Molehill Mountain Episode 158 – Catching the Worm

Not everything is about video games. Just most of it.

  • 4:35 – Celebrities weigh in on movie Sonic getting a redesign. I weigh in on their weigh in
  • 18:36 – Ubisoft is starting to timidly admit that politics are a part of their video games
  • 44:33 – Jaws 2 novelization give the shark some really compelling motivation!
  • 57:57 – I forgot to save and had to replay the first hour of Zero Time Dilemma
  • 1:02:34 – I have a silly idea for an RPG
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Credits: Molehill Mountain is hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen. The show is edited by Andrew Eisen. Music in the show includes “Albino” by Brian Boyko. It is in the public domain and free to use. Molehill Mountain logo by Scott Hepting.

Chat Transcript:

4:59 PMaddictedtochaosHello

5:01 PMaddictedtochaosI can see you

5:02 PMotritzuEvenin, Andrew.

5:02 PMMercenary THUGWhat is the most hilarious anime you watched?

5:05 PMjordan thompsonhey oh, I’m bed ridden since I injured my foot so a good podcast brightens up the day.

5:05 PMotritzuAh, so you have to deal with the usual stream delay thing.

5:05 PMotritzuSeems like every streaming site I watch has it.

5:06 PMjordan thompsonany main focus or can we ask random questions

5:07 PMMercenary THUGMy favorite is Highschool DXD

5:08 PMotritzuIt leans a bit hard on the ecchi stuff

5:08 PMotritzuIt makes it easy to make porn of HS DXD

5:11 PMjordan thompsonthe way I view it is its a adaptation not a direct recreation, I’ll admit it doesnt look good but it’s their version of sonic. I hope they have a original sonic cut when its on blu ray.

5:16 PMaddictedtochaosEven Sega wasn’t pleased with Sonic’s look.

5:17 PMotritzuThey’ve got the money to buy the licenses. They can do that. However, keeping the license when they do a bad job gets harder.

5:18 PMjordan thompsonI’m also a film purist and even if the look wasnt good I’d really like to see both versions made available to the public

5:19 PMjordan thompsondid you watch the Japanese teaser for the Monster Hunter movie

5:19 PMaddictedtochaosFox is the perfect example of how to do a licensed property incorrectly.

5:20 PMaddictedtochaosIt wasn’t X-Men it was the Fox version of X-Men.

5:22 PMjordan thompsonas much as there are still tones of bad movies based on video games I kinda want some bad games based on current movies

5:22 PMaddictedtochaosVenom was Sony

5:24 PMaddictedtochaosUbisoft just can’t get out of their own way.

5:25 PMjordan thompsongot any thoughts on Wal-Mart taking down violent game ads

5:28 PMDesert RainNo arguments there Andrew, say one thing wrong or do one thing wrong? Be prepared for shit to hit the fan.

5:28 PMjordan thompsonI’d be awesome to have a video game like “house of cards” politics can play very well to any media it just has to have a compelling risk at stake to keep people interested.

5:30 PMDesert RainJordan Thompson, yeah, I got a thought. How stupid.

5:31 PMjordan thompsonAndrew context is a dead language and it’s scary

5:31 PMDesert RainBasically Wal-Mart shot themselves in the foot.

5:32 PMaddictedtochaosWal-Mart pulling violent game ads doesn’t bother me, it is just ads, and I rarely buy games from them anyway.

5:33 PMjordan thompsonJohn Lennon was killed because someone read a book, people blame everything random on bad stuff that happens

5:38 PMDesert RainBut of course, that’s how they always roll when they don’t want to take responsibility for their inflammatory rhetoric.

5:39 PMjordan thompsonwhen people talk about restriction on guns my go to is “you do know knifes have been around way longer and so has been mass murder.”

5:40 PMDesert RainTo which I say, “True, but knife wielders can be stopped a lot quicker and knives don’t fire 20 – 50 rounds of ammunition per second.”

5:43 PMjordan thompsonI go to the theater 3 times a week for a few hours out of that day, if I get killed I get killed as much as I don’t wanna die. I’m just gonna enjoy my time and hope for the best.

5:43 PMOmega-Metal-Chase92@Andrew Eisen I agree man. I wish that our government would do more.

5:44 PMDesert RainWell, when your time comes, your time comes. I do agree, Carpe Diem.

5:45 PMjordan thompsonas much as I go to the theater I cant wait for my heart to give out in my theater seat as a 70 year old man and freak the hell out of some teenagers

5:46 PMDesert RainHave fun and enjoy the sushi. If they got ramen there, get a big bowl of it. If Snoo-Snoo came in the form of food, Tonkatsu ramen is it!

5:49 PMjordan thompsonkinky

5:49 PMDesert RainAh, are you someone who has a soft spot for felines? Me too.

5:51 PMjordan thompsonI finished reading the 1986 aliens novelization, nearly all of the cursing was taken out which felt weird.

5:52 PMjordan thompsonalso the jaws nes game us

5:52 PMjordan thompsonsorry phone screwed up. I was saying jaws NES is a cult game now

5:53 PMDesert RainIndeed, the Jaws NES game is one of those that it is so bad it’s good.

5:56 PMjordan thompsondid anyone ever play the jaws unleashed on ps2

5:56 PMDesert RainI haven’t, but I saw some game play footage of it. Looked interesting and cheesy.

5:58 PMjordan thompsonthe worst by far is the jaws universal parks game

5:59 PMDesert RainNever played it but I heard that Universal Studios game was a nightmare.

5:59 PMDesert RainI got three cats of my own that I wouldn’t trade for the world, and hope to eventually adopt an oriental shorthair cat.

6:01 PMjordan thompsonI still want jaws 19

6:02 PMDesert RainThat’s awesome, great way to get the kitty fix when you can’t adopt one.

6:03 PMDesert RainBut oriental shorthair kitties are beautiful, love their unique appearance, especially their big, floppy and expressive ears.

6:05 PMjordan thompsonhave you ever had to fight a glitchy game to play it

6:10 PMjordan thompsonAndrew your god complex is showing

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