Nitro Game Injection #80: Comprehension

Features Dwelling of Duels Shooter month results announcement.

Sons of Angels – NASCAR Arcade Star Spangled Banner
Virt, ailsean – Final Fantasy 6 Dancing Mad Once Again

Host Segment – KyleJCrb welcomes listeners to Nitro Game Injection, show 80. Annouces that winners of DoD will be revealed by end of show

jdproject – Street Fighter 2 The Ken Song OC ReMix
Ozma – Korobeiniki (Tetris )
Virt – Dragon Spirit Wings of Gold
Tokyo Ska Paradise – Tetris Live! (Requested by Eric Dude )
Inti Creates Japan – Mega Man Zero 3 Remastered Volcano
Host Segment – The Tron block! All requests by Tron16
Cursor – Double Dragon
Kirk – Mega Man X Medley
The Advantage – Castlevania 3 Epitaph
Shawn Phase & Temp Sound Solutions – Jackal Stage 1
Grospixels – Tetris
Kirk – Sonic 2 Chemical Plant

Host Segment – Chatroom pimpage, Playing requests for Crimson in exchange for announcing DoD results

Reuben Kee – Metal Gear Solid Series Legend of the Snake (Requested by Crimson )
Tokyo Philharmonic – Links Awakening Looking Towards The Island (Requested by Nuttz )
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Daytona USA B-Univ Let’s Go Away (requested by Ranger-X )
Capcom Sound Team – Mega Man X8 Central White (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Yoko Shimomura – Legend of Mana Path of Journeyman (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Rosencrantz&guildensterN – Castlevania SoTN The Tragic Formerly Known As Prince
Motherbrain! – Tetris (Requested by Nuttz )

Host Segment – Heated Mega Man discussion regarding Command Mission, awkward silence, Sonic request overload, more awkward silence

Space Cowboy – Sonic 2 Metro House Speedway (Requested by Tron16 )
Masato Nakamura – Sonic Spring Yard Zone (Requested by Nuttz )
analoq – Sonic 2 Oil Spill (Requested by Ranger-X )
CarboHydroM – Sonic 2 Jackpot Fever (Requested by Ranger-X )
Jun Senoue – Sonic Adventure 2 Green Forest (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Jivemaster – Sonic 3D Blast Symphonic Ruin OC ReMix (Requested by Kureejii Lea )

Host segment – Spiting the bastards who bash Mega Man X Command Mission

Capcom Sound Team – Mega Man X Command Mission Executive Battle (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Capcom Sound Team – Mega Man X Command Mission Determination (Requested by Kureejii Lea )
Showtaro – Mega Man X7 Lazy Mind
Game Over – Mega Man 3 Cataclysmic Clash
Hiroshi Okubo – Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Arcade Catch the Lightning (NGI Game Debut )
Hiroshi Okubo – Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Arcade Knock You Down

Host Segment – Some Ace Combat banter, songs for EmptyEye

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, Fumio Ito, Winger – Daytona USA 2 I Can Do It
Jun Senoue – Daytona USA CCE Let’s Go Away
Danny B, Vigilante, zyko – Earthworm Jim 2 Invertabrate Retreat OC ReMix
Matt Pollard – Final Fantasy Adventure – Adventurous Break (Requested by Nuttz )
Strong Bad – The Cheat Is Not Dead (Album Version )
Jellyfish – Ignorance is Bliss
Dennis – Final Fantasy IV Crimson Over Imperial Skies
Naoto Shibata Project – Konami Shooting Battle I Gradius Maximum Speed
BrainCells – Axelay The Path to Hell ~ Lake of Fire
Virt & The Smash Bros. – Life Force

Host Segment – Shooter block, reminder of DoD result announcement

Scott Peeples – Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries Mecharok OC ReMix (Requested by Ranger-X )
The Minibosses – Rygar (Live at Brandeis )
Frank Klepacki – Command & COnquer Red Alert 2 HM2
Mazedude – Doom 2 Blood Bath OC ReMix
analoq – Commander Keen 4 man sieht sich galaxie OC ReMix
Nintendopella – Super Mario 64 My Name is Kyle (Requested by EmptyEye )

Host Segment – Discussion of the previous song (ITS NOT ABOUT ME! ), more requests for Crimson, awaiting DoD results

NEXT – Guilty Gear XX #Reload Korean Edition Dogs On The Run (Requested by Crimson )
NEXT – Guilty Gear XX #Reload Korean Edition Blacklight Babe (Requested by Crimson )
ASH, Kinya Sawaguchi, Jason Miller – Guilty Gear XX In NY The Original (Requested by Crimson )


Stemage – Super Metroid Metal – Maridia (WORLD PREMIERE )
goat – Final Fantasy IV The Sky Was Never a Limit (Requested by Eric Dude )
virt – Metroid Space Pirates (Requested by Crimson )
Best Metal Man Fan – Legendary Wings Legendary KoRnhole
EmptyEye – Zero Wing All Your Bass (Requested by EmptyEye )
Rize – Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Soul of Axe Armor (Requested by Nuttz )

Host Segment – Metroid Metal, more talk of DoD

SnappleMan – Donkey Kong Country Thrash the Plank
Preludio – Final Fantasy IX Battle 1
Crow’s Claw – Final Fantasy VIII Force Your Way
Disco Dan – Mario Paint Save the Last Trip-Hop For Me OC ReMix (Requested by Nuttz )
Tommy Tallarico – Earthworm Jim Submerged
Ailsean, ramblinmike – Legend of Zelda Zelda Sunshine
prozax, ailsean, JAXX – Uniracers Unikwak
Beatdrop – Sonic 2 Strip Mine OC ReMix
Ferrari F355 Challenge – Race Music 1
Ashane – Bad Dudes Level 2 (Requested by Crimson )

Host Segment – Kyle prepares to announce the DoD February Winners

Master Hatchet – Raiden 1, 2 Galloping Thunder (Dwelling of Duels February: 3rd Place )
prozax – Gradius 1, 3 Power Up! (Dwelling of Duels February: 2nd Place )
BrainCells, CarboHydroM – Thunder Force 3 Dual Storm (Dwelling of Duels February: 1st Place )

Host Segment – Kyle goes over the list of winners again, and has trouble pronouncing “Ikaruga”. Congratulations to the DoD winners, and signing off

CarboHydroM – Ikaruga – Antimatter
Tommy Tallarico – Earthworm Jim 2 Subterranean (Remix )

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