Molehill Mountain Episode 141 – My, Myself and Y’all

It’s just me and you tonight, folks.
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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.
Chat Transcript:

6:54 PMAndrew EisenThere is no Zuul, only Andrew!

6:56 PMpsychadelic snakea lonely stream

6:56 PMpsychadelic snakeuntil we showed up

6:56 PMotritzuEvenin’ Won’t be to lonely there’s at least a couple of people in the audience.

6:57 PMpsychadelic snakeain’t much gaming new lately

6:57 PMpsychadelic snakebesides gearbox pissing off everyone

6:58 PMpsychadelic snakeyep

6:58 PMotritzuIs that about the pay to win-ish stuff in it?

6:58 PMpsychadelic snakerandy is on Twitter telling the consumer base to fuck off when everyone showed how angry they were

6:58 PMpsychadelic snakeborderlands…

6:59 PMpsychadelic snakeI mean its OKAY, the first one was fun, the second was just them beating jokes into the ground

7:00 PMpsychadelic snakeactually no, but some of the guns did fuck all :/

7:00 PMpsychadelic snakelike compared to other guns, most guns just weren’t even viable, even for meming

7:01 PMpsychadelic snakeepic stores has already had multiple security breaches, and that’s gonna be a big yikes in my book if I’m supposed to trust them with my CC info

7:03 PMpsychadelic snakecall of duty world war 2 was actually pretty fub

7:03 PMpsychadelic snakefun*

7:04 PMpsychadelic snakeassassins creed retconning the hidden blade finger sacrifice xdddddd

7:04 PMTiegerzzIt’s the same with music. There’s certain groups where you hear it for less than a few seconds and you already know who it is. Then there’s groups where they sound like every other industry group lol

7:05 PMpsychadelic snakelike all star

7:05 PMpsychadelic snakein the first game you had to cut off the ring finger to use the hidden blade.

7:05 PMotritzuEzio was the first one to get away without losing his finger to the hidden blade

7:06 PMpsychadelic snakein oddysey, the MC doesn’t have any trouble using the hidden blade even with his ring finger still on.

7:06 PMaddictedtochaosHi all

7:07 PMpsychadelic snakei stopped playing after 3 tbh

7:08 PMpsychadelic snakeever have a movie you’re hyped for, then you see it and its pure garbage? that was World war Z for me.

7:08 PMotritzuIn Altair’s time they used a fist over the blade, requiring them to remove the ring finger to make room for the blade. Later Assassins figured out how to use it without having to lose a finger.

7:09 PMpsychadelic snake@ori but doesn’t oddysey take place before altairs time? the game that takes place in egypt

7:09 PMotritzuShould be. IF they didn’t have the main character using a hidden blade they’d still have all their fingers.

7:10 PMotritzuI haven’t played AC O. I wouldn’t know.

7:11 PMpsychadelic snakeive seen gameplay ACO the MC can freely use it without worry, he only loses his finger when he clenched his fist in a fight and popped the knife

7:12 PMotritzuHuh? Really? Eh, that’s a Ubisoft’s internal lore problem then.

7:13 PMpsychadelic snakeworld war Z the BOOK, was a good portrayal of a realistic zombie outbreak

7:13 PMpsychadelic snakeand yeah ori, Ubisoft is kinda trash at stories now

7:14 PMSusanne ChristHiiiiii!!!!!

7:14 PMaddictedtochaosAt least Shazam was good.

7:16 PMpsychadelic snakewait you’re 39? dude what, I legit thought you were mid 20’s

7:18 PMotritzuabducted?

7:19 PMaddictedtochaos56 others

7:20 PMaddictedtochaosHe was kinda a dick in the comics too.

7:20 PMotritzuOlder Shazam is an old asshole, yes. Black Adam calls him out on it at several points.

7:21 PMotritzuin the comics I think.

7:24 PMSusanne Christanyone seen love death robots on netflix?

7:25 PMpsychadelic snakenew joker trailer made me CREAM

7:25 PMaddictedtochaosHe will always be Captain Marvel to me.

7:25 PMSusanne Christits realy bloody >.<

7:25 PMNomadicfarmerzWhy so few viewers?

7:25 PMSusanne Christfinals

7:25 PMSusanne Christfinal season is upon us

7:26 PMpsychadelic snakeyou need a discord so we can all jump into a vc with you and do the podcast with you

7:26 PMotritzumost of your subscribers are podcast watchers I’d bet.

7:27 PMpsychadelic snakeI gotta ask, *why*

7:27 PMmatthew wilsonhuh what made you by the Go games, they are rather good, for a mobile games, anyways

7:28 PMmatthew wilsonits what if hitman/tomb raider was turned in to a board game

7:28 PMpsychadelic snakehey Andrew I have 3 games I wanna reccomend, 2 require large attention spans.

7:30 PMSusanne Christyoshi?

7:33 PMpsychadelic snakedarkwood – an atmospheric survival horror that’s like a Russian dark fairy tale, it has disturbing imagery but its fun

7:34 PMpsychadelic snakestellaris – civ 5, but bigger, had alot more mechanics, alot more micro management.

7:34 PMpsychadelic snakeand crusader kings 2 – grand strategy game where you can do whatever you want as a medieval king

7:38 PMotritzuThat’s still most of your people who watch the show as podcast people.

7:42 PMpsychadelic snakedarkwood relies really heavily on the fear of the unknown and its top down. its probably the only new when horror game that I love

7:49 PMpsychadelic snakeoh Andrew! big ‘supposed’ news, considering it’s from /v/

7:50 PMpsychadelic snakebut apparently the devs in gearbox have really shitty working conditions and someone who supposedly worked for them said that no one in the dev team wanted the game to be on epic store

7:50 PMpsychadelic snakerandy having anger problems and lashing out against the devs for small mistakes, just horrid stuff.

7:51 PMpsychadelic snakeso supposedly, a dev might leak the game to get back at randy

7:52 PMpsychadelic snakethere is someone in /v/ called smash leaker who leaks stuff about smash and he hasn’t been wrong once. so sometimes these leaks in /v/ are kinda right. everyone is split on whether its real or not

7:54 PMpsychadelic snakehey i still think epic games is a botnet

7:55 PMpsychadelic snakeill send you some gameplay of darkwood via Twitter

7:55 PMpsychadelic snakeand i still refuse to believe you’re 39, in like the few years ive watched you I thought you were mid 20’s

7:56 PMtrevormcdermalHave you played smashing the battle on switch?

7:57 PMtrevormcdermalLooks like bouncy musou fun

7:57 PMotritzuI played some of it on Steam

7:58 PMtrevormcdermalLike dynasty warriors but with a wrench on robots

7:58 PMotritzuIt’s a game about two women fighting through a corporate headquarters under siege by robots

7:58 PMotritzuThey’re not wearing much.

7:59 PMtrevormcdermalThinking about getting it, looks….fun

7:59 PMpsychadelic snakeI already have skullgirls, so I don’t need another game like that.

8:01 PMotritzuGanondorf, and so on.

8:01 PMtrevormcdermalMmmmm skullgirls. Christina vee voice of shantae is there

8:02 PMotritzuFire Emblem Warrior’s story mode was solid but the gameplay was way too samey

8:03 PMotritzuEverybody used the same move sets

8:03 PMpsychadelic snakehey I don’t just play skullgirls to watch my waifu beat up someone else’s waifu

8:03 PMtrevormcdermal“Flatter”, nothing flat about smashing the battle

8:03 PMpsychadelic snakeits also for the plot

8:05 PMpsychadelic snakeSENRAN

8:05 PMotritzuI played it through.

8:05 PMpsychadelic snakethe meme game

8:05 PMtrevormcdermalYeaaaaaah senran

8:05 PMpsychadelic snakebig tiddi anime girl

8:05 PMpsychadelic snakeBEATIN UP another big tiddi anime girl

8:06 PMtrevormcdermalWhat? The pinball game is coming west??

8:07 PMpsychadelic snakeplay nutaku games for the after dark show, now those are really after dark

8:08 PMtrevormcdermalThank you! I am very happy to learn this. 😀

8:08 PMpsychadelic snakeoh its twitch, yeah avoid nutaku lmao

8:09 PMpsychadelic snakeokay definitely avoid nutaku lmao

8:10 PMpsychadelic snakekatawa shoujo!

8:10 PMpsychadelic snakeyou can disable the H-scenes dw

8:12 PMpsychadelic snakesomeone joined. heard what you said, then left.

8:13 PMpsychadelic snake*vigorous slurping and choking noises*

8:14 PMpsychadelic snakeits more based on story than the porn

8:14 PMSora JI believe you can turn off the sex scenes in KS, it’s mostly a narrative and the scenes aren’t necessary to it.

8:14 PMpsychadelic snakelike you don’t even see any h-scenes until mid-game and end game. like total i think there are 14 h-scenes

8:15 PMtrevormcdermal😆

8:16 PMpsychadelic snakeoh darkwood is really spot on for you then

8:19 PMpsychadelic snakeI have no qualms about female protagonists, but please PLEASE just make them likeable and well written

8:19 PMpsychadelic snakethat’s really not asking for much, is it?

8:20 PMaddictedtochaosJust not thrilled and the prospect of a child main protagonist.

8:21 PMpsychadelic snakechild actors are known to be notoriously bad

8:24 PMpsychadelic snakehey Andrew you down for some team fortress 2 for that charity stream?

8:26 PMpsychadelic snaketf2 is free, but if the community finds out you’re streaming everyone will focus you

8:27 PMCotie Gauchesurprised ive never seen a jack box kinda thing

8:27 PMtrevormcdermalFun fact, MC Chris was in Jurassic park 1. He was the kid who said “they don’t look scary theylook like chickens”

8:28 PMtrevormcdermalHe’s a nerdcore rapper doing really well

8:29 PMpsychadelic snakeOH ANDREW

8:29 PMpsychadelic snakeVA11-HALL-A cyberpunk bartender sim

8:30 PMpsychadelic snakevisual novel where you’re a bartender, no H-scenes at all

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