Nitro Game Injection #232: Fire Power (Patriotic Special)


A short, low-ley show this week as Kyle and Larry dive into the patriotic fervor of America’s Independence Day, featuring selections from Retro Remix Revue, goat, Nutritious, Brandon Strader, Mega Ran, and more!

1. Jun Senoue, Eric Martin – The American Dream (from Daytona USA Championship Circuit Edition [SAT] ::

2. Retro Remix Revue – Guile’s Theme (arrangement of ‘Guile’s Theme’ from Street Fighter II [ARC] ::
3. Mazedude – All-Star Doskpop (arrangement of ‘Vs Team USA’ from Super Dodge Ball [NES] ::

4. Press Play on Tape – Commando (arrangement of music from Commando [C64] ::
5. goat – Purple Heart (medley arrangement of music from Rush’n Attack [NES] ::

6. Playing With Power! – Level 2 (arrangement of music from Bad Dudes vs. DragonNinja [ARC] ::
7. Posu Yan – Bad Boy Blues (arrangement of music from Final Fight [ARC] ::

8. Nutritious – Real American Hero (arrangement of ‘Cobra Vehicles’, ‘Mission 6’ from G.I. Joe [NES] ::
9. M-H – My Other Jeep’s Got Missiles (arrangement of music form Jackal [NES] ::

10. Brandon Strader – Murkan Supreme (arrangement of ‘Guile’s Theme’ from Street Fighter II [ARC] ::
11. Mega Ran, Pelicaine! – Commando (arrangement of ‘Commando Man Stage’ from Mega Man 10 [WII/XBLA/PSN] ::

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