Nitro Game Injection #406: Into Geometric Ninja


Just some straight up great tunes this week from the likes of Lame Genie, 40Nix, Artificial Fear, GaMetal, TeraCMusic, Ivan Hakstok, and more!

WillRock – Nitroglycerin Injection (Theme of KNGI :: Bandcamp)
GaMetal, Sapphire, Sax Dragon – Life Will Change (Persona 5 [PS3/PS4] :: YouTube)

Lame Genie – Yogurt Yard (Kirby’s Adventure [NES] :: YouTube)
Nestalgica – I Sawed the Demons [E2M1] (DOOM [PC] :: YouTube)
Eight.bit Commando – Jungle Theme (Metal Gear [NES] :: Bandcamp)

Turret 3471 – Tropical Resort Act 1 FM Remix (Sonic Colors [WII] :: YouTube)
Savaged Regime – Act on Instinct [YM2612 Cover] (Command & Conquer [PC] :: YouTube)
40Nix – Planet 1, Area 3 [X3 Style Remix] (Street Fighter 2010 [NES] :: YouTube)

Ferdk – Area 01 ~ Ending (Super C [NES] :: YouTube)
ToxicxEternity – Esperanto (Mega Man Zero 4 [GBA] :: YouTube)
Artificial Fear – Don of the Slums (Final Fantasy VII [PS1] :: YouTube)

Tee Lopes – Quarantine Remix [Fever] (Dr. Mario [NES] :: YouTube)
Julia Henderson, Lorenzo de Sequera – Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There (Persona 5 [PS3/PS4] :: YouTube)
Harmsing – Flatulent Swamps (Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure [GEN] :: YouTube)

TeraCMusic – Little Sweet Cafe (Trials of Mana [SWI] :: YouTube)
Square Boys – Floral Fury (Cuphead [XBONE/SWI/PC] :: Bandcamp)
insaneintherainmusic, The Raindrops – K.K. Cruisin’ (Animal Crossing [GCN] :: YouTube)

ThePlasmas – Goro Lives (Mortal Kombat [ARC] :: Bandcamp)
MetalLegend64 – Brinstar (Metroid [NES] :: YouTube)
Gabocarina96 – The End of a Thought (Tales of Symphonia [GCN/PS2] :: YouTube)

Dr.Future – Scrap Yard 1 (Turrican 3 [AMI] :: AmigaRemix)
Ctrl-Z – Spy vs Spy (Spy vs. Spy [C64] :: KWED)
RoboRob, James Landino – Victory Fanfare (Final Fantasy VII [PS1] :: Materia Collective)

Ivan Hakštok – New Inhabitants of the Dwelling: The Return of the Secret of the Electric Boogalooze [Part 1] (Mega Man 2 [NES] :: Dwelling of Duels)
40Nix – Staff Roll (Mega Man 7 [SNES] :: YouTube)

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