Nitro Game Injection #259: Boss Rush (feat. Zero Nimbus & Meta Man of Do a Barrel Roll!)


Larry and Kyle discuss the amazingness that is Luigi’s Death Stare, question if Dr. halc is actually a licensed medical practitioner, drudge up OverClocked ReMix’s dirty shady past, and more. They are also joined by Meta Man and Zero Nimbus of the VGM cover band Do a Barrel Roll!, who are releasing their new album BOSS RUSH this Friday with a listening party hosted by our friends over at the 8bitX Radio Network!

1. Jivemaster – Nitro Game Inject Me (Into My Veins) (from The NGI EP :: )

2. Kevin Villecco ft. Mega Ran – No Yoshin’ Around (arrangement of ‘Underground BGM’ from Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island :: )
3. halc – ¬peddler’s tech¬ (original work from Futuristica: B-Side :: )

4. Matt R., S. Battle – Rebirth of Mars (arrangement of ” from Golden Sun: The Lost Age [GBA] :: )
5. urdailywater, XPRTNovice – Lost in Time (arrangement of ‘Corridor of Time’ and ‘Schala’ from Chrono Trigger [SNES] :: )

6. Leandro Abreu – Sunken Ship (arrangement of ‘Dire Dire Docks’ from Super Mario 64 [N64] :: )
7. GearX2 – Whirlwind Of The Sea (arrangement of music from Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master [GEN] :: )

8. Do a Barrel Roll! – Rumble Beneath NYC (medley arrangement of music from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time [SNES] :: )
9. Do a Barrel Roll! – Four Crystals, Four Hearts (medley arrangement of music from Final Fantasy V [SNES] :: )

10. Do a Barrel Roll! – Maxim Tomatoes and Falcon Punch (arrangement of ‘Gourmet Race’ from Kirby Super Star [SNES] :: )
11. Do a Barrel Roll! – Heroes of Lylat (medley arrangement of music from StarFox 64 [N64] :: )

12. Do a Barrel Roll! – Technodrome: Let’s Kick Shell! (arrangement of ‘Technodrome: Let’s Kick Shell!’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time [SNES] :: NGI EXCLUSIVE )
13. Do a Barrel Roll! – Battle of Gerudo Valley (arrangement of ‘Gerudo Valley’ from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [N64] :: NGI EXCLUSIVE )

14. bLiNd – Rock It Steady (original work from Blacklight :: )
15. zircon – Sunshower (original work Getaway EP :: )

16. Miguel F Ettema – Eagles Quick Mix (arrangement of music from Eagles [C64] :: )
17. Johan Andersson – Hawkeye (arrangement of music from Hawkeye [C64] :: )

18. elmobo – Get Funky (original work from Dusting off the Amiga :: )
19. GENTLE LOVE – Auriel’s Ascension (arrangement of music from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion [PC/XB360/PS3] :: )

20. FamilyJules7x – Replay: A Metal Tribute to the History of Video Games (arrangement of music from VIDEO GAMES! :: )

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