Molehill Mountain Episode 181 – LEGO My Mario

LEGO Mario is neat but it’s not for me. And not just because I believe I’ll ultimately find it grossly overpriced.

  • 2:14 – LEGO Super Mario is neat, even if it’s not for me
  • 29:56 – What does the cancellation of E3 mean for the future of the show

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:00 PMaddictedtochaoshello

7:00 PMjordan thompsonhi

7:00 PMaddictedtochaoshope everyone had a better week than me, been sick most of the week

7:00 PMjordan thompsonthe body snatching kind of pods???

7:02 PMaddictedtochaosit is also Pi day so have some pie

7:02 PMmatthew wilsonso how do you like working from home

7:02 PMmatthew wilsonI assume your company is doing wfh?

7:03 PMjordan thompsoncant wait to see the molehill mountain podcast from a bomb shelter

7:04 PMjordan thompsoncant wait to hear about the Lego Mario production delayed

7:05 PMaddictedtochaoswould rather have gotten a Lego Mario game for Switch

7:06 PMjordan thompsonI found a Mario luffa, rubbing a fat Italian man on my body to clean myself sounds more dirty than its advertived

7:06 PMaddictedtochaosi have a feeling they are going to be more expensive than most people think they should be

7:08 PMjordan thompsonaddictedtochoas its lego of course its gonna be 100 bucks average

7:09 PMaddictedtochaosthat was me

7:11 PMaddictedtochaosyeah, i miss the days when games were released in completed state

7:12 PMjordan thompson1 2 switch still retails at gamestop for 40+ dollars HAHAHA

7:14 PMaddictedtochaossome will drop eventually once they do a round of Nintendo Selects

7:15 PMaddictedtochaosNIntendo Selects are $19.99

7:15 PMjordan thompsoni wonder if nintendo still does the nasty tasting cards for newer games

7:15 PMaddictedtochaosMy local Wal-Mart has Mario Odyssey for $50

7:15 PMSusanne Christhiii andrew!!! and others 🙂

7:16 PMjordan thompsonDO IT ANDREW!?! TASTE THAT PLASTIC

7:16 PMaddictedtochaosNintendo Selects have been around since the Wii days

7:16 PMScrungle Humingsworthhello I’m late

7:17 PMScrungle Humingsworthwhats the current topic?

7:17 PMSusanne Christnitendo lol

7:17 PMaddictedtochaosi have a few of them on the WIi

7:17 PMaddictedtochaosit was Players’s Choice on GameCube

7:18 PMScrungle Humingsworthnice, also since this pandemic has everyone shut down, I can finally play games I never got around to playing. woohoo

7:18 PMSusanne Christlol always look on the bright side!

7:18 PMaddictedtochaosthey would have Yellow on the spine for GameCube

7:18 PMjordan thompsonI dont mean to be that guy but at the current moment in still more impressed with Mario Knex once more comes out I’ll be able to have a more refined opinion

7:19 PMSusanne Christour courts shut down until april 13th.

7:20 PMSusanne Christlol all introverts WOOOHOOO A LEGIT EXCUSE

7:20 PMaddictedtochaosi’ve been social distancing for decades

7:20 PMScrungle Humingsworthnormies – how are we gonna stay inside 24/7?!

7:20 PMScrungle Humingsworthshitposters and introverts – *laughing in introvertness*

7:21 PMjordan thompsonI find supplies hoarding funny, if it all blows over youve got a ton of supplies for no reason, if it hits the fan the military will roll in a take people from their homes into a camp unable to us it

7:22 PMSusanne Christwhy would the military shove us all into a small enclosed area when we have an airborne illness O.O THATS my night.are

7:23 PMScrungle HumingsworthAndrew I’ll trade you some toilet paper for some ration cards

7:23 PMjordan thompsona controlled populas is less dangerous, separate the sick from the healthy

7:24 PMScrungle Humingsworthits a jungle of hate down there, I rather not have to use tape

7:24 PMjordan thompsonhow about go out and grab some leaves like the cavemen did

7:26 PMSusanne Christthis is gonna make bidgets popular in the western world haha

7:27 PMjordan thompsonif kiddie nightlights went massively out of stock we’d all have a good laugh

7:28 PMjordan thompsonwhat is one item that if went out of stock fast would turn your head

7:28 PMScrungle Humingsworthif stuff hits the fan I’m making rudimentary spears out of sticks and stones and going full caveman

7:29 PMSusanne Christtrump bobble heads lmao

7:29 PMjordan thompsonthe 1st

7:31 PMScrungle HumingsworthI hope this panic buying shit dies down soon though

7:31 PMScrungle HumingsworthI’m OUT OF A JOB NOW

7:31 PMSusanne ChristI wish my school would cancel for a bit -_-

7:31 PMScrungle Humingsworthno major events means no use for security

7:31 PMScrungle HumingsworthI can’t buy games without a paycheck

7:32 PMSusanne ChristFrance is still having their smurfs ralley

7:32 PMjordan thompsoni was in a sea of people at walmart stocking karts to the brim, I bought soda and a copy of man of steel on blu ray

7:32 PMaddictedtochaoscanceling E3 may ultimately be the right call but canceling it right now seems like it may be a little premature

7:32 PMjordan thompsonthank god for the smurf fans

7:32 PMScrungle Humingsworthwhat about my e3 bingo cards Andrew, I love my cringy presentations

7:34 PMjordan thompsonback in the day in the infancy of things like E3 only press, investors and developers were allowed to attend maybe they should do that again

7:35 PMaddictedtochaosthis year for E3 all companies that would have attended should just do Direct style presentations and have all demos that would’ve been on the floor be on their respective storefronts eshop, psn, etc

7:36 PMSusanne ChristI thi k they should do what playstation home did. you make an avatar and attend a digital show room and play demos that way ,:D

7:36 PMjordan thompson[message retracted]

7:37 PMaddictedtochaosyes opening e3 to the public was a mistake

7:38 PMjordan thompsonAndrew did you ever get any of the nintendo VHS tapes that marketed new games and consoles as a kid

7:41 PMjordan thompsonI found a review copy of hollwoodland (2006) at the pawn shop today its a pretty awsome find for my film collection

7:41 PMScrungle HumingsworthNintendo is the future cowards

7:41 PMaddictedtochaosUbisoft comes to mind on insufferable

7:43 PMjordan thompsonI swear if Diablo gets announced for Tiger eletronic handheld!?!

7:46 PMjordan thompsonand I thought google+ was a stupid idea

7:46 PMScrungle HumingsworthReggie becoming part of game stop is the start of game stop being good again

7:48 PMaddictedtochaosBG&E 2 will be a trainwreck

7:49 PMjordan thompsonid like EA to make World Tour Poker but I’ll be okay with Madden21 its more or less the same mechanics

7:50 PMjordan thompsonI went to gamestop a week ago pretty sure the employee said pre order like 10 times within a few sentences

7:51 PMaddictedtochaosi avoid all of that at gamestop

7:51 PMaddictedtochaosi’m a frequent enough customer that i’m on a first name basis with everyone and they know to not ask me

7:52 PMaddictedtochaosThey are not supposed to put them on the cover art

7:52 PMjordan thompsonmy local pawn shop is ran by people over 50 and they write number codes on cases to tell the difference between games and movie when they stock shelves

7:53 PMaddictedtochaosthe always online stipulation killed BG&E 2 for me

7:55 PMaddictedtochaosthere was absolutely no reason to make it always online

7:57 PMScrungle Humingsworthout of principle I try my best not to fund disney

7:58 PMScrungle Humingsworthno more bandwidth caps? time to torrent

7:58 PMjordan thompsonas long as no one touches devlopment on ghostbusters right???

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