Radio OverCoat 2015-07-26: In Case of Turkish Haxx Break Glass


Now everyone, don’t panic, The Shizz will be back before you know it! In the meantime, why not let me ease your despair with a pretty cool playlist full of awesome tunes. Tonight I played a brand new cover from an0va, plus a so-far-unreleased Touhou Metal album, though I’ll give you guys the link once it comes out! It was also cYsmix’s birthday a few days ago so I played some tunes of his tonight. And here’s something I actually have a link for: Do yourself a favor and grab Amiga Hits! from Bleepstreet Records. It’s 8 euros and the conversion rate’s pretty good right now so it’s worth it even for Americans! Read on for the full playlist:

  1. a piece of magicmix
  2. The Pillows – Little Busters [an0va cover]
  3. Teleidofusion – みなこ
  4. Lizardking – Compulsion to Obey
  5. <echo>PROJECT (Mano×やよいちゃん / Vo.がお) – 08.Door
  6. ランコ – ファッション中二病
  7. Yannick Gosselin – Frozen Fiesta!
  8. Yannick Gosselin – Silent Night, Magus Night
  9. Yannick Gosselin – Kero 9 Destiny
  10. android 52 – chop chop master onion’s anime groove
  11. CyberPixl – Short Circat (Monstercat Mashup)
  12. cYsmix – Dzjin
  13. Jun Kuroda – Snow Cone (Lentorek Remix)
  14. Taishi – The Survivor (Nhato Remix)
  15. SymphonicGames – A Brief Interlude
  16. Lizardking – Lizardking’s Theme
  17. cYsmix – Misty Woods
  18. Nhato – Voices (cYsmix Remix)
  19. Hermitude – Through The Roof (HWLS Remix)
  20. send me drift’n
  21. hunz – draw the line
  22. spctrm – GITANJALI
  23. Jeroen Tel (WAVE) – Mountain Breeze
  24. Michiel van den Bos – Foregone Destruction
  25. Elizabeth Rose – Another Earth (HWLS Remix)

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