Radio OverCoat 2015-09-27: Twitching, Forming


Back after another week off, due to TouhouCon! Wow that was a lot of fun. I got to see TAM with Akai Ryusei and then Yuuhei Satellite perform live, including an amazing dance featuring ARM, Redalice, and Masayoshi Minoshima, who later had Nomico [of Bad Apple! fame] come out and sing that song plus a few others. I also got some good interviews that weekend, and I’ll be playing one of them come Tuesday. As far as tonight’s playlist, I played 2 tracks from a free Batsu album called GRΣΣT that you can download here. I have some links interspersed in the full tracklist below, too. In other news, my radio station 8bitX now simulcasts to Twitch. For now, anyway. It’s still getting worked on but that’s a thing that exists now.

  1. Carpenter Brut – Invasion AD
  2. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Field Work
  3. SymphonicGames – Night
  4. MIRALESODOMI, Miss Sound, Tsuyoshi Matsushima – Everyone’s Voice
  5. betsy coates – rocking roll
  6. Batsu – C0ld night
  7. darkhalo – Boss Rush [SMB2]
  8. Carpenter Brut – Anarchy Road
  9. Mijk Van Dijk – Fuchi Koma
  10. Le Matos – Light Again (feat Electric Youth)
  11. betsy coates – my faith
  12. GeckoYamori – Work it (RetroHouse Mix)
  13. Nite Sprite – Strut (Perturbator Remix)
  14. HouseBreaker – I’m Here
  15. Darren Styles & Gammer – You & I (Rhythmics’ Riff Edit)
  16. betsy coates – creamy thighs
  17. REDALiCE – シオカラ節をDJで使いたかった結果wwww
  18. nomico – Lost Emotion (Amane UK Hardcore Remix)
  19. Toriko Takanashi vs. Virtual Riot vs. Laxx – Restart(Beyond Step Two ALR MUSHUP)
  20. Batsu – しゃぼんだますとーりー feat. 一二花(Yunomi Remix)
  21. Maxo – Better feat. Danika Harrod
  22. Opolopo – Street Lights feat. Amalia (Laser Beam Mix – album edit)
  23. betsy coates – h.r. meager
  24. darkhalo – Konpeito
  25. Aphex Twin – Umil 25 – 01
  26. Scott Kaye – Frozen Desert

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