

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