Touhou Tuesday 2012-07-17: In Which We Talk Doujin with Regris


Be warned, this episode is extremely not worksafe! Today on the show we had Sam AKA Regris, from Hen Da Ne, an import company that imports Doujin manga and games [and oh yes, lots of porn] from Japan. As you can expect, quite a lot of talk about the porn, but there’s some educational stuff in here too, we swear! Follow Regris on Twitter @Regris_Kallen and Hen Da Ne @Hendane!

yohine feat.sou – Purple Slitは雨に濡れて

fu_mou – つまらない夢の終わり

NAGI☆ | 舞花 – Feel The Flow

いてむ – Desire Drive

tsunamix – RIDGE “D” RACER ~ リジッドレーサー

ぼいど / 夕野ヨシミ / 3L – Miracle∞Hinacle

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