Nitro Game Injection #297: City of Echoes (Patreon’s Choice Special: Cyberpunk Games)


In the near future, Nitro Game Injection has become more than just podcast. In a dystopian city under the authoritarian hand of megacorporations, information from the outside is at a premium, and NGI is dedicated to bringing that information to the inner resistance by any means necessary. Episodes are recorded in a secret bunker, then shared via physical holodrives by a mysterious group known only as “The Knights.” But now, the resistance is at risk, and the identity of the mysterious voice of NGI may not be able to remain hidden for much longer…

This episode’s playlist theme was selected by by patrons in a poll on Patreon. Support NGI and the KNGI Network today!

1. Kisaragi Masato, MGNK-315 – One Night in Neo Kobe City (Snatcher [PC-88] :: VGMdb)

2. Beatdrop – cy-AMP (System Shock 2 [PC] :: VGMix Archive)
3. Christian Pignon – Brutal Deluxe (Speedball 2 [AMI] :: VGMdb)
4. mitch murder – Runners (Original work :: Bandcamp)

5. Ryan8bit – The World Needs a Hiryu (Strider [ARC] :: Dwelling of Duels)
6. Inrudiment, Harmsing – Robocop 3 Title (Robocop 3 [C64] :: Dwelling of Duels)
7. ansgaros – Who Was I Again? (Flashback [GEN] :: Dwelling of Duels)

8. Marc-André Tremblay, Thunder Thouin – Reborn (Shadowrun [SNES] :: OverClocked ReMix)
9. Chris | Amaterasu, Claire Yaxley, Dj Mystix – Never Go Away (Metal Gear Solid [PS1] :: OverClocked ReMix)
10. Krispy – Clandestine (Perfect Dark [N64] :: OverClocked ReMix)

ALBUM SPOTLIGHT – Perfect Selection Snatcher Battle (Snatcher [PC-88] :: VGMdb)
11. Naoto Shibata Project – Theme of Snatcher
12. Naoto Shibata Project – Difficult Move
13. Naoto Shibata Project – Blow Up Tricycle
14. Naoto Shibata Project – Theme of Junker
15. Naoto Shibata Project – Coda
16. Naoto Shibata Project – Resistance
17. Naoto Shibata Project – In Danger
18. Naoto Shibata Project – Twilight of Neo Kobe City

19. Chimpazilla – Reconstructing Lemons (Portal 2 [PC] :: OverClocked ReMix)
20. nervous testpilot – Neonature (Deus Ex [PC] :: OverClocked ReMix)
21. Sir NutS – Clear Reflections (Mirror’s Edge [PC/XB360/PS3] :: OverClocked ReMix)

22. Darren Korb – Coasting (Transistor [PC/XB360/PS3] :: Bandcamp)
23. RobKTA – Go Straight, Go Skate (Streets of Rage [GEN] :: GameChops)

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