Nitro Game Injection #249: Instinct Killers


Larry gets on a Killer Instinct kick and can’t stop breaking out into song while Kyle finds out that “adult” Kickstarter exists. They also check out some kickass music from BONKERS, Sir_NutS, DROIDEKKA, Shnabubula, Video Games Live, Diodes, and more!

1. Little V Mills – Killer Instinct Theme Epic Rock Cover (arrangement of ‘The Instinct’ from Killer Instinct [Arcade] :: )
2. BONKERS – Street Fighter or Streetest Fighter? (arrangement of ‘DAN Stage’ from Street Fighter Alpha [Arcade] :: )

3. Diodes – Headlines (original work :: )
4. Lauren the flute – Her Last Breath (arrangement of music from Phantasy Star IV [GEN] :: )

5. Sir NutS – Pearly Gates (arrangement of music from Flimbo’s Quest [C64] :: )
6. tefnek – Airborne (arrangement of ‘Level 7’ from Raiden II [Arcade] :: )

7. Hell. Will – Dance of the holyman (arrangement of ‘Theme of Simon’ from Super Castlevania IV [SNES] :: )
8. DROIDEKKA – Super Mario (medley of music from Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 2 [NES] :: )

9. Shnabubula – Philadelphia Under Attack (from Continue? Philly Under Fire Original Soundtrack :: )
10. nickelPUNK feat. Ryn – Outrun 2.1 (original work :: )

11. Video Games Live – Shadow of the Colossus (medley arrangement of music Shadow of the Colossus [PS2] :: )
12. The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra – The Final Battle (from Pirates of New Horizons :: )
13. Professor Shyguy feat. Amanda Lepre – Destroy Metroid (original work :: )
14. Rexy – The Lion Aims for Cheese Dogs (arrangement of music from Secret of Mana [SNES] :: )
15. Robin Beanland, Graeme Norgate – TJ Combo Fight Over (from Killer Instinct [SNES])


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