Nitro Game Injection #193: Don’t Stop Believin’ (featuring Overcoat )


It’s a show that almost didn’t happen, but Overcoat saved it! Kyle and Slider are joined by the host of Radio Overcoat and Touhou Tuesday, Scott “Overcoat” Porter, which turns out to be a good thing when Kyle’s internet dies! Scott fills in for the last half with some selections from his personal collection of VGM as Kyle manages to struggle his way back in by using Skype on his cell phone.  Meanwhile, Slider draws NiGHTS thinking about delicious bacon-wrapped hot dogs, because they are awesome. Features songs from jmr, Brandon Strader, DrumUltimA, minibosses, Christian Pacaud, JigginJonT, The Smash Brothers, and more!

1. jmr – Late Snows of Winter (arrangement of ‘The Magic Meadow’ from Quest for Glory [PC] :: )
2. Koichi Namiki – Sword of Vermilion -Mickey Arrange Ver.- (medley arrangement of music from Sword of Vermilion [GEN] :: )

3. Brandon Strader – Excalibur (arrangement of ‘Splash Woman Stage’ [XBLA/PSN/WII] from Mega Man 9 and Spring Man from ‘Mega Man 7’ [SNES] :: )
4. DrumUltimA – JESUS CHRIST IT’S A DINOSAUR GET IN THE EPOCH (arrangement of ‘Rhythm of Earth, Wind, and Sky’ from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )

5. minibosses – Ikari Warriors (arrangement of music from Ikari Warriors [NES] :: )
6. BrainCells – Pump! (arrangement of music from Revenge of Shinobi [GEN] :: )
7. Dennis – Crimson Over Imperial Skies (arrangement of ‘The Red Wings’ from Final Fantasy IV [SNES] :: )

8. livetune – To Far Away Times (livetune remix ) (arrangement of ‘To Far Away Times’ from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )

9. Asuka Sakai, Charlie Kosei – Que Sera Sera (from Katamari Damacy [PS2] :: )
10. A Rival, Kirby Pufocia – TMNT 2012 – I Wanna Be a Ninja Turtle (arrangement of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [NES] :: )

11. Christian Pacaud – Memories from the Wind Scene (arrangement of ‘Yearnings of the Wind’ from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )
12. Chef Boyardee – robocop (arrangement of ‘Title’ from Robocop [C64] :: )

13. OAL – Gabenem (original work )

14. Haruomi Hosono – Gaplus (arrangement of music from Gaplus [Arcade] :: )
15. JigginJonT – Voices Broken (arrangement of ‘Mute City’ from F-Zero [SNES] :: )

15. The Smash Brothers – ONETT (arrangement of ‘Onett’ from Earthbound [SNES] :: )

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