Nitro Game Injection #79: Gaming Age


Sons of Angels – NASCAR Arcade Star Spangled Banner
Taro Bando – F-Zero X Title BGM

SnappleMan – Star Ocean: Blue Sphere Killer Dokko OC ReMix (Requested by jhornebaker )
Goat – Final Fantasy 4 The Sky Was Never a Limit (Requested by Species )
The Smash Brothers – Blaster Master (Live at MAGFest 2.0 ) (Requested by Nuttz )
analoq – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Next My Generation
Rayza – Top Gear Track 1 (Final Nitro ) OC ReMix (Requested by Nuttz )
Sir NutS – Rad Racer Rad Raver

Inti Creates Japan – Mega Man Zero 3 Remastered Everlasting Red (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Capcom Sound Team – Mega Man X8 Central White (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Overworks – Skies of Arcadia Requested Battle (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Tetris Attack – Yoshi World (Requested by Nuttz )
Koichi Namiki, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Y. Ito – Dayton USA B-Univ Let’s Go Away (Requested by EmptyEye )
Hidenori Shoji – F-Zero GX Our Hero (Requested by EmptyEye )
Sir NutS – Mega Man 2 Overheating
Space Cowboy – Gunstar Heroes Thunder Mine

Playmore Sound Team – Metal Slug 3 Into Space
Toshikazu Tanaka – Metal Slug 5 Speeder
Toshikazu Tanaka – Metal Slug 5 The Military System
prozax – Mega Man 3 Wily’s Ambition
Jun Senoue, Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Victory Goal ’96 The Sky Continuing Toward The Future
Live House SSH – Rock N’ Roll Racing Paranoid

The Smash Brothers – Life Force (Live at MAGFest 3.0 )
zee-roh – Galaga Galagzee OC ReMix (Requested by Nuttz )
virt – Metroid Space Pirates (Requested by EmptyEye )
Guerin – Chrono Trigger Battle (Requested by jhornbaker )
Inti Creates Japan – Mega Man Zero 3 Cold Smile (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Snowboard Kids 2 – Jingle Town (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Nintendopella – My Name Is Kyle (Requested by EmptyEye )
Super Offroad – Title Demo (SNES )
Soyo Oka, Taro Bando – Mario Kart Battle Mode
prozax – Mario Kart 64 Dream Racing

Spoony Bard – Chrono Trigger Magus
Masato Nakamura – Sonic The Hedgehog Special Stage
analoq – Sonic The Hedgehog sonik special OC ReMix
Machinae Supremacy – Chuck Rock (Requested by EmptyEye )
Inti Creates Japan – Mega Man Zero 3 Old Life Space (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Crush 40 – Sonic Adventure Open Your Heart
BrainCells – Mega Man CutMetal
Jug – Destruction Derby 2 Footsteps

Ryan8bit – Double Dragon Four Cryptic Stones
Shane Barnes – Double Dragon 2 Shadow Warrior Showdown: Where Dragons Live
Norrin Radd, Zoast, Colin – Triple Dragon: The Double Dragon Variety Extravaganza
Spencer Nilsen, David Young – Sonic CD Sonic Boom (Closing Credits ) (Requested by EmptyEye )
Darkesword – Wind Waker Ancient Hero OC ReMix
Crush 40 – Sonic Adventure 2 Live & Learn (Requested by jhornbaker )
analoq – Yoshi’s Island MooSE
Jun Senoue – SEGA Rally Championship – Conditioned Reflex (J.S Kickstart Remix ’99 )
Stemage – Metroid Metal – The Escape (Album Version )
Stemage – Metroid metal – The Ending (Album Version )
Jun Senoue – Sonic Adventure 2 Green Forest: Won’t Stop, Just Go! (Requested by Kureejii Lea )

Shawn Phase & Temp Sound Solutions – Dragon Warrior 2
Ryan8bit – Dragon Warrior 4 Grief of Aktemto
Graeme Norgate, Grant Kirkhope – GoldenEye Anntenna Cradle
Tatsuya Uemura – Zero Wing For Great Justice
Kenji Yamamoto, Kouichi Kyuma – Metroid Prime Vs. Hive Totem (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Orpheus Hanley – Cruis’n USA Bluegrass Boogie
Jellyfish – Ignorance is Bliss
Ailsean – Zelda Music of Mah G
Kimchi – Zelda Vocal Mix
Michiru Yamane – Castlevania SoTN Rainbow Cemetary (Requested by Eric Dude )
Inti Creates Japan – Mega Man Zero 3 Final Countdown (Requested by Kureejii Lea )

The Minibosses – Ninja Gaiden (Live At the Middle East )
The Minibosses – Contra
Project X – Mega Man 2 Victory

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