Molehill Mountain Episode 83 – The Sound of Apathy


EZK is out sick so Andrew rambles about Monster Hunter World, the end of Miitomo, video game pricing and more Monster Hunter World.

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Chat Transcript:

5:44 PMmatthew wilsonsure you have seen the kataku bioware story, what do you two think? do you think EA will kill bioware if anthem doesnt sell insane numbers? do you think EA will learn its lesson with frostbite

6:27 PMAndrew EisenHaven’t heard but yeah, I think EA shuttering Bioware is a definitely a possibility and no, I don’t think EA will learn any lesson ever.

7:00 PMNathan Piorkowskihello!!

7:00 PMNathan Piorkowskiha ha disturbed reference

7:02 PMNathan Piorkowskiive never heard of monster hunter until yesturday when people are playing it. how is it?

7:02 PMmatthew wilsonwait I thought you didnt buy $60 games??

7:03 PMmatthew wilsonmh is a sudo mmo

7:04 PMNathan Piorkowskiso van helsing

7:04 PMNathan Piorkowskijoke

7:04 PMmatthew wilsonthe loop of mh is that of a mmo, including the end game requiring a group to do, or did they change that in mh worlds?

7:04 PMNathan Piorkowskiwasn’t being serious haha

7:07 PMmatthew wilsonstill annoyed at the fact that the pc version isnt coming out til the end of the year. starting to suspect sony/ms payed capcom to hold off on the pc version, but w/e

7:09 PMmatthew wilsonno it hasnt sadly

7:09 PMmatthew wilsonits fine I have a;ot to play anyways

7:09 PMNathan Piorkowskiseems almost every game has that where console games comes out before pc has the game come out

7:13 PMNathan Piorkowskihaha well said

7:13 PMlittlegittelYou don’t have much to say about your topics??? Hence the podcast title

7:14 PMNathan Piorkowskihey gittel

7:14 PM13UcubeI am broken up. i wont sleep at all tonight. *sarcasm. seriously, i dont remember the last time i logged into miitomo

7:15 PMNathan Piorkowskisup cube

7:15 PMlittlegittelHi Nathan

7:15 PM13Ucubehey nathan

7:16 PMmatthew wilsonstill think the bioware/ anthem stuff is worth talking about

7:16 PM13Ucubei like tetris.

7:17 PM13Ucubeive never had a good moble tetris experience

7:17 PMmatthew wilsonviaural games

7:18 PMNathan Piorkowskinope ea won’t. power money hungry people who don’t care as long as they make money

7:18 PMmatthew wilsonthey should give up on forcing frostbitre down devs throughts

7:18 PMmatthew wilsonbut that wont happen

7:20 PMmatthew wilsonI agrue the price equilibrium for games is $40, the data I have seen seems to imply thats the revenue maxamizing point

7:21 PM13Ucube60 bucks is plenty and they don’t release Complete games… and they want mooore???

7:22 PMNathan Piorkowskiwhats up with Nintendo coming up with cardboard box stuff for the switch?

7:22 PMSeakkennedSo you didn’t buy monster hunter world?

7:23 PMNathan Piorkowskihe bought it for 47

7:24 PMNathan Piorkowskiloved all the money video. very funny

7:25 PM13Ucubedo u pay more for internet or gasoline in a month?

7:25 PMNathan Piorkowskigasoline probably

7:25 PMlittlegittelOh right, I need to respond to that

7:25 PMIs that Boii#support manga witch buster/bleach thx:)

7:27 PMIs that BoiiOne piece

7:27 PMSeakkennedWhere is zachary

7:27 PM13Ucubetopic: would u move if…

7:27 PMNathan Piorkowskiwhen is the mext time you are gonna do reviews again

7:27 PMlittlegittelThe Oscar nods came out Tuesday!!!

7:27 PMNathan Piorkowskinext*

7:27 PMmatthew wilsondid he get the flu thats been going around?

7:27 PMIs that BoiiD.gray man

7:28 PMSeakkennedEverybody I know is obsessed with that show

7:30 PMTheRiverAnduinfor a newbie what yakuza game should i start with

7:30 PMSeakkennedYes

7:30 PMmatthew wilsonhas the meltdown/specter fixes effect you company at or, or does it not effect what your company makes

7:32 PMNathan PiorkowskiI still like the dancing diaper man

7:32 PMTheRiverAnduinthanks, my game Stop has 4 and Zero for less than $15

7:32 PMSeakkennedWhat advice do you have for someone who has never played monster hunter game,wanting to get into monster hunter world? Is there a steep learning curve?

7:33 PMmatthew wilsonwas the software your company makes effected by them at all

7:33 PMTrilinkhey all

7:35 PM13UcubeSkies of Arcadia or Baiten kaitos (the not origins double disc one) I have to sell one, haven’t played either. which to sell which to keep

7:35 PMNathan Piorkowskihey trilink

7:37 PMTrilinkno Zachary?

7:37 PM13Ucubeyes both are gc

7:38 PM13Ucubethank u

7:38 PMLakster37which mon hun were you just talking about?

7:38 PMDejaVoodeuxHello dear friends, Dejavoodeux here! Is this The Molehill Mountain show episode 83 with Andrew Eisen?

7:38 PMLakster37the non switch one? 😞 😛

7:39 PMTrilinkBaten Kaitos is a fantastic game, incredible OST. The franchise deserves a hd rerelease before starting development on a 3rd game!

7:42 PMLakster37wait a second… did you pay more than $50 for this game Andrew?

7:44 PMSeakkennedCan you wander around the world exploring without there being a time limit? Or is there a time limit no matter what you are doing in the game?

7:44 PMaddictedtochaosHi all

7:49 PMScottyJayManHello everyone

7:50 PMTrilinkHave you recorded your second crowd funded madlib yet? I’m just working through my words now

7:51 PMLakster37so, ign guide?

7:55 PMaddictedtochaosMajor time sink

7:58 PMaddictedtochaosI’m sure I’ll buy it eventually once the price drops.

7:59 PMMando FrescoHadouken

8:00 PMMando FrescoHarambe says hi y’all. I’m chillin with him

8:00 PMSeakkennedI bought the game,I just haven’t played it yet.

8:00 PMTheRiverAnduinbye all

8:00 PMMando FrescoDude. I always enjoyed watching your videos. Keep it up. Love your voice.

8:00 PMLakster37you got it for ps4?

8:01 PMLakster37you should definitely pick up horizon zero dawn then. goty edition has the dlc

8:02 PMTrilinksurprised you didn’t like the 2nd screen on the 3ds for Monster Hunter

8:02 PMMando FrescoI’m sure you’ve discussed this at some point. But what are your thoughts on Nintendo Labo?

8:02 PMSeakkennedWhen’s your next stream?

8:03 PMSeakkennedPlay monster hunter

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