Molehill Mountain Episode 53 – Silly E3 Awards!


We discuss E3 2017 and hand out silly awards.

  • 0:00 – EA
  • 10:35 – Microsoft
  • 40:16 – Devolver Digital
  • 41:55 – Bethesda
  • 48:16 – PC
  • 52:21 – Ubisoft
  • 1:19:10 – Sony
  • 1:53:45 – Nintendo
  • 2:22:02 – Silly E3 Awards

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:49 PME. Zachary KnightHello Everyone. Happy E3

6:51 PMGFY AHHey Zac thanks
6:52 PMGFY AHHappy E3 to you

6:54 PMeathdemonamazon took the next step in becoming the 1 true megacorp lol

6:59 PMeathdemonI was more joking, but it should be clear why they are doing it

7:00 PMGFY AHI don’t know anything about that

7:00 PMWarren LewisHi all!

7:00 PMGFY AHHi everyone

7:00 PM13Ucubeit’s really bright in san diego

7:01 PM13Ucubesan diegons

7:02 PMeathdemonwell skip ea nother to talk about there

7:06 PMeathdemonmh worlds, on everything, but switch

7:07 PMeathdemonit has online, but its force splitscreen

7:07 PMLyricallyChello all

7:07 PMeathdemonits prison break the game

7:08 PMLyricallyCI think language will give it a M rated for A Way’s Out

7:09 PMLyricallyCrating i meant

7:09 PM13UcubeI’ve had more platinum points expire in my.nintendo than points i’ve spent

7:09 PMNightmare Ninjaare we talking about EA or?

7:09 PMNightmare NinjaOh wait

7:11 PMLyricallyCwhat was with the two sport guys and that miss hand slap

7:11 PMNightmare NinjaI can’t remember what happened in EA

7:11 PMWarren LewisHey guys

7:11 PMNightmare NinjaYo

7:13 PMLyricallyCNeed For Speed Payback did seem interesting

7:14 PMNightmare Ninjagames on the PC too

7:14 PMeathdemonthere are a few switch games. the pc gamming show had sevral that are also coming out on switch

7:14 PMLyricallyCI think since Nintendo did their indie direct earlier this year, they may have decided to focus more on bigger switch games

7:14 PMNightmare Ninjagood point

7:15 PM13Ucubei’m dyslexic and i kept calling it the xbox one box x

7:15 PMNightmare Ninjanot buying it as I can get these games on PC

7:16 PMGFY AHDo you think they’ll make another Golden Sun game?

7:16 PMNightmare Ninjadunno

7:16 PMeathdemonyup I own a high end pc, no reasson to buy a console

7:16 PMLyricallyCI’m calling it O.X.

7:16 PMNightmare NinjaPC and Switch for me

7:17 PMLyricallyCScorpio was just fine

7:17 PMGFY AHJust PC for me

7:17 PMNightmare Ninjathat’s cool

7:17 PMeathdemonthose prices will drop even more in the next year or so

7:18 PMNightmare Ninjafoe the new X-box?

7:18 PMNightmare Ninjaor games?

7:18 PMeathdemonthat being said as a pc gammer, I dont care for 4k. I am using 1080p/144hz monitor

7:18 PMNightmare Ninjasame

7:18 PMScottyJayManThis isn’t like going from CRT to plasma/LCD. That was a massive shift

7:18 PMLyricallyCI want to see install times on the system

7:19 PMGasKanOnFireI hear you Scotty. I went from a rear projector to a LCD.

7:20 PMNightmare NinjaI still have my DVDs

7:21 PMNightmare Ninjawho uses the DVD player feature on their PS system?

7:21 PMeathdemonxbox one x isnt ether, but it will be alot closer

7:21 PMLyricallyChow many times did microsoft say “exclusive” at the conference?

7:21 PMNightmare Ninjaalot

7:22 PMGasKanOnFirethey did fix the name X Box One X = XBOX

7:22 PMeathdemonwho uses a dvd/bluray player anymore? I stream everything

7:22 PMNightmare Ninjai love having DVD boxes

7:22 PMScottyJayManMaybe the Xbox x would be cheaper without the Ultrahd blu ray drive.

7:23 PMNightmare Ninjai still use my dvd/bluray player

7:23 PMGFY AHI still use DVDs my self

7:24 PMeathdemonmetro takes place in a world after a nucler war, looks to be the first metro above ground

7:24 PMLyricallyCI think the Metro Exodus Trailer wasn’t actual game play. Some people believe it was

7:24 PMNightmare Ninjaagree

7:24 PMNightmare NinjaI don’t think it is either

7:24 PMMixtape TroyAs a person who doesn’t enjoy FPS’, Metro is the best I’ve ever played.

7:24 PMeathdemonpast metro games have been in a rusian subways

7:25 PMMixtape TroyAngry bears and pirates!

7:25 PMeathdemonoh and bullets are money in the metro games

7:26 PMMixtape TroyYo Andrew – you ready to FUCK this car?

7:26 PMScottyJayManUnless the car can dodge a blue shell, I don’t care

7:26 PMNightmare Ninjalol

7:27 PMeathdemonthge issue with forza games is its a forza game nothing to show

7:27 PMLyricallyCits sad the BMW in mario kart 8 was better than this

7:27 PMGasKanOnFireDUDE did you not see how round those wheals were?

7:29 PMGasKanOnFireDrone Hawks confirmed.

7:29 PMMixtape TroyThere weren’t mini maps back then.

7:30 PMLyricallyCI feel like ACO is a non-tom clancy open world game

7:30 PMGFY AHDo they’ll still have mini maps?

7:30 PMLyricallyClike Ghost Recon WIldlands and Watchdogs 2

7:30 PMeathdemonnot in egypt ezk

7:31 PMScottyJayManIt would be better then what Trump does to 

7:31 PMeathdemoncats were worshiped

7:34 PMeathdemonpubg has sold over 3m aint just some battle royal game lol

7:35 PMLyricallyCThe last night looks really good

7:36 PMeathdemoncode vein is anime dark souls

7:36 PMRFCshowsAnd they expect me to preorder LUL

7:37 PM13UcubeSome of these press conferences were too uninteresting to even make a molehill out of

7:37 PMLyricallyCI hope Black Desert melee is more combo heavy in its controls (think DMC or Bayonetta)

7:37 PMGFY AHThat game looks great

7:38 PMGFY AHCuphead

7:38 PMNightmare Ninjai liked some of the games some of press conferences showed, not all.

7:39 PMeathdemonubisoft and its a 5v5 game

7:40 PMeathdemondont you have that with sid mirs pirates?

7:41 PMeathdemonwell ori is a very sad game

7:41 PMScottyJayManMinecraft will have cross play. Except Sony

7:42 PMeathdemon^^^^^

7:42 PMeathdemonrocket legue will have cross play too

7:42 PMLyricallyCwhat about original Xbox games coming this fall?

7:42 PMLyricallyCfrom the first gen

7:43 PMeathdemonit was very adult swim

7:43 PMGFY AHThat would be cool if the original Xbox games work

7:45 PMScottyJayManNope, you Americans cannot complain. The Nintendo event was 2am in Australia!

7:46 PMLyricallyCthe evil withing 2 and wolfenstein II trailer is good to watch

7:47 PMGFY AHvery sad

7:48 PMLyricallyCthey charged full price for the ps4 and xbox one remastered edition that came out last year

7:49 PMSausage Egg McGriddle

7:49 PMSausage Egg McGriddle

7:49 PMSausage Egg McGriddle

7:49 PMSausage Egg McGriddle

7:50 PMLyricallyCandrian? how did you feel about Bethesda doing a direct style showing?

7:51 PMScottyJayManBy 2 Stools, you mean chairs……right?

7:51 PMGasKanOnFireNew expansion for Xcom = mario + rabbids

7:51 PMNightmare Ninjayea

7:52 PMeathdemonxcom 2 xpack and a advance wars style game

7:55 PMeathdemonif it aint broke dont fix it, if it works for xcom dont change it

7:56 PMGasKanOnFireTalk about a 180 turn around on perception on mario + rabbids

7:57 PMGasKanOnFiremost people were $h1itting on that game, at least now people sound like they are going to give it a fair shot.

7:58 PMScottyJayManThe Servbots from Megaman Legends are the best

8:05 PM13UcubeI thought that one looked really cool. i’d buy that game

8:06 PMScottyJayManJust dance 18 is coming out for the Wii!

8:06 PMLyricallyCshe’s a new pop artist. She has some hits on the radio

8:07 PM13UcubeAM radio

8:08 PM13UcubeHere’s a question: What is it that makes Amiibo successful where the toys to life fail??

8:10 PMLyricallyCIt would be cool to have a the Spike’s ship from Cowboy Bebop for the game

8:10 PMMixtape TroyThe characters are interesting @13Ucube

8:13 PM13Ucubeits a cult

8:13 PM13Ucubeits like that red state movie that john goodman was in

8:14 PMBella theDancerHi

8:15 PMGasKanOnFireI don’t think that those crazy red necks would have those millennial hair cuts.

8:16 PM13Ucubei hate to say, i don’t even know what systems the original beyond game was on

8:17 PMAndrew EisenGamecube, Xbox and PS2.

8:17 PMGasKanOnFireyup

8:18 PM13Ucubesince we evolved from grappling space monkeys, we learned how to say m effrs less

8:18 PMGasKanOnFireI have it in my GC collection. I guess I will need to replay it.

8:25 PMMixtape TroyWhat game are they talking about?

8:27 PMeathdemonmh worlds not coming to switch, but coming to ps4,xb1 and pc

8:27 PMeathdemonso losing the switch is a far trade

8:27 PMeathdemonits also a full open world too

8:29 PMGasKanOnFirecapcom still quite on localization of Monster Hunter double cross for switch.

8:31 PMLyricallyCwhy not just buy the japanese version (which I think some will)

8:32 PMeathdemonalso mh world is being localized by 8-4

8:35 PMeathdemonwould rather have a sequal

8:37 PMLyricallyCso much hate for MvC Infinite

8:38 PMAndrew EisenWhy the hate?

8:41 PMGasKanOnFireThanks for shout out. I don’t remember them announcing this previously, but they are localizing Monster Hunter Stories.

8:41 PMLyricallyCbecause of missing marvel characters and the art style of Capcom character eyes.

8:41 PM13UcubeYou can’t catch a North American Virtual Console release

8:45 PMLyricallyCHope the add some Neverending story vibes in this game

8:45 PMLyricallyCfor god of war

8:46 PM13UcubeAfter Detroit presentation ended: I remembered thinking “This reveal could have gone differently”

8:48 PM13UcubeYou play the rest of the game feeling guilty

8:50 PM13UcubeAre we really TWO HOURS in without evening bringing up Nintendo

8:51 PMeathdemonspiderman has too many qtes for my taste

8:55 PM13Ucubenot in 2017

8:55 PM13Ucubeyou will emotionally scar an adult gamer

8:56 PM13Ucubewe know the big reveal is: Andrew isn’t excited

8:56 PMTrilinkhey! Nintendo time !

8:58 PMMixtape TroyI noticed it too, Andrew

8:58 PMMixtape TroyIt looks pretty terrible.

8:58 PMGFY AHKirby looks good but i still love Kirby super star on the snes

8:59 PMMixtape TroyVery slow combat and a very weird mechanic with the driver stuff.

8:59 PMTrilinkhave you read the latest Takashi (Monolith CEO and director of the game) interview? he made an off hand comment, (sounded jokingly) that hhe was worriied that he wouldn’t meet the worldwide release

9:01 PMMikalah Cornejohey


9:02 PMMixtape TroyHate to be pessimistic, but I was quite dissapointed that Yoshi and Kirby looks so samey.

9:02 PMGasKanOnFireBlew my mind that Nintendo is using the unreal 4 for their own games.

9:03 PMeathdemonthat was a reaction to the direct

9:03 PMeathdemonits also, not retro making it……



9:04 PMeathdemonsadly most likely another dk game

9:04 PMGasKanOnFireDid the purple goop in zelda BOTW remind them of the phazon in the other prime games?

9:05 PMTrilinkstill don’t believe they should of announced their working on pokemon or Metroid Prime 4 without any actual footage to show :\

9:05 PMeathdemonthe studio behind that made a bad 2d ccastlevania game on the ds, so……

9:05 PMMixtape TroyEveryone hates Castlevania Mirror of Fate but me

9:06 PMeathdemonand am2r seems to be a better version odf it

9:06 PMMixtape TroyAnd of course, idiots STILL complain about no Melee HD and Animal Crossing

9:06 PMGasKanOnFireI liked that 3ds castlevania game

9:07 PMMixtape TroyMe too Andrew!

9:08 PMTrilinktrue, I think they should of shown the 3ds metroid. Think that would of have been enough to tide over fans.

9:09 PMGasKanOnFireheard Yoshi 2018 was made in Unreal 4.

9:11 PMGFY AHYoshi 64 lol

9:12 PMMixtape TroyThe HUD looks bland and beta too

9:13 PMTrilinkfire emblem is on paper is the best Nintendo candidate for a warriors game because its always been based on fighting actual bandits/wars across kingdoms

9:14 PMTrilinkalthough the most annoying thing is the devs were worried about including too many sword users and only proceeds to shown sword users in the game :\

9:15 PMMixtape TroyA name and more plastic

9:16 PMGFY AHlol

9:16 PMTrilinkBTW the new Samus/Metroid amiibo looks absolutly gorgeous

9:16 PMGasKanOnFirebought it already.

9:18 PM13Ucubethe 2 pack is 29.99

9:18 PMGasKanOnFirepee stand is back for erbose amiibo

9:18 PMeathdemonI blame nintendo fans for amibos……

9:19 PMLyricallyCever oasis

9:19 PMGasKanOnFiredont forget goomba and koopa for the remake of superstar.

9:19 PMeathdemonrocket legue is cross plau with pc and xb1 as well, so sony is chosing to be the odd man out

9:20 PM13UcubeThe will show a number 4

9:20 PMGasKanOnFirenintendo not odd man out for once WHAT!!!!

9:20 PMTrilinkI’m really hoping they include the bunny ears hat/mask from Majoras Mask in Rocket League

9:22 PMLyricallyCthe trailer music is fantastic

9:23 PMGasKanOnFirehopefully those rocket cars will have the stache

9:25 PMeathdemonnintendo seems to be on a dreamcast kick first with splatoon= jet set radio, and mario= sonic adventure

9:25 PMGasKanOnFirebut acronym is X.B.O.X.

9:26 PM13UcubeThe WTF award goes to EA

9:27 PMGFY AHThe i don’t care award xD

9:27 PMTrilinkBest Music Award = Nintendo – Super Mario Odyssey Theme Song

9:29 PMGasKanOnFiredat cup head

9:29 PMSolsunaDevolver Digital had a pretty nasty conference, they should get the WTF award

9:30 PMTrilinkMost Cringeworthy Presentation – E3

9:30 PMTrilink*EA

9:30 PMGasKanOnFirei saw that devolver confrence too.

9:31 PMGasKanOnFireMan that was some bad acting.

9:32 PM13UcubeThe Toys to Death award.

9:33 PM13UcubeMinecraft


9:34 PMTrilinkWho Wore Mario’s Cap Best Award = T-Rex

9:35 PMGasKanOnFirei vote rabbids

9:35 PM13UcubeThe Crowd will Cheer at anything award goes to Microsoft as well

9:36 PMTrilinkBest Brutal Perfomance In A Video Game Award – Mr Yubuki (Arms Producer) –

9:37 PMGasKanOnFireOnly if u can gut the fish.

9:37 PMGasKanOnFireIN VR!

9:38 PMGasKanOnFirecalling it WII will sell the best.

9:39 PMGasKanOnFireI got destroyed on the test punch..

9:40 PMTrilinkI would of thought the opposite Zachary? I always assumed game developers would be some of the best players at their own game.

9:41 PMGasKanOnFireWait. but you can use the amiibo in the regular game too

9:43 PMGFY AHRe Tree Sawad everyone 

9:46 PMGasKanOnFireGG

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