Molehill Mountain Episode 208 – Two Generations Behind


You can have portable Monster Hunter but it’s going to look like it came out in 2013!

  • 0:18 – Ubisoft, a company that for years has knowingly harbored and protected abusers and sexual predators, changes Gods & Monsters’ name due to a trademark dispute with Monster Energy
  • 8:42 – Microsoft’s selling points for its new Xbox are weird
  • 27:11 – Sony had another PS5 games presentation. There was even some gameplay!
  • 1:08:12 – Two new Monster Hunter games are on their way to the Switch but I only care about one so that’s the one I’m gonna talk about

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:08 PMKageNekoSamaxi just came in :v

7:08 PMS.O. BEASTwhats up andrew,what did you think about monster hunter rise?

7:09 PMKageNekoSamaxi have two accounts, this one was created by youtube automatically 😆

7:09 PMLynndy Leejust woke up so feeling kinda dazed and dunno what to say

7:10 PMLynndy Leesleepy

7:12 PMScrungle himmingworthdemons souls remastered

7:14 PMmatthew wilsonits the equvlent of moving a game from a hdd to sdd, its going to load faster, but its not built to take advantage of ssd

7:15 PMKageNekoSamaxwell pc gamers get SSD usually for a around that cost if it is a good one

7:15 PMScrungle himmingworthI just stated why i would drop $500 turn a new console

7:16 PMScrungle himmingworthbut I’m hyped to hear your opinion on both xbone and sony

7:16 PMmatthew wilsonthere are no games built for those new systems yet, even spiderman is coming out on ps4

7:17 PMKageNekoSamaxwhat about games like dayz

7:17 PMmatthew wilsonits useful if you have a freind that asked you to jump in to mp

7:18 PMSusanne Christlol Eisen doing it the “proper” way

7:18 PMtwistedideasi wouldn’t do it for 4 games at once but it’s a feature that I would like a lot

7:18 PMmatthew wilsonif you want to see a true nextgen game check out flight sim

7:20 PMmatthew wilsonits just dumping ram to ssd, the only restyrictions are storage space

7:20 PMSnowyI think most of the new xbox games are coming to pc too right? I don’t really have a reason to get it

7:20 PMmatthew wilsonrestriction

7:21 PMScrungle himmingwortha new crysis game is coming out

7:21 PMScrungle himmingworththey’re bragging that no computer right now can run it at max

7:22 PMtwistedideasi hope people aren’t using skype

7:22 PMScrungle himmingworthI’m your friend Andrew, or I atleast think I am

7:22 PMKageNekoSamaxthat feature on a handheld would be nuts

7:23 PMSusanne Christit’s almost been a year. other dude doing ok? lol kids didnt eat him did they?

7:24 PMmatthew wilsonthe quick resume is simply a ram dump to ssd, the only restriction is storage space

7:25 PMaddictedtochaosJust found this podcast is now available on Amazon music. Listening to Andrew at half speed makes him sound very drunk, lol.

7:25 PMScrungle himmingworthOh and Anthony Burch is working on the newest god of war

7:25 PMScrungle himmingworthand people are losing their minds

7:26 PMtwistedideashahaha

7:26 PMScrungle himmingworthAnthony has terrible writing

7:26 PMSusanne Christlmao who?! xD

7:26 PMScrungle himmingworthAnthony Burch is a guy from gearbox who worked on borderlands 2.

7:27 PMScrungle himmingworthhe promptly grew a massive ego ans shat on alot of people in the gaming industry and then you know, lost his job

7:27 PMScrungle himmingworththe whole running joke about him is that they say “it could be worse, atleast you arent Anthony Burch”

7:28 PMSusanne Christlol like the Philip guy

7:30 PMaddictedtochaosVisually FF 16 looked boring.


7:32 PMSusanne Christlooked like the freaking witcher

7:32 PMSusanne Christthe witcher sucks

7:32 PMScrungle himmingworththe witcher is good

7:32 PMScrungle himmingworthamazing story

7:32 PMSusanne Christworst…game…ever

7:33 PMScrungle himmingworthno

7:33 PMScrungle himmingworthu

7:33 PMScrungle himmingworthbut it’s not for everyone, I understand that

7:33 PMSusanne Christit’s so boring

7:33 PMKageNekoSamaxfor a presentation is kinda good but if you should be able to skip

7:35 PMaddictedtochaosHave you played Spider-Man for PS4?

7:35 PMKageNekoSamaxgood old meme of PS fans just watching the TV with popcorn comes back

7:36 PMScrungle himmingworthJK Rowling went too woke, I’m honestly surprised she didn’t go crazy sooner

7:37 PMScrungle himmingworthbut back on topic, the ps4 Spider-Man game really does look like the old ps2 Spider-Man game, and I absolutely love it

7:38 PMaddictedtochaosOh yeah, next gen I’m taking your approach to game prices.

7:38 PMScrungle himmingworthyohoho

7:39 PMKageNekoSamaxscripted sequences are great, but if we get an open script sequence with many choices that would be better i guess

7:39 PMScrungle himmingworthscripted sequences are good for showing off the games mechanics well, but too many of them can get tired

7:40 PMScrungle himmingwortha game that does scripted events pretty well is the half life series

7:40 PMSnowyI’m sad they got the dragon’s dogma guy for the new final fantasy, I was hoping for a sequel.

7:41 PMScrungle himmingworthits special edition because you can play as vergil

7:41 PMScrungle himmingworthand all my friends are going crazy, and honestly so did I

7:41 PMaddictedtochaosI think they just added ray tracing to DMC 5

7:42 PMPassTheGrenadePleaseWhat do you think of the price increase for games going 60 to 70, is buying a game at 70 a tough pill to swallow for you

7:43 PMScrungle himmingworth$70 for a video game now? no thanks

7:45 PMScrungle himmingworthhaha yeah you gotta play the games, and yes hes Dante’s brother

7:45 PMKageNekoSamaxyeah i don’t know why inflation didn’t caught up intil now

7:45 PMtwistedideasyes, it’s his brother

7:46 PMaddictedtochaosI will pay $60 but I’m not paying $70. I will simply wait for a sale or price drop.

7:47 PMLynndy Leeyou’d think during a global pandemic, companies would be nicer and charge less

7:47 PMSnowy$70 is too much, triple A devs aren’t exactly going broke either with all the dlc nowadays.

7:47 PMScrungle himmingworthmaybe back then when companies cared about quality, I would say buy at launch

7:47 PMKageNekoSamaxDark souls II had some good glitches that helped early buyers 😆

7:47 PMScrungle himmingworthbut with how garbo games have been as of late, yeah don’t buy at launch

7:48 PMaddictedtochaosI would be willing to pay $70 if it guaranteed a complete game at launch with no loot boxes or micro transactions.

7:49 PMSnowyIt costs that much and my left joycon still has massive drift.

7:50 PMKageNekoSamaxGood old non existent inflation 😆

7:50 PMtwistedideaswhat’s nice with the ps4 is that the remote for my Sony TV can control the menus on the PS4

7:51 PMScrungle himmingworthI despise THAT mentality, just release a game that isnt riddled with bugs.

7:52 PMaddictedtochaosThe ability to patch is nice but too many use it as a crutch.

7:53 PMSnowyIt all started with horse armor…

7:53 PMKageNekoSamaxdepends on the features. right now the only games where you could see your money orth is those with constant updates

7:56 PMScrungle himmingworthwe don’t talk about the horse armor

7:56 PMScrungle himmingworthAWWWWWW YEAH DEMONS SOULS

7:56 PMScrungle himmingworthbut I feel like they’re gonna change too much that made the game fun

7:57 PMScrungle himmingworthplease, just add quality of life changes and leave most of the game untouched, PLEASE

7:58 PMtwistedideasthere were only one or two that i haven’t played or bought from the PS+ collection

8:00 PMSnowyI’m worried about the move to digital and games as a service. I don’t think a disc drive costs as much as they’re asking, but they want to move to digital for higher profits and have more control.

8:00 PMaddictedtochaosPhysical forever

8:00 PMKageNekoSamaxwith i had that much space to store my games

8:01 PMKageNekoSamaxbut also like a lot the fact that i can access my game from almost anywhere in the world

8:02 PMaddictedtochaosI can’t independently verify this, but from what I heard the early preorders was Walmart’s fault. They jumped the gun and everyone else had to follow.

8:04 PMtwistedideasis LittleBigPlanet ps5 exclusive?

8:05 PMKageNekoSamaxDisgaea 6 demn… i need to get a switch now

8:07 PMKageNekoSamaxoh yeah that excessive DRM sucks

8:07 PMAndrew EisenWalmart Ruins E3:…

8:08 PMPassTheGrenadePleaseGravity Rush is so damn good

8:09 PMSnowy🤢

8:09 PMaddictedtochaosWell MH Stories is intended for kids.

8:11 PMtwistedideasCapcom has a fighting game tournament series called Capcom Ultimate Match

8:12 PMtwistedideasor something called that

8:14 PMSnowyIt could be better but I’m looking forward to cooping it.

8:15 PMKageNekoSamaxI mean i love classic MH games and they always looked bad but i loved the amount of features

8:21 PMtwistedideasI had a friend buy the same game twice just to get on the switch then proceed to play it for an hour

8:23 PMSnowyI’m just sad the palamute plush is a Japan only thing.

8:27 PMKageNekoSamaxprobably the pandemic

8:27 PMtwistedideaswas it the bad guy from Jem and the Holograms

8:28 PMLynndy Leeunlikely, Zipper is still rotting in jail

8:28 PMSnowyGnight!

8:28 PMKageNekoSamaxsee ya around good night

8:28 PMPassTheGrenadePleaseGood night

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