Open Circuit on 8BitX #009 “Concoction”


A dash of post-rock chiptune, a sprinkling of piano, and a teaspoon of synthwave make up this episode of Open Circuit.


For Astronauts and Satellites – Point All Your Weapons At The Sky [Then, By The Light Of Our Own Creation]

Jeff Ball and Jake Kaufman – Le Bouquet Magique [Shovel Knight – Plague of Shadows OST] Shnabubula – Area A (Shatterhand) [NES JAMS] metaphist – Sonic the Hedgehog ‘A Blue-Green Color’ OC ReMix [] Symphonic Games – Night [SoundCloud]

TEK – Aijou Jazz – Pengus [Volume One] TEK – Seaside Again – Phaserland [Volume One] TEK – High Contrast – Matt Kwid [Volume One]

Little Paw – World’s Greatest Dad [Weekly Treats #20] For Astronauts and Satellites – Dust Settles, Titan Stands [Then, By The Light Of Our Own Creation]

Jake Kaufman – Out of the Shadows [Shovel Knight – Plague of Shadows OST] FacebooktwitterredditmailFacebooktwitterredditmail

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