Molehill Mountain Episode 207 – Ungrateful Gamer


I like lots of things. I just don’t talk about them.

  • 0:53 – Crunchyroll somehow managed to make its ad service even worse than Hulu’s
  • 7:48 – New Hyrule Warriors is a prequel to Breath of the Wild. I should probably finish that game…
  • 18:33 – CD Projekt Red lied about microtransactions in Cyberpunk 2077
  • 30:57 – Microsoft announces price and release date for Xbox Series X and S
  • 45:16 – Rare continues to waste everyone’s time talking about Everwild while refusing to reveal what the game even is
  • 51:56 – Academy introduces a diversity and inclusivity initiative for Academy Award eligibility that sounds nice but won’t actually do anything
  • 1:08:24 – 505 Games proves that it was lying about its inability to offer free next-gen upgrades to existing owners of its game Control
  • 1:10:48 – Ubisoft, a company that for years has protected abusers and sexual predators, lied in the apology it tried to bury under this week’s Ubisoft Forward presentation

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

6:59 PMtwistedideashey andrew

6:59 PMmatthew wilsoncant do it, need ac

7:00 PMmatthew wilsonyou are a stronger person than me, I need ac about like 75

7:01 PMmatthew wilsonwell we gt all the xbox series s leaks

7:01 PMtwistedideasa progression of rage incoming

7:04 PMRidley CinemaI don’t have apps on my tv, I tried crunchy roll on my xbox 360 the interface was terrible. I’ll stick to the high seas

7:04 PMmatthew wilsonhulu has a awful web player sinc launch

7:05 PMmatthew wilsonouch

7:06 PMtwistedideasi remember sometimes on tv where an ad payed twice in a roll during a commercial break

7:07 PMmatthew wilsonthats bad, though I am a sub, so never see ads

7:07 PMmatthew wilsonaparently the pandemic has tanked digital ad market

7:07 PMRidley Cinemathere were times on cable when a commercial was cut short and the next one played that was odd

7:08 PMRidley Cinemacrunchyroll : we have terrible ad functions, pay us to not be subjected to it

7:09 PMRidley Cinemaoh forgot to mention this is Jordan Thompson i started making videos and changed my name

7:09 PMtwistedideasHyrule Warriors is probbly the best Musou game

7:11 PMRidley Cinemabad breath of the wild : sponsored by Colgate

7:12 PMaddictedtochaosRemember positivity Andrew.

7:13 PMaddictedtochaosIt’s a Warriors game. We all know what that is.

7:13 PMScrungle himmingworthhello im late, what did I miss

7:14 PMtwistedideasNintendo has been staggering announcements recently

7:15 PMScrungle himmingworthcrunchyroll has always been shit

7:15 PMRidley Cinemahow much sence would Monster Hunter Warriors make???

7:16 PMScrungle himmingworththeir dubs are always so needlessly political, and they treat their employees like shit

7:17 PMScrungle himmingworthdynasty warriors with a monster Hunter skin slapped on it

7:17 PMScrungle himmingworththat does not work out tbh

7:17 PMRidley Cinema[message retracted]

7:17 PMScrungle himmingworthand not watching dubs is very smart

7:17 PMRidley CinemaI still need mushroom kingdom warriors

7:19 PMScrungle himmingworthplay shadow warrior for a charity game

7:20 PMRidley Cinemacan the sis do a video apperance?

7:22 PMScrungle himmingworthyeaaaaah the more I hear about 2077 the less hyped I get for it

7:24 PMRidley CinemaI’m fairly curtain I wont be able to play cyberpunk 2077 in 2077, but I’ll be nearly 69 if I get to watch blade runner 2049 in 2049

7:24 PMRidley Cinema60

7:24 PMScrungle himmingworthdoing fine andrew, you?

7:24 PMaddictedtochaosAt least F2P games are upfront about being greedy.

7:25 PMScrungle himmingworthalso Andrew I have a game recommendation, its called rebel galaxy

7:25 PMScrungle himmingworthcowboy bebop the video game

7:28 PMRidley Cinemaits going 6 + months in on all of this, I’m pretty sure the government is going to perpetuate the pandemic as long as they can cause it’s fun for them to watch us scurry like ants.

7:30 PMScrungle himmingworththe stream cut out when you read my comment FUCK

7:30 PMScrungle himmingworthwhat did you say about rebel galaxy?

7:31 PMScrungle himmingworthAaaah my bad brother

7:31 PMScrungle himmingworthOh 🙁

7:31 PMCyberian_TigerHey Andrew, how have you been?

7:32 PMCyberian_TigerSeems Valve isn’t the only one that count to 3…

7:33 PMRidley Cinemafrickal frackly, gosh darn, gall darnitt… I’m bad at this cursing thing

7:34 PMtwistedideasit’s apparently slower as well

7:34 PMCyberian_Tiger1440P honestly that sounds good can’t tell the difference 1440p monitor and a 4k one

7:36 PMRidley CinemaI define cursing as an accent to accentuate the seriousness and tone of whats being said, thats why its called colorful language

7:37 PMRidley CinemaMicrosoft: we should do an all digital

7:38 PMRidley CinemaSony: oh yeah we did that, we dont talk about it anymore (PSP Go)

7:40 PMRidley CinemaXbox one X or Pet Rock, I’ll take 10 Pet Rocks

7:43 PMRidley CinemaMicrosoft: this nerd asks to many questions, send in the black ops.

7:44 PMCyberian_TigerI’d buy it but keep it at 1080 to get higher FPS

7:44 PMaddictedtochaosI would buy the Series S but the no disc drive is a deal breaker.

7:45 PMCyberian_TigerI get the feeling they dont worry to much about exclusives beause if they keep it on the xbox strictly they wouldn’t really have anything for windows.

7:46 PMCyberian_Tiger#nogameplaynohype

7:46 PMCyberian_TigerRareware still going?

7:47 PMaddictedtochaosEating your feelings is never a good idea. Lol

7:48 PMLynndy Leebut emotional eating is the best kind of eating

7:48 PMCyberian_TigerIts one of those videos where they put the devs on and hpye it up and call it life changing but noooo gameplay?

7:48 PMRidley Cinemanow I need a t shirt of deppresed Andrew eating candy sours while sitting outside Baskin Robbins

7:49 PMaddictedtochaosMicrosoft is what happened to Rare.

7:49 PMCyberian_TigerI get the feelings its gonna be very generic

7:50 PMtwistedideasdid Rare also do recore

7:50 PMtwistedideas?

7:51 PMtwistedideasthat was more or less my thoughts when I saw that game

7:51 PMRidley Cinemacause screw the blind gamers that need the dirctors audio discripton for the trailer right Andrew. god so insensitive

7:52 PMCyberian_Tiger“Boy.. I sure wish could see now more then ever…” -blind gamer

7:57 PMRidley CinemaI hire people based on merit and ability, any other cassification or affiliation based on any other thing other than usefulness doesnt matter unless specifically necessary to fit the role

8:01 PMRidley Cinemaseems like the people that are claiming to be so oppressed are getting quite the unfair advantage in America these days based solely on their skintone

8:09 PMRidley Cinemayes America has bigots but the majority of America isn’t that way in any form or fashion. America is the most multicultural and open country in the world. we bend over backwards for everyone

8:13 PMRidley Cinemano one is oppressed in America, anarchists just want to cry and cherry pick the bad experiences that bad apples cause

8:18 PMRidley CinemaI try not to talk about these touchy subjects, I’ll admit I dont know all the facts but these people who claim all the systemic culture dont want to reform they want to destroy.

8:19 PMRidley Cinemawe are on the brink of a civil war if this false narrative continues

8:25 PMRidley Cinemawe can agree to disagree, I like your work but we dont have to agree on everything

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