Molehill Mountain Episode 186 – Love Polygon

We can do so much better than triangles.
  • 0:44 – The ideas behind Portal 2’s new mechanics are better than their execution
  • 6:25 – ESRB adds a new descriptor for monetization mechanics such as loot boxes
  • 31:05 – Woman goes on a road trip with a living sex doll in the new movie. The special effects are shocking bad
  • 39:32 – The Crimson Kimono features the worst love triangle ever put to film
  • 50:56 – The demo for Final Fantasy VII Remake is okay!
  • 59:30 – Uncharted 3’s gunplay is somehow even worse than the first one’s
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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by Andrew Eisen.  Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

7:01 PMjordan thompsonhi

7:06 PMmatthew wilsonportal 2 is great

7:08 PMmatthew wilsonrogue like card dongen crawler

7:09 PMmatthew wilsonthat content descriptor is nothing but word salad

7:09 PMmatthew wilsonnother more than word salad

7:09 PMmatthew wilsonnothing

7:10 PMmatthew wilsonI would pregfer they just say lootboxes

7:11 PMmatthew wilsonprefer

7:11 PMmatthew wilsonyeah no way I want goverment anywhere near that

7:12 PMmatthew wilsonwho knows maybe esa goes bankrupt, and the esrb gets spun out

7:22 PMjordan thompsonlootboxs take advantage of dopamines like solt machines, you brain hope for a nice surprise

7:25 PMjordan thompsonAO is a rating for a reason

7:29 PMjordan thompsonI recently got team sonic racing and it was dishearting I had to use in game currency to open lootboxs for car upgrades, you cant use real world money to buy them but its still disappointing

7:33 PMjordan thompsonin regards to ratings I cant help but believe most parents just dont care and buy 10 year old timmy GTA, but shouldnt we at least try to protect childhood innocence for as long as we can

7:36 PMjordan thompsonAndrew are you gonna pay for the thearpy I need after seeing that

7:39 PMjordan thompsonI’d be funnier if it wasnt a doll and just a human dressed and posed like a doll meant to look like one

7:45 PMjordan thompsonimagine the police call, I think my girlfriends gone unhinged she skipped town and stole my sex doll

7:51 PMjordan thompsona few years ago I had a Korean girlfriend and a friend of mind ask which one she was ….. that sure was a fun question

7:52 PMjordan thompsonnorth or south

7:54 PMjordan thompsona friend gave me civilization 6 for the switch, I’m beginning to rethink our relationship

7:55 PMjordan thompsonwhat did you think of the browsers castle toy picture I sent you

8:09 PMjordan thompsonyoure giving me flashbacks of the Tomb Raider reboot and now I totally wanna playthough it again, there goes my weekend thank Andrew at least the games pretty awesome

8:15 PMjordan thompsonI want to bake cookies in my tomb raider games

:16 PMjordan thompsondisembodied mouths are totally in now

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