Molehill Mountain Episode 52 – E3 Already?!


E3 starts earlier and earlier every year.

No topic timestamps this week as it’s a solo show. Andrew spends the first half an hour moaning about how boring EA’s press conference was then spends the back half about Black Panther and Wonder Woman.

If you missed Saturday’s live broadcast of Molehill Mountain, you can watch the video replay on YouTube. Alternatively, you can catch audio versions of the show on iTunes.

Molehill Mountain streams live at 7p PST every Saturday night on RandomTower!

Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use.  Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:58 PM13Ucubeall the lonely people. where do they all belong

7:58 PMGFY AHHey Andrew

7:59 PMGFY AHhey cube

7:59 PM13Ucubehey

7:59 PMJoshua Bowmanhi

7:59 PMGFY AHwhat do think about E3?

7:59 PMeathdemonwhats up?

8:00 PMGFY AHhi Joshua

8:00 PMeathdemonEA’s press conference was capital B boring

8:00 PMScottyJayManAndrew with all your anime, you’re never alone

8:00 PMGFY AHwhat up eathdemon

8:01 PM13Ucubei was totally unaware too

8:01 PMeathdemonit was sports and battlefront

8:01 PM13UcubeNintendo won e3 and they haven’t even gone yet

8:01 PMeathdemontomarow will be inteasting though. ms a befesda

8:02 PMBornDistractedAtari will be the big winners lol…

8:03 PMScottyJayManNow the PC gaming show, that would put anyone to sleep.

8:03 PMeathdemonI this its the same for everyone here

8:03 PMGFY AHEA is not my thing

8:03 PM13UcubeI still want someone to resurrect lucasarts and go back and make more rogue squadron and the REAL battlefront

8:04 PMRamsteinI liked three things from the EA show: A Way Out, Need For Speed and Battlefront 2 gameplay+trailers I’m a fan of Battlefield but not so much BF1

8:04 PMScottyJayManA breakdown of the EA conference. Sport, sport, sport, sport, sport, sport, Star Wars, sport, sport, sport……..

8:04 PMScottyJayManDid I I mention sport?

8:05 PMJoshua Bowmanno I think u forgot

8:05 PMBornDistractedea is like the mtv of video game companys

8:06 PMeathdemonidc the last sports game I played was nfl/nba street

8:07 PMkratos3821they should’ve hire deicide for all the musical bits on the presentation

8:07 PM13Ucubewii sport resort

8:07 PMVictor Mourchedthose other conferences are some good distraction as I wait for some NINTENDO GREATNESS

8:07 PM13UcubeMadden, like you’ve never seen it…IN SAND

8:07 PMNightmare Ninjawhat did i miss?

8:07 PMWillian Almeidais braazilll

8:08 PMWillian Almeidahay

8:08 PM13Ucubezach isn’t here. ea discussion about e3

8:08 PMNightmare Ninjaoh

8:08 PMWillian Almeidahay

8:08 PMGFY AHHey Willian

8:08 PMNightmare Ninjahi

8:09 PMRamsteinthe poor youtuber guy either got nervous or the teleprompter failed lol

8:09 PMGFY AHhey Ninja

8:10 PMeathdemonit wasnt targeted at us

8:10 PMRamsteinAt least EA is embracing the fact that streamers are free publicity, unlike The Big “N” that DMCA’s everything everywhere lol

8:10 PMNightmare NinjaStarwars was the highlight for me

8:10 PMRamsteinOne of the best Battlefield 2 expansions was “night maps” (which had a lot of other stuff but the night thing was cool)

8:11 PMNightmare NinjaI was reading a book until something interesting happened

8:11 PMNightmare NinjaYes I have a new profile pic

8:12 PMNightmare Ninjaso I missed half the stream

8:12 PMRamsteinthe Kobe of soccer basically

8:13 PMRamsteinlol

8:14 PMRamsteinMen In Blazers are sports youtubers I guess? 

8:14 PMeathdemonthat who thing was for the eu people, not the us people

8:14 PMRamsteinthe purposely-failed high-five thing was lame

8:14 PMNightmare NinjaI didn’t see that

8:15 PMeathdemonno he is a fake person, he is the player

8:15 PMNightmare NinjaI was bored

8:16 PMNightmare Ninjayay….?

8:17 PMeathdemonnfs is the unofficial fast and furios the game

8:18 PMeathdemonthe last nefs that was good, was nfs underground 2

8:19 PMeathdemonalso he isnt a native english speaker’

8:20 PM13UcubeI’m totally with nintendo. Record a Demonstration and use E3 to just play games with treehouse

8:21 PMNightmare NinjaI was talking about the EA stream

8:22 PMeathdemonthey said gameplay at ms event

8:22 PMEric Bosemanshout out

8:23 PMNightmare NinjaI don’t remember any of this

8:24 PMBornDistracteddid they show that in 720p 4k?…

8:24 PM13Ucuberiiiiidge raaacer

8:24 PMeathdemononly ms and sony seem to do compatent events\

8:26 PMeathdemonI am still no galactic conquest mode, no buy

8:26 PMRamsteinYeah it was funny they mentioned people wanted a campaign and they showed multiplayer lol

8:26 PMeathdemonyes I am bitter

8:26 PM13Ucubenot just you. i don’t care

8:27 PMNightmare Ninjasame

8:27 PMTheRiverAnduinI expect no major third party support for Switch from Activision EA and Ubisoft.

8:27 PMRamsteinCould I post the purposely-missed high-five gif link?

8:28 PM13Ucubewe want a game that has at least as much content as THE FLIPPIN PS2 version

8:28 PMNightmare Ninjatrue

8:28 PMRamsteinI think the reason they put streamers/youtubers on display is because they are embracing the free publicity of streaming games

8:28 PMBornDistractedlol

8:30 PMNightmare NinjaI don’t remember the streamerd

8:30 PMNightmare Ninjastreamers

8:31 PM13Ucubeso how long ago did battlefield 1 come out

8:31 PMRamsteinI recognized one of the YouTubers (StoneMountain64) he puts out funny gaming/comedy stuff but that’s about it.

8:31 PMNightmare NinjaDoes anyone remember the name of streamers?

8:31 PMRamsteinYes 

8:31 PMNightmare NinjaI don’t remember

8:32 PMNightmare NinjaWho?

8:32 PMNightmare NinjaWho is Ijustine?

8:32 PMBornDistractedis she from Disney?

8:32 PMGFY AHlol

8:32 PMRamsteinI’ve seen GoldenBoy a few times, he’s a well known eSports commentator. Decent dude.

8:33 PM13Ucubeshe got free stuff from Miyamoto

8:33 PMNightmare Ninjalol

8:33 PMeathdemonI watch the even with TB and his wife snarking all over the event

8:33 PMJoshua Bowmanlmao

8:33 PM13Ucubeunless its kittens

8:33 PMBornDistractedwhats your anime expression?

8:34 PMJoshua BowmanAndrew wilson

8:34 PMNightmare NinjaI stopped watching after that

8:34 PMNightmare NinjaMy face was my profile image.

8:35 PMVictor MourchedAndrew, how hyped you are for the nintendo stuff?

8:35 PMNightmare Ninjawhen I saw EA’s stream

8:35 PMeathdemonms has confirmed theirs will be over 90 minutes

8:35 PMRamsteinIt’s Andrew 

8:35 PMRamsteinlol

8:36 PM13Ucubeisn’t he the guy that masturbates for his family?

8:36 PMSeiruff​Message deleted by Andrew Eisen.View deleted message

8:37 PMeathdemonNintendo is too short, it worries me onl 30 minutes

8:37 PMNightmare NinjaMy face was my profile image when I was watching EA’s stream

8:38PM Seiruff was banned by Andrew Eisen.

8:39 PMNightmare NinjaHeadline

8:39 PMVictor MourchedYea I agree, we’re talking 30 minutes with no filler, I hope

8:39 PMScottyJayManI miss muppet iwata

8:40 PM13Ucube30minutes without bill trinnen donuts

8:40 PMNightmare Ninjaawwww

8:40 PMeathdemonstill anoyed at them for that. wtf is it not on the switch as well

8:41 PMScottyJayManAll Nintendo needs is MOTHER 3!!!

8:41 PMNightmare NinjaOh god no

8:42 PMNightmare Ninjai SAW THAT

8:42 PMBornDistractedmaybe Nintendo is waiting to get more switches out before they release pokemon

8:42 PMNightmare NinjaNooooooooooooooooooo@

8:42 PMGFY AHtoo much Pokemon for me xD

8:42 PMeathdemongata get your video out sooner

8:43 PM13UcubeThey will release mother 3 as soon as mother 6 in japan

8:43 PMNightmare Ninjalol

8:44 PMNightmare Ninjadetective pikachu was good, andew

8:44 PMNightmare NinjaAndrew

8:44 PM13Ucubeyour vid with your sis was greatr

8:44 PMScottyJayManI’m waiting for Phoenix wright/Law and order SVU crossover.

8:44 PMNightmare Ninjaah nice

8:45 PMNightmare Ninjathat pic i agree Andrew

8:45 PMNightmare Ninjayes

8:46 PMScottyJayManHave you seen Wonder Woman yet?

8:46 PMNightmare NinjaI’m looking forward to your debut video

8:46 PMNightmare Ninjadetective pikachu I had a hard time playing

8:47 PMBornDistracteddid u see it in dolby vision?

8:47 PMNightmare NinjaI want to see Wonder Woman

8:48 PMNightmare NinjaI’m surprised that you noticed my new profile image

8:49 PM13Ucubethe gamecube wind waker made me want to point a sail in a direction and go to bed for a bit

8:50 PMNightmare Ninjalol

8:50 PMRamsteinhaha yeah

8:50 PMRamsteinmaybe they killed the people who stumbled upon it

8:50 PMNightmare Ninjamaybe

8:50 PMBornDistractedgilligans island?

8:50 PMNightmare Ninjalol

8:51 PMGFY AHCube do you have a WiiU?

8:51 PMeathdemondoesnt magic protect it? even in justice legue people dont run in to it/fly over it

8:51 PMVictor Mourchedthe greek god of war is a british guy with a little mustache lol

8:51 PMNightmare Ninjalol

8:51 PM13Ucubeyes. and I made a great video review of it

8:52 PM13UcubeI love my wii u

8:52 PMNightmare Ninjai also have a Wii U

8:53 PM13Ucubei don’t really think the video is “great” but its like the only vid that got a ton of views

8:53 PMBornDistractedis wonderwoman coming to the switch

8:53 PMGFY AHI don’t have a WiiU

8:53 PMNightmare NinjaOWWW

8:53 PM13UcubeIf you can get one, I would buy one

8:54 PMNightmare NinjaI don’t like that one either Andrew

8:54 PM13Ucubei think it will be nintendo’s last backwards compatible console

8:55 PMScottyJayManIt come to Netflix someday so yes

8:55 PM13Ucubesorry, i got asked a question

8:55 PMScottyJayManU.K. Election

8:55 PMNightmare Ninjaah okay

8:56 PMGFY AHThe only games i like on the WiiU was Smash & New Super Mario Bro U

8:56 PM13Ucubewhat does patreon do

yay money!
8:57 PMScottyJayManAnything that will get you closer to getting a switch….. For review stuff is course

8:57 PM13Ucubei keep hearing all these youtubers talking about

8:57 PMRamsteinIt’s a donation thing haha

8:57 PM13Ucubeit looks like a doctor mario pill

8:58 PMRamsteinI just got charged so it should work 

8:58 PMVictor MourchedAndrew are you a fan of Shovel Knight? did you play the dlc campaigns?

8:58 PM13Ucubewhy is the pill slowly getting darker

8:58 PMNightmare Ninjai saw that

8:58 PMBornDistractedwould you settle for anime I’m place of cash? lol…

8:58 PMRamsteinthey call it a “Super Chat” on YouTube

8:59 PMRamsteinmy firs time doing it so I was curious lol

9:01 PMAdrian Valenzuela,jiokikiii

9:01 PMNightmare NinjaBye Andrew

9:01 PMRamsteinThanks for the show! Have a good one 

9:01 PMGFY AHRe Tree Sawad everyone

9:01 PM13Ucubeday butt review

9:02 PM13Ucubesee you gfy

9:02 PMAdrian Valenzuelajjjjjjjmjnjnjnsrxdtxdg hubbub

9:02 PMAdrian Valenzuelagood

9:02 PMBornDistractedmay the force be with you and live long and prosper…

9:02 PMGFY AHsee u cube

9:02 PMAdrian Valenzuelafu

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