Nitro Game Injection #225: The Butter Expedition (NGI Tenth Anniversary ‘Songs of the Years’ Special)


TEN YEARS OF NITRO GAME INJECTION! Kyle and Larry are joined once again by Ian Flynn, SLiDER, and the first NGI appearance of Kureejii Lea! Kyle goes over some facts and history of NGI, selecting songs that represent each year of the show, as well as his personal favorite episodes. The Lady Paige also makes an appearance and questions Larry’s fridge-perusal abilities, leading to the discussion turning to…butter? This is NITRO BUTTER INJECTION!

ALSO, featuring the first (and maybe last) performance of The NGI Singers: KyleJCrb, Liontamer, Ian Flynn, Kureejii Lea, SLiDER, OverCoat, Mirby, FlozaxRollins, Abadoss, jmr, Jose the Bronx Rican, Species8472, and The Lady Paige “singing” ‘Super Sonic Racing’ from Sonic R and ‘Let’s Go Away’ from Daytona USA!

LIKE THE ART? The awesome Randall “FlozaxRollins” Drew put together some cool commemorative art to celebrate ten years, and YOU CAN BUY IT! For a limited time, you can order a print of the NGI Tenth Anniversary poster for a measly $10. Head over to Randall’s site RKDia Comics RIGHT NOW and pick it up!

Also, check out this METAL SPEEDPAINT from Nate “FoxxDragon” Horsfall!

1. Masahiro Andoh – Moon Over The Castle Orchestra Version (from Gran Turismo [PSP] ::

2. analoq – sonik special (arrangement of ‘Special Stage’ from Sonic The Hedgehog [GEN] :: )
3. housethegrate – La Hora es Tarde (arrangement of ‘Clockwork’ from Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse :: )

4. Sixto Sounds – Summoned Without Reason (arrangement of ‘The Second Act’ from Tales of Phantasia [SNES] :: )
5. Machinae Supremacy – Through The Looking Glass (original work from Redeemer :: )

6. Mintjam – Energy Drive (original work from 5th GIG #Energy Drive :: )
7. VikingGuitar – Power Crunch! (arrangement of ‘Level 1’ from Stinkoman 20×6 [] ::: )

8. PrototypeRaptor – C.H.E.E.T.A.H. (arrangement of music from Cheetahmen II [NES] :: )
9. Level 99 – Lunar Dioxide (arrangement of ‘Moon Over the Castle A-Spec Version’ from Gran Turismo 3 [PS2] :: )

10. The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Ron Ragin, Kendrew Heriveaux – Baba Yetu (Duet Version) (arrangement of ‘Baba Yetu’ from Civilization IV [PC] :: )
11. Washudoll – Towering Revolution (arrangement of ‘Boomer Kuwanger Stage’ from Mega Man X [SNES] :: )

12. VikingGuitar – Trail Dust and Turtle Wax (arrangement of ‘Bury My Shell At Wounded Knee’ from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time [SNES] :: NGI EXCLUSIVE)
13. Israfel – Cerebral Rose Jam (arrangement of music from Shivers [PC] :: )

1. Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra – Overture (from Dragon Quest IV Symphonic Suite Concert Live in 2002)
2. K-> – Moon Over The Castle (arrangement of ‘Moon Over the Castle’ from Gran Turismo [PS1])
3. Shatterhand – Final Area (from Shatterhand [NES])
4. Nobuo Uematsu – In-Game Tune 1 (from Rad Racer [NES])
5. Unknown artist – Track 2 (Cheetahmen II [NES])
6. Hiroshi Kawaguchi, T’s Music – Magical Sound Shower (from OutRun [GEN])
7. Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko – Star Base ~ Where No Turtle Has Gone Before (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time [SNES])
8. Richard Jacques, TJ Davis – Super Sonic Racing (from Sonic R [SAT])
9. Takenobu Mitsuyoshi – Let’s Go Away (from Daytona USA [SAT])

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