Molehill Mountain Episode 216 – Beloved Games I Don’t Belove


Yeah, I’m THAT guy again.

  • 7:25 – I don’t like Ico
  • 15:15 – I don’t like Shadow Of the Colossus either
  • 31:40 – Nor do I like Uncharted 3
  • 1:13:19 – Monster Hunter’s movie quest is slight but fun. Monster Hunter movie’s unfunny racist joke is unfunny and racist

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:58 PMThe Real BuckyMy friend, my friend.

6:58 PMJared Kniselyno u wwrong

6:58 PMThe Real BuckyHow art thou?

6:59 PMDavid Gonzalezhi

6:59 PMJared Kniselytheres actually 6

6:59 PMJared Kniselywatching

6:59 PMCalebhere’s some dynamite because your a cultist

6:59 PMThe Real BuckyI’m gonna lol if we end up talking about Smash Bros the whole time again. That I instigated the last few times

7:00 PMJared Kniselygames on this show no….

7:01 PMThe Real BuckyBlood?

7:02 PMThe Real BuckyPeter Griffin for Smash 6?

7:06 PMofficialMXAlmost everybody from my subscriptions is streaming

7:06 PMThe Real BuckyNot games, but I’ve two movies and one show that I don’t love that are beloved: The Dark Knight, Do The Right Thing, and South Park

7:06 PMofficialMXLord Bung is streaming and Poodot Stinkpants and also Order of the Warlocks is streaming and you!

7:07 PMofficialMXSpaz Boys probally streamed today

7:08 PMThe Real BuckyI still think GTA IV got way too much praise when it first came out.

7:09 PMmatthew wilsoneicho is escort mision the game

7:09 PMofficialMXI can’t stop screenshoting -officialMX

7:14 PMThe Real BuckyNew episode idea: The worst escort missions in games

7:18 PMofficialMXThat happens to the Original XBOX with the thing with turning it off and removing the CD then turning it back on to exit the game.

7:23 PMKageNekoSamaxthe game was going to be greater scale but that was scrapped so i can see why the space

7:23 PMThe Real BuckyIt’d have been funny if for one of the colossi (or whatever the plural form of it is) had this like giant swinging nutsack that you had to wack down like a piñata

7:27 PMThe Real BuckyWasn’t The Last Guardian delayed for, like, ten years?

7:30 PMThe Real BuckyThen there are the horses in Red Dead Redemption II. You run over a twig standing upright and you go flying.

7:33 PMaddictedtochaosRed Dead 2 is really boring.

7:35 PMKageNekoSamaxone of the creators of uncharted saud that natan doesn’t really gets hurt, and the red on the screen is a luck meter and when it gets to red, he finally gets shot

7:36 PMThe Real BuckyOpen world games might be my favorite genre, but some people think they’re boring. I know it’s because a lot of them are big, empty worlds. What can we do as technology improves to fix the emptiness?

7:36 PMKageNekoSamaxSo probably enemies too

7:37 PMThe Real BuckyYup, Naughty Dog

7:37 PMaddictedtochaosIt is naughty sog

7:37 PMaddictedtochaosDog

7:38 PMKageNekoSamaxwhen you’re not having fun, time seems to run slower

7:39 PMaddictedtochaosMajor difficulty spikes and poor pacing

7:40 PMaddictedtochaosHated that part with the armored enemies

7:45 PMKageNekoSamaxi follow a youtuber that hates undertale and people says the same that you’re saying 😆

7:47 PMThe Real BuckyArthur?

7:47 PMS.O. BEASTArthur Morgan

7:54 PMaddictedtochaosCouldn’t hear it till you mentioned it.

7:55 PMThe Real BuckyI want truly dynamic AI dialogue. You can type whatever you want in an email in game and the game will react accordingly in a completely non-scripted response.

7:56 PMThe Real BuckyYou probably shouldn’t have had kids. Don’t have them, Andrew. Ever.

7:58 PMS.O. BEASTuncharted 4 is real good.

7:59 PMKageNekoSamax[message retracted]

7:59 PMThe Real BuckyChat Bot, BEN DROWNED

7:59 PMKageNekoSamaxI’m worried about cyberpunk because in the trailers the game feels so full, but i know when i play it will feel so empty

7:59 PMLynndy Leeinstead of kids, get a cat

8:00 PMJames StriderThe most appealing idea of having kids would be to share my fav video games with them to vicariously relive nostalgia

8:05 PMJames Strider😆

8:08 PMJared Kniselybest buy sells thos

8:08 PMJared Kniselyif u can go there in calf

8:08 PMKageNekoSamaxI probably should do that too,start buying parts

8:09 PMThe Real BuckyIf Rockstar could ever implement dynamic AI, could that solve a lot of problems with an all continental US GTA game?

8:10 PMJared Kniselyusb one are fairly cheap

8:12 PMThe Real BuckyLike the ones you brought up last time with that big a GTA map.

8:12 PMThe Real BuckyObviously flying from city to city would be a thing, too.

8:13 PMThe Real BuckyWhat if you were a guest on the Drunken Peasants?

8:13 PMKageNekoSamaxwell see you around gotta get some sleep

8:13 PMS.O. BEASTive been looking for a new anime to watch,its hard to pick one since theres so many to choose from.

8:14 PMThe Real BuckyThe Drunken Peasants podcast that used to have The Amazing Atheist

8:15 PMS.O. BEASTmee la

8:15 PMThe Real BuckyI would love a truly open world Mario game that I borderline thought Mario Odyssey would be, where the skyline in the background of New Donk City, you could actually go there.

8:17 PMS.O. BEASTfatalis armor is so good.

8:18 PMThe Real BuckyHave you seen Hazbin Hotel?

8:19 PMThe Real BuckyHelluva Boss

8:19 PMThe Real BuckyStay for another half hour?

8:20 PMThe Real BuckyDid it use the word spelled CH and ending in INK?

8:22 PMFreaKillA playground chant used to tease Asian kids

8:24 PMThe Real BuckyOk, so I just went to the video with the line. There are already people saying it was “blown out of proportion.”

8:26 PMThe Real BuckyI have never been called a honky once my entire school career.

8:29 PMThe Real BuckyAnd I went to a largely black school district.

8:29 PMJared Kniselythere are some British terms

8:30 PMLynndy Leeand Chinese dialect terms

8:30 PMThe Real BuckyMe neither!

8:31 PMThe Real BuckyPlus, no one can really get away with that in high school.

8:32 PMThe Real BuckyI can’t bloody dance.

8:33 PMFreaKillBut were they dancing like that because they dance like that or because they saw those movies and decided they liked the dance? 🙂 The good old chicken and egg problem.

8:37 PMS.O. BEASTis this the friend you visited recently,that left her diaper bag in your car when you left?

8:39 PMThe Real BuckySide note: I want the following to return in the BOTW sequel: Iron Knuckles and Dark Nuts, Redeads, Gibdos, Poes, Moblins more like the ones in the maze outside the Forest Temple in OOT, Deku Scrubs

8:40 PMS.O. BEASTyou dog you.

8:43 PMofficialMXAndrew are you in the US?

8:44 PMofficialMXI live in Missouri.

8:45 PMofficialMXMy PC is from 2012

8:45 PMS.O. BEASTi wanna see you beat botw

8:46 PMofficialMXMy PC is a Gaming PC with blue lights with a V on it

8:46 PMofficialMXand it lags a bit on BeamNG Drive

8:46 PMofficialMXI buying a XBOX

8:47 PMofficialMXso that means I would not afford a new PC

8:48 PMDavid Gonzalezhi

8:49 PMS.O. BEASTi had to buy a new car recently to cuz my truck died.

8:49 PMofficialMXWell PS5 is like 1000$

8:49 PMofficialMXor $1000

8:50 PMDavid GonzalezI wish I had a car but I’m only 13

8:51 PMofficialMXIt’s a solid 11 years or 12.

8:51 PMS.O. BEASTwhats your new car?

8:52 PMofficialMXSo that was a pre-ordered car?

8:52 PMDavid GonzalezI wonder what you YouTube used to be and it’s old days back then

8:56 PMDavid Gonzalezhow it did it look how did it look like him

8:56 PMofficialMXAndrew’s voice reminds me of the Postal Dude sometimes

8:57 PMCyberian_TigerDo you work in IT?

8:57 PMThe Real BuckyWhen my sister and I used to play Animal Crossing, we would run around the police station with the two dogs where the one dog would follow you around. We pretended like he was chasing us to arrest us.

8:57 PMCyberian_TigerIf you don’t mind me asking.

8:57 PMThe Real BuckyThen we’d walk out and the other dog would always stop you, we pretended like he said “STOP RIGHT THERE!” Like he caught us.

8:58 PMofficialMXCan you try to sound like the Postal Dude?

8:59 PMDavid Gonzalez[message retracted]

9:00 PMCyberian_TigerI loved that one where you are telling Nintendo all the games you wanted. And in the video you where placing money down onto the table.

9:00 PMofficialMXRick Hunter is the voice actor for the Postal Dude

9:01 PMofficialMXThis stream was great btw.

9:01 PMCyberian_TigerRick hunter does to ads and radio commercials

9:01 PMofficialMXRick does

9:02 PMCyberian_TigerRick wasn’t available for Postal 4 sadly but they got John St John, the voice for Duke, I’m okay with that I think he does well as Postal Dude

9:03 PMofficialMXYep

9:03 PMCyberian_TigerBig nintendo is all “Ahhh his yanks won’t buy these games. What sales are better? Nahhh won’t sale as good”

9:03 PMofficialMXNow no one is gonna stream

9:04 PMofficialMXon my subscriptions

9:04 PMofficialMXBut ey it’s fine

9:05 PMCyberian_TigerIs your system a pre built?

9:05 PMS.O. BEASTlater

9:05 PMDavid Gonzalezsorry my sister says you look cute

9:05 PMCyberian_TigerTake care andrew, have a wonderful weekend

9:05 PMofficialMXbye

9:05 PMofficialMXBye @Andrew Eisen

9:05 PMAndrew EisenTiger, no I’m buying the pieces and putting it together myself.

9:06 PMofficialMXAlright

9:06 PMofficialMXbye everyone

9:06 PMofficialMX.

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