Radio OverCoat 2013-07-03: Old *Coat


This week’s show was put together in a bit of a rush, since I wasn’t able to be home until 5 minutes after I was supposed to start! Well, I already knew what I was going to play, for the most part. I definitely had to play some of my favorites from the new FF6 arrangement album Balance and Ruin, and I also played some super-secret tracks from Hate Plus, a new sequel/expansion to the game Analogue: A Hate Story! Super excited to even have those. Read on for the full playlist:

bustatunez – Prologue (Opening Theme)

Svetlana – Hold it!

Axel – Soundtracker Funk

blamstrain – woo had (busta rhymes mashup)

Jeff Ball feat. Laura Intravia – Smoke and Clouds (Locke)

Jeff Ball – Riding Cats like a Boss

Tesla Boy – Thinking of You

El-P – The Full Retard

Chromelodeon – Aluminum

Danimal Cannon and Zef – Chronos

TeddyLoid – Corset Theme

Capsule – More More More

OA, Moonlapse, BardicKnowledge, Laura Intravia feat. DragonAvenger – The Nightmare Oath (Overture)

Jake Kaufman, Tommy Pedrini – The Impresario (Opera Sequence)

zircon, Jillian Aversa, AeroZ – Till We Meet Again (Aria de Mezzo Carattere)

zircon – Warhead (Skryp’s Deep 6 Mix)

Haruomi Hosono – Sports Men

HMO Toka no Naka no Hito (PAw Lab.) – Behind the Mask

Isaac Schankler – In a Sparse Place [Hate Plus]

Isaac Schankler – In a Dense Place [Hate Plus]

Isaac Schankler – Hwatu [Hate Plus]

Isaac Schankler – Power [Hate Plus]

Isaac Schankler – Old *Mute [Hate Plus]

Isaac Schankler – Excerpt from “It’s Not Ero!” feat. Senah Kim [Hate Plus]

Isaac Schankler – The Pale Bride of Bel-Air [bonus track]

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Field Work

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