Molehill Mountain Episode 217 – Nothing To Talk About


Slow week. Not much news.

  • 12:49 – I watched The Game Awards for the trailers
  • 41:20 – Disney’s investor’s call announcement bonanza!

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:59 PMThe Real BuckyHe returns

6:59 PMJared Kniselyfake

6:59 PMThe Real BuckyYeah, thought I’d do something about that. Ha

7:01 PMJared Kniselywe can help u find a cpu

7:01 PMJared Kniselylol

7:02 PMofficialMXello

7:02 PMScrungle himmingworthhello!

7:02 PMScrungle himmingworthI haven’t been around in awhile

7:02 PMLynndy Leehi hi

7:02 PMS.O. BEASThey andrew,how’s it goin?

7:02 PMmatthew wilsonwe can talk about cyberpunk not running well on ps4/xb1, but I called that back when cdpr first showed cyberpunk

7:03 PMJared Kniselymy black version of that ram was 80

7:03 PMScrungle himmingworthalso Andrew! I bought mhw iceborne, and hot damn I’m having fun

7:03 PMofficialMXAndrew you remind me of the Terminator and you kinda look like the Terminator.

7:04 PMThe Real BuckyI’m second thoughting playing TLOU2 now…

7:05 PMScrungle himmingworthtlou2 isn’t very good

7:05 PMaddictedtochaosHello all

7:06 PMS.O. BEASTmonster hunter news

7:07 PMmatthew wilsonturns out mobile is spiking ram prices

7:08 PMKageNekoSamaxhello there

7:08 PMmatthew wilsonits lighting

7:08 PMThe Real BuckyMy new dream concept for GTA VI: Set in Vice City, San Fierro, and Las Venturas. You can fly between the three maps. And there are multiple time periods, from the 70s to even beyond the 2020s.

7:08 PMScrungle himmingworthmonster hunter movie made a lame-o dad joke, so the Chinese tried to review bomb MHW on steam

7:08 PMScrungle himmingworththat was funny to watch

7:12 PMScrungle himmingworththe joke was “what kinda knees are these?” and someone replies “chi-knees”

7:12 PMS.O. BEASTyea i want vice city to.

7:13 PMKageNekoSamaxdid you see perfect dark teaser trailer?

7:13 PMScrungle himmingworthgame awards was an actual dumpster fire

7:14 PMScrungle himmingworthnew york times? vice? these people don’t play video games

7:15 PMaddictedtochaosI only played 2 MK11 (hated it) and Streets of Rage 4 (was alright)

7:15 PMThe Real BuckyI’m swooning over the new Mass Effect!

7:15 PMThe Real Bucky:yt:

7:15 PMKageNekoSamaxnahh perfect dark is a legendary game is cool that you know it

7:15 PMScrungle himmingworthis the new mass effect gonna stray away from andromeda?

7:16 PMThe Real BuckyI think so! If Liara is anything to go by.

7:17 PMScrungle himmingworthI’ll still stay wary for now

7:17 PMScrungle himmingworthalot of these games been poopy lately

7:17 PMHalo TangleIt’s steve and alex

7:18 PMofficialMXYeah it’s Alex

7:18 PMThe Real BuckyYeah, but a lot of the folks from the original trilogy are returning, so that should restore some faith and not repeat the mistakes of Andromeda, which I still enjoyed.

7:18 PMJared Kniselybig sword

7:18 PMS.O. BEASTyea i didnt care either

7:18 PMScrungle himmingworthI’ll say this about seph

7:18 PMScrungle himmingworthEHHHHHH

7:18 PMHalo TangleYes I love Sephiroth!

7:19 PMThe Real BuckyCan we talk more about how a GTA across multiple time periods could work?

7:19 PMofficialMXAndrew what’s your favorite songs?

7:19 PMScrungle himmingworthchats all over the place now

7:19 PMKageNekoSamaxsephirot lol

7:20 PMKageNekoSamaxyeah that makes you really love the game even if you dont play

7:21 PMScrungle himmingworthto me it seems like they’re just trying to recoup their losses after andromeda

7:21 PMaddictedtochaosPeople will care about the new Mass Effect if it brings back Shepherd.

7:21 PMKageNekoSamaxalso escape from tarkov put a teaser for their new map but i don’t think that was in the awards

7:22 PMJared Kniselyits on ps4

7:24 PMScrungle himmingworthoh Andrew, are you ever gonna review postal 3?

7:25 PMHalo Tanglei listen to the Jem and Holograms soundtrack on a daily basis.

7:26 PMHalo TangleYes that would be amazing.

7:26 PMHalo Tangle187 not counting theme songs.

7:28 PMKageNekoSamaxAlso my friends noticed that the awards viewers got down like by 300k after sephiroth was announced

7:28 PMS.O. BEASTi didnt know there was a left 4 dead 3.

7:29 PMS.O. BEASTthose two new monsters in rise look pretty cool.

7:30 PMHalo TangleHe’s from the Muppet Show!

7:33 PMKageNekoSamaxall rise maps seem the same so far

7:34 PMS.O. BEASTYes,please bring back leslie and bob.

7:35 PMKageNekoSamaxyes like a desert

7:39 PMS.O. BEASTbishaten and somnacanth

7:39 PMS.O. BEASTlong sword

7:41 PMHalo TangleI think it’s fair

7:41 PMKageNekoSamaxlol like that time with blizzard

7:42 PMJared Kniselyu mean an average game won 80% of them

7:43 PMJared Kniselyclone wars

7:46 PMKageNekoSamaxthey teased a movie called encanto

7:49 PMKageNekoSamaxoh that’s old

7:50 PMFreaKillIt should actually be called “The Lando Calrissian Show” and be a variety show hosted by Lando 🙂

7:51 PMS.O. BEASTi wish i could of seen willow in the theatre.

7:53 PMS.O. BEASTi love turner and hooch

7:54 PMofficialMXI was just thinking of the animatrix

7:54 PMofficialMXwtf

7:57 PMS.O. BEASTSteve guttenburg was in casper:a spirited beginning.

7:57 PMThe Real BuckyI still want a young Leia series with Millie Bobby Brown while she’s still young.

8:00 PMThe Real BuckyOr a Maul series.

8:00 PMS.O. BEASTit was a straight to dvd prequel to the bill pullman movie.

8:00 PMFreaKillNo no no, that’s because Zemeckis can’t get enough Tom Hanks movies 🙂

8:02 PMThe Real BuckyI saw Enchanted with my mom and sister.

8:02 PMThe Real BuckyCould the Polar Express and A Christmas Carol style ImageMovers motion capture movies ever make a comeback and become a serious genre? They were just too expensive. What would drive the cost down?

8:04 PMThe Real BuckyLike Shrek. I thought they moved away from that because of the Uncanny Valley

8:04 PMaddictedtochaosSpirits Within was a decent sci fi movie but it should not have been called Final Fantasy

8:06 PMThe Real BuckyRay Winstone

8:07 PMThe Real BuckyMaybe Angelina was supposed to be some blend of hot and creepy?

8:09 PMThe Real BuckyI want a Wreck It Ralph series!

8:12 PMThe Real BuckyWhat if Pixar brought back their cancelled film Newt? It was axed for being similar in story to Rio, but what if they brought it back and tweaked the story? I remember all the cool concept art.

8:13 PMThe Real BuckyI want Shuma Gorath!

8:14 PMaddictedtochaosPeggy Carter

8:15 PMThe Real BuckyWould Captain Britain work better as a series or a movie? What if he got both?

8:19 PMaddictedtochaosHopefully the fourth time will be Fantastic.

8:21 PMofficialMXAndrew do you like any Rock music?

8:21 PMaddictedtochaosBatman v Superman has a ton of problems, but is watchable.

8:21 PMThe Real BuckySo will The Flash incorporate Robert Battinson into the DCEU?

8:23 PMThe Real BuckyI hope Wondwr Woman is in Aquaman 2 in a modern rendition of her classic Lynda Carter diving outfit. And I hope WW3 is in modern day.

8:25 PMaddictedtochaosBest part of the Flash movie will be Michael Keaton coming back as Bruce Wayne.

8:29 PMHalo TangleWhat’s you favorite MCU movie? Mines the first of Avengers movie.

8:29 PMThe Real BuckyWhat about more villain movies in the DCEU after Black Adam? Bane, Sinestro Corps with Scarecrow and Batman as Yellow Lanterns, a Scarecrow horror movie, all of Batman’s rogues together, Deadshot.

8:39 PMThe Real BuckyLogan is a masterpiece. I didn’t bother with Dark Phoenix.

8:42 PMThe Real BuckyThe Cornetto Trilogy


8:43 PMaddictedtochaosNever saw it

8:44 PMThe Real BuckyAh.

8:45 PMThe Real BuckyMore Smash Bros?

8:45 PMaddictedtochaosYou could fill entire libraries with the movies I haven’t seen.

8:46 PMThe Real BuckyCould I list off more random characters and you can rate their worthiness as fighters for Smash?

8:49 PMThe Real BuckyAlice Eve

8:50 PMofficialMXIn your “For Everything But Wii U” you look less young

8:50 PMofficialMXbecause of the beard

8:55 PMThe Real BuckySide note: I want Pokemon 4 with Green, Orange, Brown, Black, and Rainbow Pikmin

8:55 PMThe Real BuckyYou too, Andy!

8:55 PMFreaKillBye!

8:55 PMofficialMXnooo!! stream ended!!!

8:55 PMofficialMXwelp it’s fine

8:56 PMofficialMXbye

8:56 PMofficialMXandrew is a weaker version of the terminator

8:56 PMofficialMXin my opinion

8:56 PMofficialMXbut andrew is quite strong

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