Molehill Mountain Episode 180 – To All the Games I’ve Played Before

This week, at least.

  • 5:17 – Lorelai caps off an enjoyable indie adventure game trilogy
  • 11:16 – River City Girls is gorgeous and fun but sports some REALLY odd design decisions
  • 27:21 – Murder By Numbers is kinda like Professor Layton with Picross puzzles

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:59 PMScrungle Humingsworthhello

6:59 PMCollin AsmusHey just in time

6:59 PMaddictedtochaoshi

6:59 PMotritzuGood Evening.

6:59 PMScrungle Humingsworthhey I needed this, good morale booost

7:00 PMScrungle Humingsworthcorona is in my town now

7:00 PMCollin AsmusWhen will Zachary come back?

7:00 PMScrungle Humingsworthlets

7:00 PMSusanne Christother dude still isn’t back?!

7:00 PMScrungle Humingsworthtalk

7:00 PMScrungle HumingsworthVIDYA

7:00 PMSusanne ChristCorona virus!!

7:01 PMScrungle HumingsworthI still think discord could still work for a podcast

7:01 PMScrungle Humingsworthor go back to skype

7:02 PMotritzuThe best of vices

7:02 PMScrungle Humingsworthonly games I’ve bought was the entire alone in the dark franchise

7:02 PMotritzu…healthiest, maybe, but it’s definitely not cheap.

7:02 PMaddictedtochaoslikewise, buying games is my therapy

7:03 PMCollin AsmusA game that is worth your time is hotline Miami, it’s on the Nintendo switch along with the second one.

7:03 PMScrungle Humingsworthit can be cheap, steam sales exist

7:03 PMCollin AsmusIt’s insane, fast paced and you die in one hit.

7:04 PMScrungle HumingsworthI would suggest the alone in the dark anthology andrew

7:04 PMScrungle Humingsworth3 of them are DOS games

7:04 PMScrungle Humingsworthbut they’re worth it

7:05 PMSusanne Christsue em,!! I can help ^-^

7:05 PMotritzuOne week in business is five days, they don’t do weekends if they can help it.

7:06 PMScrungle HumingsworthTexas? where exactly?

7:07 PMSusanne ChristI played switch during my jury duty to!! lol

7:07 PMScrungle Humingsworthoh you’re safe then

7:07 PMScrungle Humingsworthcurrent infected cities are Houston and san antonio

7:10 PMScrungle HumingsworthI got a game called gogo Nippon my first trip to japan

7:10 PMjordan thompsonI’ve been falling back in love with the ps2 and been buying anything cheap or recognizable. been playing a winnie the pooh game that has the atmosphere like silent hill, its pretty trippy.

7:10 PMScrungle Humingsworthmy friend has 3k hours on it

7:10 PMScrungle Humingsworthso I gotta pump my numbers

7:12 PMSusanne Christbendy and the ink machine!

7:13 PMjordan thompsonI’m also playing Superman : Shadow of Apokolips, I’m having Superman 64 flashbacks save me Andrew.

7:16 PMjordan thompsonis it a spiritual successor to river city ransom

7:17 PMjordan thompsonha you said duty

7:19 PMotritzuThey set up the controls to work with a joycon.

7:20 PMotritzuSix-ish buttons and a stick.

7:20 PMjordan thompsondoes the game not have custom button mapping opinons

7:20 PMotritzuYou do get him when you finish the game the first time.

7:22 PMjordan thompsondouble dragon was my favorite beat em up, who owns that I.P. anyway these days

7:24 PMotritzuIt is a staple of the beat-em-up RPG. to keep item descriptions hidden unless you buy one.

7:25 PMjordan thompsondid you hear about the EA FIFA qualifiers glitched out and they finished the game with rock paper scissors.

7:26 PMaddictedtochaosstreets of rage 2 is best beat em up

7:36 PMjordan thompsonid be funny if the character name was Hez Gea

7:40 PMScrungle Humingsworthon the topic of world burning

7:40 PMScrungle Humingsworthsome dude who was infected was told to self quarantine, but instead went partying

7:40 PMjordan thompsontacos

7:40 PMSean Hockenburyhave you seen the movie Doctor Sleep?

7:40 PMScrungle HumingsworthI’m stocked up on food water and ammo

7:41 PMScrungle Humingsworthammo just in case I have to left 4 dead some coofers

7:43 PMScrungle Humingsworthyeah I asked you that

7:43 PMjordan thompsonif it hits the fan just imagine being one of the only heathly humans left …. thats a scary idea

7:43 PMScrungle HumingsworthI’ve been following the virus since week 1, been a wild ride

7:44 PMjordan thompsonI wanna say I was a boy scout but these days that title doesnt have the credibility it used to

7:45 PMScrungle HumingsworthI think so far Cali has like 56 infected?

7:45 PMScrungle Humingsworthalso living in Texas I learned how to skin and cook snakes and other wild gane

7:46 PMSean Hockenburywhat happened to zachary?

7:48 PMScrungle HumingsworthI’m gonna go full China and set up a check point


7:50 PMScrungle Humingsworthso far the kill rate is only 3%, so I’m still hopeful

7:50 PMjordan thompsonI had a record for clean in weightlifting in high school but in not into weights anymore I most just run

7:50 PMScrungle Humingsworththe whole covid19 is making people mass buy toilet paper, so toilet paper currency when?

7:51 PMjordan thompsonive been told clean isnt used anymore since its potentially dangerous positioning

7:51 PMScrungle Humingsworththere are alot of body building forums, but /fit/ from 4chan is the funniest fitness forum ever

7:52 PMScrungle Humingsworthimagine a bunch of depressed really fit guys just complimenting each other on a forum

7:53 PMScrungle Humingsworththeir main motto on /fit/ is “what if the heaviest thing we lift, isnt the weights, but our feels?”

7:54 PMScrungle Humingsworthi gotta send you the SiR memes

7:54 PMScrungle Humingsworthhes a artist who draws comics for /fit/

7:54 PMjordan thompsonif I ever cave in on a gym membership im totally attaching at stick to my head with a twinkie at the end as i run on the tredmil

7:55 PMScrungle Humingsworthdude so I’m playing alone in the dark from 2008

7:55 PMScrungle Humingsworthand the physics engine is so god damn broken, another prop hit a bus on a road sequence and the bus clipped into the ground and got flung across the map

7:56 PMScrungle Humingsworthyeah

7:56 PMjordan thompsonso andrew admit it are you a narcissist and wanna look good for yourself *wink*

7:57 PMScrungle Humingsworthplaying the original alone in the dark and playing the 2008 one

7:57 PMScrungle Humingsworthjust where did they wanna go for the 2008 one? some of the mechanics are cool but the game is just

7:57 PMScrungle Humingsworthehhhh

8:00 PMjordan thompsonI’m 6’2 and 250, good health is a life choice I dont have the will power with my current system in probaby never gonna have a six pack but whateve

8:00 PMScrungle Humingsworthtry out alone in the dark

8:01 PMjordan thompsonyeah of puddin

8:01 PMScrungle Humingsworththe ORIGINAL alone in the dark games, play the 2008 one for laffs

8:02 PMjordan thompsonwell andrew go enjoy yourself

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