BumbleKast #113: The Rise of Metal Ian & More Q&A with Aleah Baker


Ian has been replaced with a newer model! Kyle welcomes back Sonic the Hedgehog & Mega Man comic veteran Aleah Baker for more of your questions.

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  • Ian “BumbleKing” Flynn – Head writer of Sonic the Hedgehog comics for IDW Publishing and Mega Man for Archie Comics, also writing for Archie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and more
  • Kyle “KyleJCrb” Crouse – Founder & Administrator of the KNGI Network, host of the Nitro Game Injection video game music podcast

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Andrew D.
What was it like pitching the Red Star Ring power up? Did you have trouble convincing anyone that it wasn’t a Super Transformation for Nicole?

When/why/how did you decide to become a writer? Is there any advice or recommendation for people who want to start writing?

Makalosa M.
What have been the greatest challenges when writing/creating for the Archie Sonic book? And, what story that you’ve been involved in has been the most fun?

Was there ever planned to be a cure for Cassia’s illness and what was going to be the ultimate fate of the deer sisters?

I’ve been doing research on sonic and relations to greek and some math, in the games; sonic vs chaos is the hero archetype vs the serpentine creature, archie comics; eggman relates chaos energy that sonic uses as something beyond quantum measures that leaps into chaos theory and in the ixis arc chaos energy is referred as being related to chaotic forces making up everything (chaos from greek basically) essentially being the embodiment of chaos is some grand order, was there some plan on using sonic for a major event?

Ey Aleah! I could be completely misremembering the premise behind this question but: I can vaguely remember Ian once complaining on the bumbleking forms about how sometimes the rare instances of Archie that weren’t written by him would often still have him listed as writer on solicits, and I have an even fuzzier, unsure if it’s legit or misremembered memory of something else of you following that up with mentioning that there’s a few off panels miscredited to you (since you wrote a bulk of the reboot-era off panels) and that def has me interested. I think the only off panels credited to you that make me go “hmm maybe someone else wrote them” are the off-panels for 261-262 (so the middle of Waves of Change); Off Panels were done in batches of 4, with the same art team and writer within a batch (with the the main book batches and the Universe batches often but not always with the same teams). For 261-264’s batch and The Great Chaos Caper on Universe’s equivalent batch, you were only credited you as writer on 261-262; 263-264 and all 4 of the Universe batch have Ian as writer (notably his only reboot-era off panels other than 252’s). Now while you and Ian are the duo where it would make sense for you to co-wrote a batch together, my possibly misremembered memory of you mentioning some miscredited off-panels made me go “hmmmmm” at those 2.

Almiron R.
Aleah, if you are going to work for IDW Sonic, tell me, which ideas you have in mind for world building, and if you got some character ideas?

Aleah, are you going to write any stories for IDW Sonic like you did for Archie? I really like your work!

What are your favourite movies?

Did you ever concept any original robot masters that didn’t make it to the mm Archie comics? Also I love quake woman!! It’s cool to know who created her 🙂 Also do you have any advice for aspiring comic writers/artists?

Aleah, next to Eggman, who would you consider to be Sonic greatest enemy/threat from the Sonic franchise (comics, games and cartoons included).

Koopaling Krew
What is your favorite Off-Panel you wrote? And do you think it should make some sort of comeback in the IDW series?

Connall T
What are Cassia and Clove’s favourite toppings on pizza?

-How much you bench, sis?
-Top three books.
-Choose a color that defines you, and explain in no less than 200 words
-What is the story of the last favorite food you discovered?
-Who is Spain?
-Go into detail about your favorite social science
-Whom’st’ve let the dogs out?

Priority Q&A
Connall T.
(I don’t know if this question has already been answered, buut) In the pre-reboot Archie Sonic comics, Eggman’s hench-bots, Orbot and Cubot, appeared after Snively left and betrayed Eggman, acting as “emergency lackeys”. My strangely specific question is: did they appear in the post-reboot at the Sonic Colours point, or were they around before then?

Huge question in regards to the lore, the Master Emerald, Chaos Emeralds, Sol Emeralds, Super Emeralds, The Phantom Ruby (Rubies?) and The Power Of The Stars are a mysterious case, Me and Tylerrenee M had did a serious translate link to research what the kanji referring to the Chaos Emeralds meant and found that it refers to some type of chaoskamph formless nature beyond Spacetime Itself, But I want to ask if all these cosmic/chaotic items/objects (in reference to Sega, and lore) I mentioned above are inferred as some Absolute Pan-Dimensional power sources? Or maybe undimensioned Power Sources? (Moving in no Spacetime and all like Generations) Are you allowed to give us insight or allowed to answer this question?

Hey Ian, I noticed there are some subtle but distinct differences between how you characterize the Sonic cast in the old Archie stuff and the current IDW stuff. I’ve seen you mention before that this is because of Sega’s hands on involvement with character notes and the like, so my question(s) are: how fundamentally different are the cast (and Sonic especially) between the two versions? Is there any major mental re-adjusting you had to do when it came to writing them for IDW? I’d love to hear what your thinking process on who these characters were/are. Thanks!

Andrew D.
How likely are you to include Easter eggs or tributes to the Sonic movie? I really want to see Eggman drinking a latte now.

Standard Q&A
Dimensional Duelatrix Draco
After reading the latest IDW Sonic Comic, are the Deadly Six immune to the virus since some of them appear to be too close to the Zombots?

Liam B.
Why did you guys wait as long as you did to bring Sonic and Sally back together? Was it a choice for convenience, or was it to make it more definite when they reunited that it was serious love, instead of the “puppy love” they had before they first broke up?

-May I ask in the first issue of the #IDWSonic #1 Tangle & Whisper comic, the grey squirrel with bushy (wine red?) eyebrows in the left corner of the first panel behind the vegetable stand, is that a nod to Elias Acorn of the Archie Sonic Comics?

James M.
Ian, whenever we see naked Mobians, why aren’t certain body parts visible?

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