Touhou Tuesday 03-27-2012: Daytouhouna USA!


LETS GO AWAY! Had a pretty good show this week, another record-setting turnout for the show. This 2hu thing aint so bad! For those who miss TrueStar, she’ll be back on the show next week, and I’ll have been in LA for a couple days, maybe the tan will help me DJ better. Read on for the playlist.

ZUN – 天使伝説

Demetori – Heian no Alien ~ Crazy Xenomorph

CROW’SCLAW – Immortal Madness

Draw the Emotional – Keep away from me

mineko – 貴女を咲かす七色の光

ZUN – Strawberry Crisis!!

まさみティー – 地底に響け、草原の音 part1

水橋ゆっきー – 優雅なる竹取姫のワルツ

Capo – 少女さとり ~Corazon Vagabundo~

Atelier Tobiuo – Intermezzo ~祭りの参道~

発熱巫女~ず – O Grande Amor

ZUN – Civilization of Magic

spctrm – 真生未分の一心

水橋ゆっきー – 白黒魔法使いのタンゴ

spctrm – Grimoire of Marisa

Shibayan – こゝろの迷宮

C.H.S – special number 9!!11

ZUN – 東方怪奇談

狐夢想 – 雷異電

あゆ , イザベル , 岩杉 夏 – 紫雨UNITED まさかのアリス突撃編

Naoko Akimoto – Hisoutensoku for Justice

紅い流星 | 蒼い刹那 | [TEST] | 黒侍 | MAXつかさ | ムター | 山石本薫 – 墓石ニ傷

A~YA – Knock ! Knock ! Knock !

ZUN – 霊戦 ~ Perdition crisis

spctrm – 非想非非想天

Atelier Tobiuo – Finale  ~夜明け来たりて~

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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