Molehill Mountain Episode 205 – More Nails For The Avengers Coffin!


Okay, Square-Enix, you don’t want me to buy the game. I get it. Jeez.

  • 1:24 – Trails In the Sky and I disagree on proper battle strategy
  • 7:25 – Monster Hunter’s final new monster is Fatalis (it’s a big ‘ol dragon!)
  • 11:06 – Sony offers WORTHY gamers the PRIVILEGE of giving it money for the PS5, a console it hasn’t yet announced a price or release date for.
  • 18:05 – Resident Evil is coming to Netflix as a split-timeline show about Weskers daughters. Yay?
  • 24:25 – Sqare-Enix is doing everything it can to convince me NOT to buy its Avengers video game

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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

8:06 PMaddictedtochaosHello

8:08 PMaddictedtochaosSaw Bill and Ted 3. Was dumb, though it is Bill and Ted kind of the point, was fun and funny. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

8:13 PMSusanne Christgood wonderful evening Saturday podcast fam!!!

8:13 PMtwistedideasNovember seems like a good bet

8:14 PMaddictedtochaosThis whole game of chicken between Xbox and PS is tiresome.

8:14 PMSusanne Christjust gimme price -_-

8:15 PMtwistedideas

8:16 PMtwistedideasso if you get the invite do you buy straight from Sony?

8:17 PMSusanne Christsend them all my ps2 and ps1 and psp memory cards to verify loyalty lol

8:19 PMSusanne Christnew aggrestuko season on netflix!!!

8:19 PMSusanne Christoh ….resident evil..nvm lol

8:19 PMSusanne Christ3!!!

8:19 PMSusanne Christall new season!!!

8:20 PMSusanne Christ…alrdy hate it

8:21 PMaddictedtochaosThat sounds horrible.

8:21 PMtwistedideas

8:22 PMSusanne Christat least they tried…I guess

8:23 PMtwistedideasthose two kids aren’t the names of Wesker’s actual kid in the games

8:25 PMtwistedideasJake

8:25 PMSusanne Christit’s an alternative time line where he saw the names on a cereal box instead of a milk carton gosh!

8:27 PMaddictedtochaosI’ll pass on Avengers and stick with Gotham Knights.

8:30 PMSusanne Christwanna buy a game but never play it?! wegotchu!!!

8:30 PMtwistedideasdo games that do this even do that well?

8:31 PMSusanne Christstars wars game was a hit wasent it?

8:31 PMaddictedtochaosGenerally, they do not. See Anthem.

8:32 PMaddictedtochaosBased on a Money first approach.

8:33 PMSusanne Christ🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

8:33 PMSusanne Christ🎮🎮🎮🎮

8:33 PMtwistedideasno

8:33 PMSusanne Christ:virtualhug:

8:33 PMSusanne Christ….is this like fortnight but 60$?

8:35 PMtwistedideasI want to see an in–game cutscene where the Hulk pulls out his wallet and pays the vendor for new pants

8:35 PMSusanne Christlmao

8:42 PMaddictedtochaosSquareEnix trying their hardest to reach EA and Activision levels of scum.

8:43 PMaddictedtochaosSadly, complete games are incredibly rare these days.

8:46 PMSusanne Christand it’s the new norm. ridiculous

8:48 PMaddictedtochaosStarting to think I may just skip the next gen and stick with Nintendo.

8:51 PMtwistedideasoooh wow….

8:52 PMSusanne Christfancy

8:52 PMSusanne Christfancy trash

8:53 PMtwistedideassmh

8:59 PMtwistedideasi feel like if the tried to suck less they might end up sucking more

9:03 PMtwistedideasi played that one i think

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