Open Circuit on 8BitX #003 “Rebalanced”


Balancing out last week’s chiptune-heavy show, this week’s Open Circuit focuses on VGM covers and VGM-inspired originals.


coda – Sarasaland Online [Mario Sound Test]

Tetrimino – Where’s the Wall Chicken At? [OverClocked ReMix]
The Fresh Men – Thunder Blade [The Uncanny Fresh-Men]
mitch murder – Lost Patrol Theme [Selection 3]
HyperDuck SoundWorks – Chrono Trigger [Chrono Trigger: Music for Twenty-Five Games]

Temp Sound Solutions – Squadrons of Love (Live) [MAGFest X Main Stage]
Cory Johnson – Onett (demo) [Earthbound]
Cory Johnson – Twoson (demo) [Earthbound]

bryface – maze of stars [Mario Sound Test]
note! – Sega CD Bios + Cake Gaze (Live) [8static Festival 2014]
Heosphoros – Duke Nukem (Live) [Toy Company Evil Easter]

fluidvolt – Teapot [Clay Memory]
fluidvolt – Glass Among Fire [Clay Memory]
Joker Kapsize – Mountain Spring [Sega Joker Drive 2]

RushJet1 – Epilogue [Mega Man 2 Remade]
RushJet1 – Credits [Mega Man 2 Remade]

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