Nitro Game Injection #205: Extra-Terrestrial Wranglers (Versus Month Round 2: Cowboys vs. Aliens )


Nitro Game Injection’s Versus Month event continues with Cowboys vs. Aliens! Slider has slid out of this episode in favor of San Diego Comic-Con, but Kyle and Larry celebrate the victory of ninjas over pirates in round 1 of NGI Versus Month by ninjaing into the show and receiving bacon, while discussing the Kickstarter projects for OCReMix and the OUYA alternative game console. Larry also details the plans for his newfound wealth, including re-funding NASA to discover intelligent life on alien planets and open up new inter-terrestrial remix collaboration opportunities. The guys also get distracted by the uber-nerdy subject of comic books, including the giant 12-month crossover of Archie’s Sonic and Mega Man coming in 2013, and check out music from Dr. Manhattan, virt, Jeff Ball, Joshua Morse, Autoscroll, ContraBand, Audio Aggregate, and more!

Cowboys: 7 votes
Aliens: 3 votes

1. Washudoll – Intruder Alert (arrangement of ‘Magna Centipede Stage’ from Mega Man X2 [SNES] :: )

2. XMark – Far Away (arrangement of music from Red Dead Redemption [XB360/PS3] :: )
3. Audio Aggregate – Bayou: Rollin’ Down the River (original work from the Gunstringer Soundtrack [XBK] :: )
4. Dr.Manhattan – Mr. Pink Poncho’s Western Rock (arrangement of ‘Fight Bravely’, ‘Shoot-out at the Sunset Ranch’ from Sunset Riders [SNES] :: )
5. Cory Johnson – Epona’s Interlude (arrangement of ‘Epona’ from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time [N64] :: )
6. Sixto Sounds – K.K. Western [WIP2] (arrangement of ‘K.K. Western’ from Animal Crossing [GCN] :: )
7. Endrõdy Gábor – Spaghetti Western Simulator (arrangement of music from Spaghetti Western Simulator [C64] :: )
8. ilp0 – Space Cowboy (arrangement of music from Gun.Smoke [NES] :: )
9. virt – Contra Bebop (arrangement of ‘Harbor’ from Contra 4 [NDS] and ‘Spy’ from Cowboy Bebop [Animation] :: )

10. The Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Tommy Tallarico – Halo Montage (medley arrangement of music from Halo [XBOX] :: )
11. H. – Prologue (arrangement of ‘Prologue’ from Alien Syndrome [Arcade] :: )
12. Joshua Morse – Bumpin’ (medley arrangement of music from Toejam & Earl [GEN] :: )
13. Mazedude – Jackrabbit Transformer (arrangement of music from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 :: )
14. Jeff Ball – Alien Confrontation (original work from Astroman Soundtrack [XBLIG] :: )
15. Allister Brimble – Alien Breed (arrangement of music from Alien Breed [Amiga] :: )
16. Autoscroll – Stage Two (arrangement of music from Alien 3 [GEN] :: )
17. ContraBand – Alien Lair (arrangement of music from Contra [NES] :: )

1. Kazuhiko Uehara, Harumi Ueko – Bury My Shell at Wounded Knee (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time [SNES] )
2. Naohisa Morota – Fight Bravely (Sunset Riders [SNES] )
3. Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, Haruo Ohashi – Carson City (Wild Guns [SNES] )
4. Ayako Mori, Junko Tamiya – Track 2 (Gun.Smoke [NES] )
5. Jeroen Tel – Track 5 (Alien 3 [NES] )
6. John Baker – Big Earl Bump (ToeJam & Earl [GEN] )
7. Keisuke Tsukahara – Cybernate-Q (Alien Storm [GEN] )
8. AKI, Hiroshi Kobayashi, Michiru Yamane – Alien’s Den (Contra: Hard Corps [GEN] )

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