Nitro Game Injection #426: All About the Commodores


This Commodore-heavy episode explores new tracks from both AmigaRemix and KWED, as well as some C64-inspired works from OverClocked ReMix, a lot of Mega Man, and all sorts of other game music arrangements for your listening pleasure!

WillRock – Nitroglycerin Injection (Theme of KNGI :: Bandcamp)
Lacey Johnson – THE BADDEST [K/DA] (League of Legends [PC] :: YouTube)

Nestalgica – Hell March (Command & Conquer: Red Alert [PC] :: YouTube)
Ferdk – I’ll Face Myself -Battle- (Persona 4 [PS2] :: YouTube)
Dinnick the 3rd – Wrapped in Black (Sonic Rush [NDS] :: YouTube)

Andromeda – Thesmophoria [Freedom To Love] (Project-X [AMI] :: AmigaRemix)
teo – DeNitro Edit (242 [AMI DEMO] :: AmigaRemix)
Slaygon – meow! (Drunk Cat [AMI] :: AmigaRemix)

OverClocked University – Femmes Fatales (Street Fighter II, Street Fighter IV [ARC] :: OverClocked Records)
Metal Fortress – Main Theme (Super Mario 64 [N64] :: YouTube)
Andross – TT’s Theme (Diddy Kong Racing [N64] :: GameChops)

Eino Keskitalo – One Must Fall 2064 (One Must Fall 2097 [PC] :: OverClocked ReMix)
Leandro Abreu, Leo Quintão, Helton Lima, Marco Lima, André Pastore – Gravidade (Mega Man 5 [NES] :: OverClocked ReMix)
Glyn R Brown – Galaheart’s Journey (Firelord [C64] :: OverClocked ReMix)

The Consouls, benciomusic – Air Man (Mega Man 2 [NES] :: YouTube)
J-MUSIC Acoustic – Kass’s Theme (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [SWI] :: YouTube)
Extra Lives – Cosmo Plant (Gradius III [SNES] :: YouTube)

Makke – Futurepop mix (Amyloid [C64] :: KWED)
Johan Andersson – Central Park Loader [sim live mix] (Last Ninja 2 [PC] :: KWED)
Carl Larsson – Barbarian [Remix64 v2] (Barbarian [C64] :: KWED)

Project Genesis – Pursuit (Cadillacs And Dinosaurs [ARC] :: YouTube)
Vurez – The Desert World of Motavia (Phantasy Star IV [GEN] :: Artist website)
Emi Jones, Trey Nobles – Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes [XBOX/PS2/GCN] :: YouTube)

Thennecan, salomeanjari, Barbara Usagi & Gabriel Vizcarra – Makenai Ai Ga Kitto Aru (Mega Man X4 [PS1/SAT] :: Bandcamp)
itsRavey – Astronomiia (Mii Channel Music) but it’s the Nintendo Theme (Mii Channel [WII] :: SiIvaGunner)

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