Radio OverCoat 2013-03-13: 2 Years of OverCoat!


And I didn’t prepare anything special! I didn’t prepare anything at all! Instead, have this gif that I watched basically the entire time I DJed tonight:

Iamamiwhoami – N

Mazedude – Mummy Dance (Underground Forest Area)

halc – The Ballad of Meta Knight (My Friend and the Setting Sun…)

T-Square – In The Grid

JH Sounds – True Haranguer

solo – Orbiting Saturn

aivi & surasshu – Here’s How!

radix – wondergirl (you&me)

mootbooxle – serrated blade.mp3

Jake Kaufman – City Streets 2 (Mango Tango – Neon Jungle)

pomDeter – Call Me A Hole

Sixto Sounds – The Savior of Dream Land (Coliseum Battle)


DE DE MOUSE – 悠久の風 (migratory birds mix)

Cornelius – Wataridori

MilwaukeeUnderPants – i found an organ in my breakfast cereal

Tesla Boy – Rebecca

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Castalia

Ryuichi Sakamoto – rain

Blizzard Entertainment – Heaven’s Devils

Buffalo Daughter – Two Two

RAH Band – Falcon

Cosmos – Hoppy Pampy

上妻宏光 – In Memory Of NY

SONOROUS – Nana iro no Sora wo

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